Using a Whitewash Dining Table to Create an Inviting Setting

Using a Whitewash Dining Table to Create an Inviting Setting

Nov 22nd 2020

Certain pieces of furniture simply captivate the imagination and help to infuse a warm and inviting energy into the spaces they occupy. A vintage-style whitewash dining table, for instance, is just what you need to craft a place in your home that feels welcoming and grounded.

With elegant distressing and attractive hand-carved elements, a table such as this would make a fine addition to any dining room. But how do you complement such a piece to truly create an environment in your home that invites you in with feelings of refinement and comfort?

We’ve put together this essential little guide for anyone who is interested in arranging a rustic and charming dining room using a finely-crafted antique-style dining table.

The Dining Room is The Heart of the Home

Everyone has a favorite room of the house, and whether you enjoy the family room for your state-of-the-art entertainment center, or if you prefer the coziness of your bedroom, there’s no question that most people can appreciate a well-arranged dining room.

There’s something aesthetically appealing about a dining room that feels coordinated yet cozy, spacious yet functional. Of course, the right dining room table is the heart of any great dining room, as without that all you really have is a sitting room with some added decor. In order to create a welcoming atmosphere in your dining room, you want to select a table that has character and will fit comfortably in the space that you are afforded.

All too often, one of the factors that can hold a dining room back is how cramped they can get. Subconsciously it’s difficult to feel comfortable in an overly cramped and crowded room, no matter how nice it looks. It’s also one thing to have an indulgent and cozy bedroom full to bursting with pillows, elegant benches, linens, and decor, but a dining room needs to have enough room to maneuver through in order to feel usable. Similarly, you want to avoid selecting too small a table otherwise a dining room can quickly feel as though it is too empty.

When searching for a beautiful whitewash dining table that will fit into your rustic farmhouse or shabby chic home, make sure that it will be a good fit for your dining room. Once you have that step down, take a look at the carvings and features of the table in question and decide if it matches the rest of your home’s style. If your home embodies a cozy and rustic vibe, masculine lines and ample distressing would look appropriate. However, if your home is somewhat more whimsical, a table with carved floral motifs and embellishments may work better.

Choosing the right dining table will help make your dining room the heart of your home. Think about how you want to generate an inviting atmosphere without the room being stuffy or dull. A table that is too large or that is too plain won’t do much to enhance your home and won’t help you create the look you want.

Creating an Inviting Atmosphere With Your Furniture

Whether you already have a table you love, or if you are still searching for a whitewash dining table in our catalog, once you have the one that will fit your home, it’s time to start pairing it with some decor. The great part about owning a gorgeous high-quality dining table is that it makes styling your dining area that much easier.

The last thing you want your dining room to be is utilitarian. Even if you are creating a kind of rustic minimalist dining room that only includes the essentials, a terracotta fruit bowl and some candlesticks can go a long way. If you really want to form an inviting atmosphere with your vintage-style furniture, always keep in mind how you can enhance them with the subtle use of properly arranged decor items.

Selecting the right dining chairs is an important part of creating a welcoming dining space, as mismatched chairs can throw off the look of the entire room. While you certainly don’t need to select chairs that have a whitewash finish, consider an off-white or cream-colored upholstery with an appropriate woodgrain that matches other elements of your home such as any cabinets or molding.

Don’t forget about leaving room for a sideboard either. These beautiful and functional pieces of furniture can not only help save you some room in the kitchen, but can also help fill out your dining room and provide plenty of opportunities to display decor and complement your vintage-style table in the process.

If you enjoyed these ideas and are ready to find the perfect table for your dining room, simply take a look through our online catalog or contact us for more information on which of our fine furniture pieces is right for you!

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