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Why Antique Nightstands are a French-Style Bedroom Necessity

Why Antique Nightstands are a French-Style Bedroom Necessity

Oct 26th 2020

The French Provincial style is noted for its warmth and practicality, with an emphasis on rustic wood pieces, curves, and floral elements. Putting together a stunning French-style arrangement can instantly change the atmosphere of any room and give it a much more inviting feel.

As far as your bedroom is concerned, there are a few essential pieces of vintage-style furniture you want to consider for your arrangement, including the use of matching antique nightstands that complement your bed and complete the look you’re going for.

There are certain qualities and characteristics you want to look for when searching for high-quality French-style nightstands and other key pieces of bedroom furniture, which will help add to the value and natural beauty of your home design. These include unmistakable solid wood construction, hardy dovetail joints, and plenty of detailed hand-carved florals. You also want to consider the amount of destressing you would like to see on your piece, depending on the amount of rustic charm you want to infuse into your home.

Here are just some of the reasons why antique nightstands are such integral pieces of furniture for your French-style bedroom and where you may find the perfect ones to help you put together a truly stunning bedroom arrangement of your own.

The Perfect Accents For Your Bed

Nightstands are incredible pieces of furniture from a decorative perspective because they can be used to frame and enhance the look of your bed. If you have a gorgeous antique bed, you might not want it floating by itself without the proper supporting furniture pieces around it.

The right vintage-style nightstands can accent your bed by matching the tone of your linen and also utilizing similar details in terms of carvings and visual elements, such as with floral patterns. Nightstands can and should be utilized as artful enhancements for your bedroom that emphasize the best qualities of your bed, helping it to stand out, while also providing you with extra space with which to place additional supporting decor items such as lamps, books, and gold-framed photographs.

Much-Needed Functionality

Beyond their artistic applications, antique nightstands also serve a wide range of functional uses as well, making them indispensable in your bedroom arrangement. They are the ideal spot for small bedside lamps as well as other important and useful items such as alarm clocks and phone charging stations.

You also have to consider the ample space that they afford inside. Nightstands are great places to store books, flashlights, notepads and pens, various beauty products, and other odds and ends that you want on-hand. Without having a nightstand, you would lack immediate access to these items and not have a practical location to set a book down or keep a glass of water at night.

The heart of the French Provincial style is of course sensible down-to-earth luxury, so while you can expect that your nightstands will feature artistic accents and elegant construction that will help amplify the Old World look of your bedroom, they will also provide you with necessary functionality as well.

Finding Antique Nightstands That Suit Your Home

It’s clear that both from a design perspective as well as a functional point of view, having the right nightstands in your bedroom is essential if you want the room to fully meet your needs and look its best. The key to putting together such a perfect arrangement is knowing where to find beautifully-crafted vintage-style pieces that fit your intentions.

Your bedroom should be able to capture that spirit of rustic charm and functionality that makes the French Provincial style so loved. Here at Eloquence, we specialize in a wide variety of French-style furniture pieces that you can use to completely transform your home just how you envision. From our generous selection of gorgeous antique-style beds to our line of French antique nightstands, you will find everything you need to put together the bedroom of your dreams, right here in our store.

There are certain pieces of furniture and decor elements that you simply shouldn’t go without, and nightstands are perhaps one of the clearest examples of this. If you want your bedroom to be both beautiful and functional, take a look at our selection of vintage-style nightstands that we have featured in our store and you may see one that perfectly complements your bed and the rest of your bedroom furniture. Our finely-crafted reimagined pieces capture the essence of the French style and will help you effortlessly complete your bedroom arrangement.

You may have questions regarding one of our pieces or may want guidance on whether or not one of our nightstands is a good fit for you. In that case, we welcome you to reach out to us at 310-876-0661 so we can assist you in your search.

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