Why Coconut-Based Candles Are the Best Perfume Candles

Why Coconut-Based Candles Are the Best Perfume Candles

Oct 19th 2021

Creating your ideal ambiance within your home can turn out to be more of a task than you might envision it to be. You might furnish specific rooms with pieces that are too heavy or even too small. The color scheme could be off. Even the decorations and other smaller elements can be inaccurately placed, of off-colors, or unmatching features.

When attempting to accurately adorn your home, placing emphasis on adding unique and emotion-evoking pieces of furniture is a key ingredient to emanating the most comfortable home for you. However, so is all of the “little things.”

Imagine this: you walk into a stunning home with all the most beautiful furniture pieces, built for the perfect synergy of aesthetics and comfort. However, it looks barren and uninviting, as it looks like something out of a catalog rather than a home that’s been lived in. Worse yet, what if the entire home smells poorly or certain areas of the home are dirty?

It all comes down to the “accessories” you add to your home, like fur blankets on your sofas, paintings, pictures, and, yes, even candles.  Perfume candles in particular not only create the desired aroma in your home (because let’s face it, some homes don’t have a desirable scent to them) but also further a specifically desired look.

However, some candles are more preferable to others. This is because some of these can have harmful ingredients and effects while others, like coconut-based perfume candles , do not.

Disadvantages of Typical Candles

While most candles may seem harmless to you and your health, that is actually quite far from the truth. There are actually several components in typical candles that can cause harm to various parts of the body that you should be aware of. For example, most generic candles can negatively affect your Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), from wick to wax.

There are numerous kinds of candles on the market today that are made of a wide variety of waxes, so let’s look at the most dangerous yet commonly used wax found in candles: paraffin.

Paraffin Dangers

Paraffin is a byproduct of petroleum waste that has been chemically bleached and deodorized, then made into wax. When this product is then burned, it can emit a slew of harmful chemicals that are known carcinogens, like benzene, acetone, and toluene.

These same chemicals are actually found in diesel fumes as well, which provides you with an even stronger image and understanding of just how disastrous and dangerous paraffin candles can be. In fact, these chemicals can cause issues such as allergies, asthma issues and attacks, and even skin problems.

The dangers don’t end there. These candles can release soot and smoke into the air that stay there for hours on end. When these are breathed in, they land themselves into your lungs and spread to your bloodstream. That’s when the real problems can potentially arise: heart attacks, respiratory illnesses, and even cancer.

Those with fragrances are the most dangerous. When fragrances are burned in these candles, they can emit a much larger quantity of soot, leading to even more potential issues. Not only that, but they can even dirty your home and everything in it.

Which Candles Are Safe?

Non-toxic candles are always the way to go to keep yourself, your family, guests, and home safe. These candles are those that lack any paraffin and are made of natural ingredients and are non-GMO, such as coconut wax, soy wax, and beeswax.

While all three have various advantages, there is one particular type that stands out amongst them all: coconut wax candles.

Why Use Coconut-Based Perfume Candles?

Coconut-Based Perfume Candles

When you are looking for the perfect, non-toxic candles to both adorn and create an inviting aroma to your home, you should look no further than our coconut wax candles.

There are numerous advantages to replacing your toxic paraffin candles with non-GMO coconut candles. They are sustainably sourced, as coconuts are a high-yield crop and won’t make such a hefty impact on the environment.

Soy wax can burn rather quickly, while coconut wax burns slowly. Coconut wax is ideal for a candle that has a long lifespan, but it also burns evenly and has an outstanding scent throw.

When burned, paraffin wax can emit harmful chemicals into the air, but that is not the case with coconut wax perfume candles. They burn cleanly (they’re actually the cleanest wax!), supplying you with air that both smells great and is safe for your body. Plus, they emit nearly no soot or smoke, furthering their health benefits-- and benefits to your home, as nothing will be stained or ruined!

How to Find Purely Coconut-Based Perfume Candles

You should always look for candles that have labels with “100% coconut wax” on them. Be sure to browse our many aromatic and clean 100% coconut wax candles to best accentuate and improve the aromaticity in your home! 

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