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How a Hanging Globe Chandelier Can Transform Any Room

How a Hanging Globe Chandelier Can Transform Any Room

Apr 27th 2021

Is there a certain room in your home that feels somewhat dull and uninspiring? A beautiful hanging globe chandelier might be just what you need to add some much-needed life where it’s needed most.

Lovely globe-style crystal chandeliers, while artistic in their own right, offer an incredible amount of functionality as light fixtures. By distributing even light throughout a space, they help to clear out unwanted shadows and can simply help homes feel more elegant and uplifting.

What Does Your Room Need?

Lighting is an underrated element that can mean the difference between a welcoming space and one that feels lifeless and depressing. No matter what kind of furniture pieces and decor you utilize, without the proper lighting all this effort will go to waste. As far as home enhancements go, the right lighting element can be truly transformative.

Whether it’s your home office in need of a little light, or if your dining room is suffering from too many shadows, the addition of a stylish globe chandelier can change the entire atmosphere of these spaces and make them far more inviting and attractive.

Taking the time to analyze what certain rooms in your home really need will help you better furnish them and outfit them with the proper elements. For instance, if your living room is too dark, you might think that a couple of lamps or wall sconces will fix the problem, but more often than not these secondary light sources aren’t powerful enough or well suited to create the kind of effect you want.

Chandeliers provide a much better source of lighting, as they are installed high overhead and are able to cast their light from the top down. This helps with dispelling shadows and helping your furniture and decor to stand out better. The main issue with lamps is that, while they are great for secondary or atmospheric lighting, they do a poor job of getting rid of shadows. In fact, depending on how your room is arranged, a lamp can actually add to the problem and create more shadows, covering your beautiful furniture in further darkness.

Lamps also add to the clutter of a room. You might not want to have to waste valuable table top space just to add an extra lamp. This could also throw off the whole design of your room and give it a chaotic or crowded feel. While such lighting elements are effective in certain situations, they aren’t the perfect solution for dimly lit rooms that don’t get enough natural light to begin with.

Attractive glass globe chandeliers will be able to easily fill any space in your home with bright, crystal clear light that is even and will help to uncover your beloved furniture pieces from the shadows. A properly placed chandelier won’t clutter up your room or contribute to any feelings of clutter. Quite the opposite, as these lighting elements will actually help make spaces feel brighter and more open.

Adding an Elegant Touch

The lighting aspect of beautiful chandeliers is important, but their overall elegance is worth noting as well. In terms of home decorations that truly add a high degree of luxury and a pleasant atmosphere whenever they are placed, these chandeliers are exactly what you want.

What’s different about a globe chandelier in particular is that they sport a modern design that fits in with a wider variety of home decor styles. A chandelier of this sort will appear natural in a turn-of-the-century minimalist style home just as well as it would in a French Provincial setting. Given their flexibility and innate charm, it’s easy to see why anyone would want to include one of these high-quality lighting fixtures in their home.

Rather than settle for ordinary lamps or wall lighting, modern chandeliers such as these will provide the perfect amount of beautiful lighting and stately elegance that will help you transform any space in your home no matter how dull it seems.

The Best Lighting Solution For Both Traditional and Modern Homes

Although we are widely recognized for our wide selection of beautiful antique furniture pieces, we also carry a gorgeous selection of hanging globe chandeliers and beaded pendant lights here in our store. Their compact design and variety of different sizes ensure that they can be used for everything from kitchen lighting to a beautiful bedroom accent, stairwell lighting, and more.

The stylish yet vintage-style design of our chandeliers make them a perfect fit in modern contemporary settings as well as traditional ones. No matter what style you have crafted for your home, or how little natural light a certain space in your home gets, these chandeliers provide an incredible amount of artistry and are sure to brighten your home exactly how you need them to. Simply browse through our selection of globe-style chandeliers here in our store to find the perfect lighting element for your home. 

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