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Whitewash Dining Table Ideas For a Beautiful Outdoor Setting

Whitewash Dining Table Ideas For a Beautiful Outdoor Setting

Mar 17th 2021

Creating a beautiful and functional outdoor setting can help add value and visual appeal to your home. Just as with any indoor space you want to improve, it’s necessary to have the proper high-quality furniture on-hand if you intend on creating the perfect look.

One piece of antique furniture that you may want to consider using in your outdoor space is a  whitewash dining table. An attractively weathered, sturdy antique-style table is just what you need as the foundation for a more livable outdoor space. If you have been thinking about updating your patio or deck and giving your home a bit of farmhouse charm, the following tips will help you do just that.

Adding Value to Your Outdoor Space

Even if you are fastidious in how you arrange the inside of your home, it’s all too easy to wind up neglecting the outdoor spaces. With a little bit of direction and the right furniture pieces however, your patio or deck can shine with the same elegance as any other part of your home.

Investing in the outdoor spaces around your home is just as important as giving care and attention to the indoor spaces. For instance, by adding high-quality furniture pieces to your deck or patio, you will instantly capture a greater degree of curb appeal that will help make your home stand out that much more. It’s easy to augment the natural aesthetic qualities of your home with the careful use of the proper furniture pieces.

You can even use outdoor furniture to set the tone or atmosphere of your home even before anyone walks in the front door. This gives you greater control over the vision you have for how your home should look and feel.

There’s another clear reason why you would want to start paying more attention to your patio or other outdoor spaces, and it’s to add functionality to your home. What good are the outdoor areas of our home if they aren’t fully functional or feel inviting? A tell-tale sign that your deck or patio is lacking certain furniture or other elements is if no one utilizes them for very long. If these spaces go neglected for weeks or even months at a time, it’s your signal to start updating them with higher-quality furniture that increases the usability factor.

Even if you already feel as though you invest a lot of time and energy into crafting a beautiful indoor atmosphere in your home, neglecting the outside has obvious drawbacks. The ability to get outside more, breathe the fresh air, enjoy the sunlight, or watch the stars, is not something you can achieve indoors. And you certainly don’t want to stick around outside for very long if all you have at your disposal is uncomfortable or awkward furniture pieces.

By adding value to your outdoor spaces with a whitewash dining table and other high-quality antiques, you can improve the functionality of your entire home. Why let these outdoor spaces go unused when you could transform them into elegant havens that serve you year-round and offer a whole new way to host guests, share memories with loved ones, or simply enjoy the outdoors?

Why Vintage Whitewash Furniture is Perfect For Outdoor Settings

Whether your home is already styled with a distinct Provincial essence, or if you prefer a modern look but still want a traditional-looking outdoor space that is more rustic and artistic than your indoor spaces, whitewash furniture is exactly what you need. These pieces combine down-to-earth designs with a hint of artistry, with the signature whitewash look that is not only perfectly adaptable for most outdoor spaces but is also timeless.

A full-sized vintage dining table may seem like a rather unorthodox piece of furniture to include in your patio or in an outdoor environment in general, but they work better than you may think. The soft rustic tone and natural quality of these pieces make them great for the outdoors, and might be the best choice if you are putting together an outdoor space that will truly feel welcoming and comfortable.

We have a great selection of beautiful dining room tables with whitewash finishes here in our online furniture boutique. For those of you who really want to bring that farmhouse feel to your patio or deck, we have plenty of pieces that will fit your needs.

Elegant Outdoor Furniture Arrangement Ideas

Creating an outdoor arrangement is somewhat different than when you are working indoors. You may be working with limited space or need to consider foot traffic, the direction that the sun will be facing during certain times of the day, proximity to grilling stations, and so on. Depending on the patio furniture you already have or what your goals are for this space, you may need to spend time planning out just how you want to utilize your whitewash dining table in order to get the most out of it.

One of the most important parts of creating a usable outdoor space is to make sure that any eating areas are properly shaded and that there are plenty of ways to escape from the sun in general. The idea of entertaining guests outside with the help of an elegant antique dining table is great until everyone is itching to get up and move because they are being cooked.

Another important aspect of creating a space outside that is comfortable and usable is to make sure that the dining chairs you are using are high-quality. Here you want to find a happy medium between cozy and stylish, and while upholstered options don’t always work in these kinds of situations, you do want to consider the back of the chair and the overall size as well. Also keep in mind how much room you have to work with, so that the chairs you select don’t lead to any congestion in foot traffic.

Here are a few general suggestions for creating a beautiful farmhouse space using whitewash furniture and other vintage pieces:

●Choose furniture pieces that match elements of the outside of your home. Think of the lines of your home, embellishments on your doors, or pottery that may be present.

●Outdoor arrangements should be “open” whenever possible. The design should allow the free flow of traffic and should be easily accessible from as many directions as possible. When people are outside they want that feeling of openness and freedom. No one stays outdoors just for the atmosphere to feel cramped and stuffy.

●If you reside in a climate that gets very little rain, you may want to include a couple of antique armchairs or Bergere chairs that match the look and feel of your dining table.

●A bench might be a great idea if you want a unique piece of additional seating.

●Keep the theme of nature going to amplify the farmhouse look. Small floral carvings, or nature-themed china, as well as the addition of potted and hanging plants will help give this space an even more effective look and feel.

●While the aesthetics are certainly important, above all else you want an outdoor space to be as functional as possible. This is how you ensure that the space is used and well-loved by you and your guests alike. When choosing your desired furniture pieces and arranging them, pay attention to all the little details that might come into play during the course of a meal or while hosting a gathering. How easy is it for someone to get to one part of your deck to another? Will silverware and other dining accessories be readily available or will you have to travel indoors to find them? What about shade and the location of your grill compared to the direction that the wind is liable to blow? Also consider heating elements to prolong the usability of your outdoor space even when the temperature dips.

Putting together a usable outdoor space that you and your family can enjoy is easy with the right furniture. You can create an even more authentic look with the help of a bit of vintage decor however.

pottery and glassware

Add Some Antique-Style Decor

Your patio or deck offers a whole new way to get creative when it comes to the look of your home. Once you have your foundation piece in the form of an elegant farmhouse-style whitewash table, and suitable dining chairs to go along with it, you can begin to add a few supplemental elements.

Charming pottery and glassware is a great place to begin if you want to add a decorative element to your dining table. You can also select from our beautiful variety of antique-style planters to add depth and elegance to your outdoor space. The more atmosphere you build around your home using high-quality decor, the more time people will want to spend in this space and the greater impact it will have on the overall value of your home’s aesthetics.

Think about the view you want to offer as your guests dine in your patio. What sights will you offer them? A few elegant embellishments and architectural accents can go a long way when it comes to crafting an authentic atmosphere of luxury.

It helps to select pieces that match the overall weathered tone of your whitewash dining table and other antique furniture pieces. If a decor item is too new or modern looking, it is sure to clash with the look of your table, so this is also something that you want to keep in mind while putting together your arrangement. Each piece of decor that you choose should have a certain antique look to it.

When creating a rustic setting outside, it’s also important to let yourself be creative with your furniture and decor choices. If a piece of statuary or chair has a lot of weathering or a few blemishes, all the more reason to use it. You want to strive to generate that “lived in” look and translate this feeling into the entire arrangement and space. Weathered pieces have a charming look that not only creates intrigue but will also look great when paired with a whitewashed table.

Your Source For Beautiful Whitewash Furniture Pieces

Finding the perfect furniture pieces that will help you create a luxurious and inviting outdoor space is not that difficult. In fact, you can get everything you need right here at Eloquence. Our furniture boutique features a wide selection of beautiful vintage-style dining room furniture pieces that will allow you to create the ideal outdoor sanctuary. On top of that, we also have an abundance of pretty antique decor items and other kinds of furniture pieces that you can utilize as well.

What stands out about our selection is the quality that goes into every piece. All of our reimagined antique-style pieces are handcrafted with the utmost care and attention toward the original heart of the era from which their styles are derived. Our farmhouse-style furniture pieces not only feature solid wood construction that will last for generations, but delicate details that are reminiscent of a different time altogether.

The right pieces of furniture can absolutely complete the look you are going for within your home and around it as well. Providing the ideal mixture of vintage style and usability, our vintage furniture pieces are the perfect choice for creating a more livable, elegant space for your home.

If you are looking for a particular piece of furniture and would like suggestions, or if you have any questions in regards to availability, shipping, or anything else, you can easily get in touch with our team here at Eloquence by calling 310-876-0661. There’s no reason to go another season without making sure that your patio, deck, or other outdoor space is fully functional and worth spending time in. The furniture that you will find here in our online store can help you create the patio of your dreams, or simply give this space a much-needed makeover. Take a look at our selection of antique furniture and start recreating the outside of your home!

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