Using Cottage Style Furniture to Create an Elegant Home

Using Cottage Style Furniture to Create an Elegant Home

Nov 3rd 2020

The cottage style marries the rustic charm of farmhouse elements with beautiful vintage furniture pieces that have a distinctly feminine design. This look is perfect for anyone wanting to provide a more elegant and cozy atmosphere in their home while still maintaining that natural down-to-earth or country home appeal.

In order to get the right look and truly beautify your home, you need the proper cottage-style furniture that is not only high-quality but fits the theme you are trying to create. Not all vintage furniture is perfectly suited for this task, as the cottage look uses specific romantic details along with plenty of character.

What Defines The Cottage Style?

If you aren’t entirely familiar with the properties of cottage-style furniture, these pieces typically exude a cozy elegance. Wood is prominent, with the inclusion of whitewash finishes and light distressing. You’re apt to spot wicker items and earthenware pottery as accent pieces. The cottage country look also makes use of light tones and colors, such as whites, creams, pale greys and blues, and other gentle pastels.

You want your cottage home to look clean yet lived-in. While more feminine and decorated than your average traditional farmhouse design, it’s also somewhat more relaxed and defined than shabby chic. You want furniture pieces that help to make your space comfortable, elegant, and natural-looking.

Gentle lines are a prominent feature of cottage style decor and furniture. While you may fine feminine details such as carved ivy or rosettes, you want to shy away from using overtly elaborate or embellished pieces that would give off a “too-old” vibe. The cottage style is rustic but not antiquated or stuffy.

Not unlike the farmhouse and Provincial styles, the cottage look is clearly practical. Pieces are stately and well-built, but rather than have an over-emphasis on masculine lines, the pieces you want to include here should feature somewhat more graceful and flowing frames and details. A cottage home has a certain feminine essence that makes it inviting and comfortable, as well as elegant.

The Best Place to Find Cottage Style Furniture

While you might be inclined to try and cobble together your own take on the cottage style using what you already have around the house, chances are some of your furniture pieces and decor simply don’t fit the look. If you are trying to redesign your home in the cottage style, you need the right vintage furniture pieces that not only look the part, but will last you for years.

Here at Eloquence, we have a beautiful array of vintage-style furniture pieces and decor items that you could use to completely transform your home and craft a cozy cottage all your own in no time. Our pieces emphasize that romantic yet rustic charm that so many homeowners are falling in love with. Whether you are searching for a lovely whitewash sideboard or dining table, elegant armchairs, benches, bookcases, or coffee tables, you will find them right here in our online store.

One aspect of this style of home decorating that you want to keep in mind is that you not only want to include the right furniture pieces, you want to make sure you have all of the proper accent items as well. The cottage style shines really only comes together with the addition of natural and rustic decor items, such as small statuary, pottery, floral decorations, wicker, antique metal items made of iron and copper, and candelabras.

We also carry an abundance of such accent items right here in our store, so you have everything you need in one place to really craft the home of your dreams. From plush and gently-toned sofas, to stately yet feminine French dining tables, dressers, bedside tables, and even a variety of light fixtures such as chandeliers and sconces, we have all of the elements necessary in order to turn your home into a cozy and welcoming place.

High-quality furniture is everything if you are trying to give your home a feeling of coherence and beauty. Well-crafted and thoughtfully-designed furniture has a certain aesthetic appeal that is difficult to capture otherwise. Here at Eloquence, not only do we carry a great variety of beautiful antiques, but also our own elegant reproductions that are built with longevity and care toward the originals. Our artisans design these furniture pieces in line with the original methods, enhanced through modern insight and technology to craft truly marvelous items that not only look incredible, but will last a lifetime as well.

If you want to include some of our lovely cottage-style furniture items in your home, simply take a look through our selection here in our store. You will notice the variety and quality of the pieces, as well as plenty of unique antique finds that could give your cottage home that extra bit of refinement and luxury. 

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