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Why a Vintage Armchair is a Perfect Addition to Any Room

Why a Vintage Armchair is a Perfect Addition to Any Room

Jan 5th 2021

Some pieces of furniture only work in certain rooms, while others are quite versatile and can be used just about anywhere with a little imagination. A high-quality vintage armchair fits into the latter category, as these lovely and functional pieces of furniture can be used in a wide variety of arrangements.

Whether you need more seating in a certain location of your home, or if you are simply looking for an elegant way to improve the overall ambiance of a space, a beautiful armchair is more than capable of meeting your needs. With a bit of direction, you can utilize one of these pieces to immediately enhance the way a room feels or provide much-needed functionality. Here are a few tips on using these pieces of furniture in your own home.

How to Make a Room Stand Out

The use of a piece of furniture can either complement or detract from the appearance and usability of a room. If your living room, dining room, or bedroom seem to be lacking a certain element of creativity, the addition of a vintage armchair might be just the change you need.

How can a single armchair make all that much difference? It’s all in the theme you are creating and how well you utilize the piece in question. If you are developing a traditional French theme throughout your home, for instance, an antique armchair in just the right spot can pull together a design and make it stand out.

Take your living room for instance. Even if you have plenty of room to work with, you don’t want all of your seating options to be sofas and settees. By adding an armchair or two, you can create a more dynamic-looking design while still adding to the functionality.

Armchairs are also useful for creating certain settings in your home. You wouldn’t necessarily want to rely solely on sofas or Bergere chairs if you were putting together a small and whimsical tea nook in your family room. These bulkier pieces would take away from the elegance and charm of such a spot. By contrast, a set of vintage armchairs would fit perfectly in such an area while providing ample beauty and all the seating you need.

Another great aspect of these pieces is that their convenient size allows them to be used in places where you might be reluctant to add other kinds of furniture or decor. You can easily fit one of these chairs into the corner of your dining room, bedroom, or foyer for an elegant touch. You can often use them in a purely decorative fashion without making a room feel stuffy due to the addition of more furniture.

Creating Additional Seating With an Armchair

A lack of proper seating can lessen the value and usability of a particular room. Armchairs are a convenient and reliable way to add seating options where they are needed in your home, without having to completely rearrange your furniture or make substantial room. These chairs are often sized modestly, so that you may include them wherever the need presents itself.

If you lack proper seating arrangements in your bedroom, for instance, one or two armchairs that match the aesthetic of your other French bedroom furniture could work wonders here. You could place the chairs opposite your bed or in a particular corner, along with a small coffee table in order to create a comfortable reading spot.

You can also use armchairs to enhance your dining room or study. While these aren’t the common chairs you would see in these rooms, adding one in just the right way could make the room come alive and give it a certain elegant feel that it would lack otherwise.

Consider including armchairs in your foyer or waiting area as well. They make standout pieces when placed near the entrance of your home, and offer great functionality for those coming and going. A well-placed armchair is a welcome sight in halls, dens, or anywhere else where brief seating is needed.

These versatile pieces can be used to make a room feel more authentic and give it the necessary functionality in order to better accommodate guests or simply meet your needs. If you are thinking of adding a few of these elegant pieces into your home, there’s no better place online to find them than right here in our online furniture boutique.

Here at EloquenceⓇ, we have an incredible selection of reimagined and vintage furniture pieces that will make an excellent addition to any home looking to capture that French Provincial feel for themselves. Our armchairs are beautifully crafted and can be used wherever you need them in order to create the look you want. Simply look through our selection and you may feel inspired to reconfigure your home to accommodate one of these beauties. 

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