Why French-Style Furniture Endures The Test of Time

Why French-Style Furniture Endures The Test of Time

Jun 7th 2021

From beautiful country cottage homes to luxurious French Provincial estates that seem frozen in time, the appeal of French-style furniture never seems to fade.

There is something almost otherworldly about this style that draws us in and captures us in a way that other kinds of furniture doesn’t. The elaborate design motifs, the airy colors, the careful construction. These furniture pieces represent another era, one that appeals to many of our sensibilities even to this day.

For those who love French furniture and wonder what makes these pieces so loved the world over, as well as anyone interested in adding such items to their home, we have collected a few thoughts on the subject below that may interest you.

Incredible Visual Appeal

The most obvious feature of authentic French-style furniture is without a doubt the unique visual appeal. Since the advent of this style, which originated in the Provence area of France over two hundred years ago, there really hasn’t been anything quite like it. As far as antique style furniture is concerned, this is a distinct look that has never truly been naturally duplicated elsewhere.

The classically European style remains its own special home decor style that home owners still employ in order to create a certain atmosphere in the home. Many of the most loved features of our current furniture trends find their origins in this style, such as certain kinds of floral carvings and the use of cabriole legs.

It’s a look that’s at once sensuous yet practical. Comforting yet stylized. Many prefer this style not simply because it’s visually appealing but also because with that appeal comes a known degree of quality. French country style bedroom furniture, for instance, can help you create a truly incredible bedroom arrangement that is like something out of a storybook. You can apply this same style to any room of your house to create an indulgent living experience reminiscent of the French countryside.

Unmatched Construction

Of course, you can’t ignore the practical toughness of a quality antique. French-style furniture is adored as it is not only beautifully made, but designed with timeless construction techniques that are still considered to be some of the best in history.

To put it simply, there is a good reason why a great number of these furniture pieces still endure to this day and why we here at EloquenceⓇ rely on skilled artisans in order to reproduce these techniques in our own furniture pieces.

Investing in furniture that not only looks great but that you know will offer you years of quality usage is important, and one of the central reasons why these pieces are still so popular. Furniture that is strong enough to endure decades of use and still remain just as attractive and reliable as ever is invaluable, especially when you consider the deluge of cheap furniture that populates most department stores these days.

For furniture pieces that possess a higher degree of overall quality in both appearance and construction, well-made French pieces are what home owners seek.

A Window Into Another Age

The traditional look is more popular than ever, despite modern trends and the universal appeal of minimalism and post-modern furniture designs.

What is the draw of French-style furniture that makes it so incredibly appealing even with so much competition? Certainly, there is no shortage of different styles of home decoration out there.

There is a decidedly whimsical energy to most French country furniture. From the prolific nature-inspired carvings to the subtle weathering and layered patinas, the beauty of these furniture pieces is truly something to behold. Whether you are trying to create a magical French dining room or a comfortable living room that has the same energy as an authentic Provincial villa, these pieces of furniture simply stand out with their own unique look.

Even if you aren’t particularly invested in creating a “magical” setting in your home, there is an elegant atmosphere that accompanies such high-quality furniture pieces that will help you create a comfortable and luxurious home.

Many of today’s most popular home styles such as shabby chic and farmhouse draw inspiration from and utilize French-style furniture liberally. This is because of the rich feelings that these items inspire, as well as how adaptable they are in terms of creating different looks that are still all within the same style framework.

If you are to create your own traditional-looking home design, you need the right furniture pieces. From sturdy and handsome coffee tables and dining tables to fancy French beds, dressers, and benches, it’s important that your home has plenty of authentic furniture in order to create the desired atmosphere.

Here at EloquenceⓇ, you will have no trouble finding antique furniture that matches your vision. Not only will you find a wide selection of beautiful vintage French furniture pieces, but an incredible variety of beautiful re-editions as well.

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