Why French Style Beds Feel So Luxurious

Why French Style Beds Feel So Luxurious

Sep 29th 2020

The right bed can provide an incredible amount of beauty and luxury for your bedroom, as well as the right amount of comfort. Beautiful French-style beds are the perfect pieces of furniture if your goal is to turn your bedroom into a haven.

What is it about the French style that captures our imaginations and helps us craft gorgeous furniture arrangements that fill our homes with a sense of richness and quality? There has been a recent resurgence when it comes to traditional home decor styles and the use of French country style furniture, perhaps because of the combination of rustic simplicity and superior craftsmanship that the style represents.

The French Provincial style which has become such a mainstay is modeled after the durable and attractively-crafted furniture pieces that arose during the 18th century in the Provincial regions of France. They were created with luxury in mind but had a distinct feeling of practical sensibility that today is quite sought after and appreciated. When synthesized with the right amount of similarly crafted pieces, earthy elements, muted linens, and other French country items, you have the perfect recipe for a cozy and refined home.

As for the bedroom itself, this is the perfect room to stretch your artistic wings and get creative. With the right French style bed as the centerpiece, there’s a lot of room to experiment with creating a magnificent bedroom arrangement that is not only comfortable but truly embodies the period.

Finding the Perfect French Style Bed

At Eloquence we have a beautiful assortment of French style beds to choose from that can help you put together a stunning French country bedroom arrangement that will inspire. Ourbeds look and feel luxurious because they are crafted with comfort and artistry in mind. You can appreciate the detailed carvings and elegant symmetry of the original French designs and how they breathe life into a room.

When searching for the perfect bed to fit your needs, consider the specific design conventions that you would like to match with the rest of your decor. Does your home contain plenty of floral elements or does it focus more on traditional woods and simple lines? You will find that the French style is somewhat adaptable and can lean masculine or feminine depending on which types of decor you prefer.

You also want to consider the tone of the linen and overall color scheme of the bed in question, which can either amplify your bedroom design or detract from it. Our line of gorgeous French style reproduction beds capture a range of different shades and styles, from our Sophia Bed in fog Linen and Two-Tone Gold Finish, to our Dauphine Bed in White Linen and Weathered White Finish, you will find one that matches the feel of your bedroom.

Supporting Your French Style Bed With the Proper Decor

Once you select the bed that best fits your home style, you will want to make sure you choose the right furnishings that will complete the look of your bedroom. Furniture pieces you may want to consider include French-style dressers and armoires, elegant nightstands that feature similar details or accents as your bed, and perhaps an antique-style armchair or two depending on the amount of room you have.

When crafting a beautiful bedroom arrangement, you want to be mindful how space plays into the design. In a cramped room, elements can easily detract from one another and you also want to avoid situations where you can’t open your dresser’s drawers due to limited space. In this regard, simplicity is key and less is more. Let each piece speak for itself and exist in its own space, complimenting your French style bed without detracting from it.

If you are interested in furnishing your French Country bedroom with authentic and charming furniture pieces, you will want to take a look at our store. Not only do we have a beautiful collection that embodies the French style, we have an abundance of supporting furniture pieces that will easily allow you to craft the bedroom of your dreams. If you are looking to put together a bedroom that is both comfortable and luxurious, our furniture pieces will be just what you’re looking for.

You can easily bring your bedroom to life with the right furniture. If you are in love with the romantic elements of the French style and want to infuse your bedroom with it, start browsing through our selection of finely crafted furniture pieces. If you are interested in a particular piece or have a few questions for us regarding our crafting process or which bed would be right for you, reach out to us at 310-876-0661. 

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