Where to Place Wall French Provincial Mirrors in Your Home

Where to Place Wall French Provincial Mirrors in Your Home

Sep 21st 2021

Decorating your home with new furniture additions can be both a rewarding and taxing affair. It can be invigorating to watch your home emulate your desired style, but it can also be frustrating when it doesn’t. This latter situation can be due to either furniture of incongruent fashion or simply placing this furniture in the incorrect locations.

One common mistake homeowners make when decorating their home is placing too much furniture in a certain room, making it look cramped, dark, heavy, and unwelcoming. You certainly do not want these displeasing features in your comfortable and inviting home.

A great piece to add to nearly any location in your home to combat these negative attributes is a mirror. Mirrors work in astounding ways that many do not utilize nearly enough or correctly. When these are displayed in a room in pristine places, they can almost magically open up the space, not only provide a reflection to onlookers.

However, you need to ensure you are adding the right mirror or mirrors to your home as well. One prime example of an awe-inspiring mirror is the French Provincial mirror. This type of mirror has been beloved by people all over the world for hundreds of years, as its origin dates back to the 16th and 17th centuries. These specific mirrors emerged in Provence, France and have since gained popularity-- and for all the right reasons.

Before you go out and purchase a load of French Provincial mirrors for your home, you should contemplate which you would prefer: wall or floor. Then, consider where you would like to place it. Let’s look at some best locations for you to place your wall French Provincial mirrors in particular to reap the most benefits of these stunning pieces.

Above Your Mantel

A mantel within nearly any home reflects warmth and comfort, whether or not the hearth below it is lit. Decorating your mantel with various ornamental pieces is always a good idea. These items can be stringed lights, figurines, picture frames, and a number of other enamoring objects.

However, nothing would be as complementary to its ambiance and presence as a French Provincial mirror. This type of mirror exudes warmth, as its design drew inspiration from the natural colors from South France. Placing this type of mirror here will not only add to the warming features of your mantel but also open up the typically empty wall space above it.

Above a Wall-Hugging Table

When you strategically place a table against a wall, it can be a perfect accent to the room it is in. Not only that, but it can make a massive difference in the amount of space as well. However, one issue with this design is that the wall can seem too barren, which in turn will make the table more aesthetically jarring than not.

In order to sidestep this design issue, you can put your French Provincial mirror on the wall about this wall-hugging table. The idea here is to open up the wall space while also creating the illusion that the space is bigger than it seems. Not only that, but it will lead to less attention on the table, making it blend more easily with the rest of the room.

Above Your Bathroom Sink

One of the most classic locations for wall mirrors is the space above the bathroom sink. This location is strategic as it is not only practical for seeing your own reflection, but it also adds an unparalleled aesthetic element to your bathroom. The latter is only the case, however, when utilizing the right kind of mirror.

You can easily achieve optimal practicality and style when placing your French Provincial mirror in your bathroom. This mirror is especially ideal for those looking for an earthy yet elegant look in their bathroom.

In Your Bedroom

It’s no secret that a bedroom requires a mirror to be truly complete. A mirror can provide you with a reflection of yourself before you go out into public, but it can also add brightness, warmth, and openness to your bedroom, furthering its comfortability.

Why not make that ideal mirror a French Provincial? By adding this specific type of mirror to your bedroom, all of the aforementioned traits can be achieved without question. Your bedroom will be provided with an unequaled elegance, coziness, and beyond. You can place such a mirror either above your dresser, vanity, or on your wall for optimal benefits

French Provincial mirrors have long been an enjoyable and decorative piece of furniture and it’s truly no wonder as to why. When looking for the best options for these mirrors and many other impressive pieces to complete your home, look no further than us at Eloquence. Give us a call at (310)-876-0661 so we can answer all of your questions and bring you closer to your perfect home. 

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