What is a French Furniture Reproduction?

What is a French Furniture Reproduction?

Dec 5th 2022

Antique furniture has been growing in popularity over the years thanks to its bold and elegant appearance. It can instantly transform your decor and tells a story within its detailing. Eloquence® has a unique collection of antique French furniture recreations that bring back that distinct style with a new elevated look. Here are some of the best French style bedroom furniture pieces to set the scene:

What is an antique recreation?

A recreation is furniture that’s made to look like an antique. It replicates the style, features, and material of a certain piece of antique furniture to bring that look to life with more modern construction. Eloquence has a focus on French country furniture that’s elegant and bold. We sell both antique pieces as well as recreations that take the best of the originals and update them for a modern home.

What is French style bedroom furniture?

French furniture style has a focus on the furniture made in Paris for aristocrats, the wealthy, and even royalty. French country furniture takes the elegant detailing of this style with artisanal rural traditions. Some prominent notes are flowing lines, bronze, elegant details.

Here are some of the best French inspired furniture items we have.

Eloquence® Olympia Bed in Sand Dune Linen and Coral White with Gilt Finish

This hand-carved wood framed bed is oozing with elegance thanks to its scooped corners and tapered legs. While it has that artisan hand-applied finish and appearance of antique French furniture, it has a more modern take on the design that will make your bedroom chic and sleek rather than stuffy. It also has delicate embellishments and carvings that will have you marveling at it for years to come.

Eloquence® Sophia Bed in Shell Velvet and Lime-Washed Oak Finish

This stunning bed frame is simple and romantic thanks to its soft curves and soft, velvet feel. It was handcrafted to mimic the iconic look of the French Louis XV style bed, making it classic and bold. This bed will make your room look plush, luxe, and elegant.

Eloquence® Sophia Bed in Fog Linen and Gold Two-Tone Finish

This timeless and elegant bed frame features a chesterfield-style look that oozes a luxury feel like no other. With white fabric and gold detailing, this is a royal-looking recreation that has a massive attention to detail that can’t be beat. This bed will become a focal point of any bedroom.

Eloquence® Dauphine Canopy Bed in Fog Linen and Beach House Natural Finish

This statement piece is sleek and elegant, inspired by Louis XVI French furniture. There are hand carvings depicting olive leaves tied with twine on the headboard and footboard crest. Constructed in oak and acacia wood, this stunning bed has a luxury feel that will leave you feeling like royalty. Canopy beds allow for privacy, warmth, and the feeling of luxury.

Eloquence® Elisabet Nightstand in Nordic Wash Finish

No French provincial bedroom set is complete without a nightstand. This nightstand is tall and slender, with 18th century Rococo legs and a large, spacious drawer for storage. It’s simple, romantic, and has a unique soft quality that makes it both rustic and elevated simultaneously.

Eloquence® Bronte Nightstand in Fleur de Lis Finish

This nightstand is a replica of a French antique wedding commode found in Provence, with hand-carved floral motifs symbolizing good fortune and delicate hardware blends in the design. There is also an incredible amount of storage space with two drawers. The gold details on white have a luxurious and timeless look that will instantly transform your room into one with mystery and royalty.

Eloquence® Napoleon Nightstand in Beach House Natural Finish

Inspire a relaxed, beachy vibe with this elegantly crafted Louis XVI French style nightstand. With hand carved fluted legs and rosettes, this nightstand is the perfect bedside companion for anyone looking for simplicity and chicness. The inset white marble top adds a touch of sophistication, harking back to private vineyards swaying in a salty breeze from a nearby ocean.

Eloquence® Queen Rococo Bench in Sand Dune Linen and Tea Steeped Taupe Finish

No French inspired bedroom is complete without a bench at the foot of the bed. This unique piece of furniture is meant to be a place to rest or sit while you get ready, making you feel like spoiled royalty. This bench is the epitome of ethereal beauty, with muted palettes and intricate shell carvings. This stunning bench is the perfect addition to any room that needs extra seating if you want guests to feel pampered.

Eloquence® Queen Anais Bench in Dove Velvet and Antique Grey Finish

Nothing says luxurious like velvet. This bench is the perfect blend of rustic and romantic, making it a great touch for any bedroom looking to add that extra air of fine living and historic beauty. The organic hand carvings depict a sunflower and leaves, creating an upbeat feel thanks to the astonishing craftsmanship and detail.

Eloquence® Louis Chaise in Fog Linen and Gold Two-Tone Finish

If you want your room to feel like a royal getaway, this hand-carved, floral-motif chair adds the perfect touch of over-the-top elegance you need. Any room will feel like heaven thanks to its tufted back rest and feather wrapped cushion. Take a nap, read a book, or apply makeup while lounging in this feminine and inspiring piece of decor.

Eloquence® Bronte Commode in Fleur de Lis Finish

This was inspired by a French antique wedding commode found in Provence. It has hand-carved designs throughout and stunning gold detailing that stands out against a subtle gray. With an abundance of storage thanks to three drawers, this beautiful dresser will fit all your clothes while making getting ready each morning feel extravagant and deliciously bold.

Eloquence® Louis Charles Commode in Oak Driftwood Finish

This simple, bold, and rustic dresser creates an exciting contrast to your white furniture. Transform your room into a luxurious cottage that’s rustic and romantic. This carefully crafted wooden dresser has incredible storage, making it easy to organize clothes and accessories.

Eloquence® Adonia Stool in Sand Dune Linen and Tea Steeped Taupe Finish

This stool is named after the Greek god of eternal renewal. It’s clean and simple yet elegant with its hand-carved detailing. The white cushion and bold legs make this stool versatile in any setting. This calming stool can be worked as a footstool or a place to rest a book between chapters.

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