Decorating Your Home With Stunning Globe Chandeliers

Decorating Your Home With Stunning Globe Chandeliers

Oct 28th 2020

Adding a chandelier into your home is an easy way to infuse any space with elegance, giving you better control over the lighting and mood as well as providing practical beauty that few other decor items can match. A globe chandelier, in particular, is a majestic option that is both extremely versatile and strikingly stylish.

Chandeliers in general have the ability to dramatically alter the way in which a particular room or space looks because the quality of lighting is such an important factor. The addition of a single chandelier can often be enough to take an otherwise dull and lifeless room and transform it.

You might be asking yourself why chandeliers specifically are so effective as lighting fixtures. Wouldn’t another lamp or two be enough? While the inclusion of a lamp in the right place may offer an attractive solution for certain rooms, lamps can actually make certain lighting situations worse by casting shadows where you don’t want them.

Chandeliers provide a top-down lighting option that not only even distributes light throughout a room, but does so in a much gentler way than most lamps. The light from a high-quality chandelier is often diffused by numerous crystals and other elements, creating light that is at once bright but soft, twinkling, and incredibly elegant.

Few lamps and other lighting options offer this level of quality impact. If you are not satisfied with how dark or shadowy certain spaces of your home get, the inclusion of a beautiful contemporary-style chandelier may be just what you need to brighten things up and create a stunning atmosphere.

Here at EloquenceⓇ, we have a gorgeous assortment of different size globe chandeliers you can use to easily brighten and beautify your home with. We’ve put together this guide to help you learn the benefits of these versatile decor items and how you can use them to create intriguing arrangements of your own.

The Benefits of Globe Chandeliers

While chandeliers can be found in a wide variety of different shapes and styles, there is something about the simplicity and charm of a globe chandelier that makes them so easy to include just about anywhere in your home. They can be used to add a little magic to a contemporary bedroom setting or as a means of providing the perfect amount of light in your windowless dining area.

One of the key benefits of these chandeliers is their pleasant and timeless design. Our globe chandeliers don’t represent any specific era or style of decor, which means they can be utilized in any home without appearing out of place. They are equally suited for modern art deco or mid-century style homes as well as traditional French country and charming ranch settings.

Unlike lamps, these chandeliers are far more versatile if you are searching for an easy-to-implement lighting option for certain areas of your home that natural light doesn’t reach, such as hallways or stairwells. Depending on the layout of your home, you may have a particular nook or area of your living room, diving room, or lounge that suffers from a lack of natural light or decent lighting in general. In cases such as these, a beautiful chandelier can add a bright and elegant aura wherever it is placed.

In larger rooms, chandeliers especially excel. Rather than filling a room with several unnecessary lighting fixtures, a well-placed chandelier can provide all the light you need. You can even utilize two or three of our charming globes in a cluster, artfully arranged, to provide beautiful light as well as plenty of intrigue to any space.

Smaller globe-style chandeliers also work adeptly in foyers and sitting rooms, or even smaller bedrooms, for a touch of unbeatable refinement. These spaces often look cluttered with lamps, making them the perfect candidate for a smaller chandelier.

Another one of the major benefits of these chandeliers is that on their own they make amazing decor items that are sure to stun. With their glimmering crystals and aesthetic appeal, they act as focal points, drawing the eye as well as highlighting the center of the room. As artistic pieces, they are often the most elaborate or glamorous item or fixture in a particular room, at once standing out but also amplifying the quality of other furniture and decor pieces.

Even if your home features many large windows and is always bright and sunny during the day, you may simply not have the proper lighting fixtures in place to compliment your larger spaces when night falls. A cheery and inviting living room in the daylight can easily feel depressing lit only by a couple of ordinary lamps. A chandelier is the perfect element to correct lighting issues in your home while adding to the quality of your decor arrangement at the same time.

Using Globe Chandeliers in Unique Arrangements

It’s clear that these practical items offer an incredible amount of value filling the role of traditional chandeliers, but our globe chandeliers are perfect for more unique arrangements that give you greater control over the design of a particular space as well as the kind of lighting you want to generate.

Stairwells are one area of many homes that often don’t get nearly enough light. Sometimes relying on a single sconce or secondary light from an adjacent hallway, these neglected parts of our homes benefit immensely from the practical aspects of a small chandelier. One way you can use these chandeliers is to take advantage of our different sized models and stagger them one after another above a stairwell, which will simultaneously brighten the space when you need it as well as enhance it substantially from an aesthetic standpoint.

Another area of the home where these chandeliers shine is the dining room. While a grand vintage-style chandelier is certainly an option depending on the style of your home, smaller globe-style chandeliers can be used in groups or in set arrangements for a more eclectic look that is just as practical.

While it’s not as common, smaller chandeliers are underrated as bedroom decor additions. You can immediately change the feel of your bedroom by placing a gorgeous globe-style chandelier right above the bed. Since we offer our finely-crafted chandeliers in several sizes, you will be able to find one that fits your room perfectly.

These aren’t the only places you can place these chandeliers. For an elegant twist in your kitchen, you could hang several in a row above your bar or island. This is an especially useful addition if you find that you spend more time in your kitchen than your dining room, or if your kitchen could use a bit more light to make it come together.

For something even cozier, you can try hanging one of our fine chandeliers in your study or den. While somewhat unorthodox, a modest-sized globe chandelier can effortlessly breathe some life into a borning room. Many dens tend to lack the lighting of other rooms, opting to rely on a single lamp most of the time, which makes the inclusion of a quality chandelier all the more useful.

The size and shape of these beautiful fixtures lend themselves well to being used in clusters or groups. For exceptionally large rooms, such as grand living rooms, lounges, or rec rooms, try varying the size and placement of your chandeliers, to create a dynamic yet elegant setting. Another option would be to use one large globe-style chandelier in the center of the room, but with the inclusion of a few well-placed mirrors throughout in order to create a truly romantic arrangement.

Finally, don’t be afraid to experiment with other rooms as well. Our globe chandeliers are sized to accommodate just about any lighting need you have in your home, and may provide incredible aesthetic appeal anywhere, from your bathroom to your foyer, and everywhere in between. They truly are versatile pieces that work in a variety of settings, as long as you choose the correct size for the space in question.

Where Traditional and Contemporary Styles Meet

The true beauty of these chandeliers is in their unique ability to bridge the gap between traditional and contemporary home decor. While their overall aesthetic certainly evokes feelings of a beautiful bygone era, they are also decidedly modern and fit well in an array of contemporary styles.

This is important because if you are searching for a practical solution to certain lighting issues in your home, you don’t necessarily want to be limited to a particular style. An overly modern or abstract chandelier certainly couldn’t be used in a French country farmhouse setting, and an elaborately detailed antique chandelier would look rather out of place in a minimalist modern style home.

Rather than deliberate on which era or style you want your chandelier to hail from, our beautiful globe chandeliers provide an alternate option that will allow you to create a magical atmosphere anywhere in your home regardless of how traditional or modern it is. No matter what look you are trying to create in your home, you will find that these chandeliers will complement it well, providing you with glistening even light as well as inherent aesthetic value.

Controlling the lighting in your home is important because of how it can affect the look of certain pieces and elements of your home. Without evenly distributed light, your perfect decor arrangement can easily appear off-balance or diminished if you have to rely on a few ordinary lamps to replace the natural light only present during daytime hours. After spending so much time putting together your home how you want it, you don’t want arbitrary factors such as the time of the day to detract from the feel of your home.

In terms of pure usefulness, chandeliers stand out as one of the best investments you can make for your home. Their innate glamour and practical aspects make them ideal for setting certain moods, lighting up those shady nooks, and infusing beauty into any space. Our globe-style chandeliers are also exceptionally easy to pair with other decor items due to their simple and elegant design, which means you won’t be at a loss as to how to incorporate them into the design of a certain room.

Including Globe Chandeliers in Your Home

If you are searching for an easy way to brighten up your home or simply add a new stunning addition that will be sure to transform the way your home feels, consider taking a look at our selection of globe chandeliers and other lighting options. Right here in our online furniture boutique, you will find an assortment of gorgeous chandeliers and beaded pendant style lighting elements that will look magnificent no matter what room you need them in.

Ensuring that your home has the proper lighting is important not only to make sure that the furniture pieces that you worked so hard to cultivate look their best, but also to provide practical lighting where you need it most. Dark and shady areas of your home are not only unappealing, but they are also inconvenient. Our chandeliers are the perfect remedy for dim corners of your dining room or that one shady stairwell.

There’s no reason to settle for an improperly lit home or uninspiring lighting options that don’t flatter your furniture the way you would like. Search through our selection of beautiful chandelier options and you will see how to easily enhance any space in your home. Not only are our chandeliers and beaded pendants carefully crafted by expert artisans for the utmost in lighting quality, but they are also designed with style in mind. They are just what you are looking for if you need a dazzling way to light up your home.

If you have any questions regarding our chandeliers and would like to know more about them and how they may help enhance your home, you can reach us at 310-876-0661, and we would be happy to answer your questions. 

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