The Perfect Antique Dresser For Your Nursery Room

The Perfect Antique Dresser For Your Nursery Room

Mar 2nd 2021

Designing a nursery is one of the great joys you will experience when you first start your journey as a new parent. Carefully cultivating a warm and inviting atmosphere in this room requires using certain tones, style conventions, and pieces of furniture.

Nurseries range from cartoonish to extravagant, but most of them have at least a few pieces of furniture in common, including the crib and a dedicated place to store clothing and other essentials. An  antique dresser with an elegant shabby chic look might be the perfect element to include in your nursery room, providing ample functional space as well as its own beauty that will help define how it feels.

If you have always dreamed of putting a beautiful nursery together for your baby, you will love some of the home styling tips we have included below. Not only will you see how useful a quality piece of antique furniture can be for your nursery, but you will also learn more about the importance of creating a harmonious atmosphere for your newborn.

Creating an Elegant Nursery Room With Antique-Style Furniture

If you have already used antique furniture pieces to style your home with, it makes sense that you would want to infuse this same degree of luxury into your nursery. The timeless quality of French antiques makes it easy to create spaces that feel charming and warm, while still being quite functional.

Of course, unlike certain areas of your home, a nursery has to be ultra-functional. Before considering how it looks, you should be more concerned with what it can do for your peace of mind. Taking care of an infant is hard work, and a well-thought-out nursery will be integral to lowering stress and making the whole process manageable.

Although the functionality of this space should be your number one priority, the way it looks is also important. Taking care to style your nursery in just such a way so as to promote harmony and a welcoming atmosphere will not only put you at ease, it will help your baby feel right at home as well. Nursery decor that features soft pastels and calming tones will help to soothe your baby. It’s well known that color tones and particular design aesthetics have a strong psychological effect on us - and this holds true for infants as well.

The conclusion is that if you want your nursery to be as effective as possible as a comforting and functional space for you and your baby, you want to be mindful not only of the furniture you are using but of the colors and wood finishes as well

The Value of an Antique Dresser For Your Nursery

A stylish shabby chic-style nursery would combine high-quality vintage furniture such as an antique dresser and bench, with soft and inviting colors and tones. With care toward the placement of your furniture pieces and the way in which the elements flow together, you can easily create a nursery that is absolutely gorgeous.

An antique dresser and bench

Why the emphasis on a dresser specifically? While you could select a chest or armoire, a dresser is probably the best option for a primary storage solution. Even if your crib comes equipped with additional or hidden storage, or if you have a clothes chest or ottoman, a dresser will simply give you far more to work with in terms of storage space and decor placement.

The ideal antique dresser is one that is handcrafted to endure years of use while featuring delicate weathering and elegant details throughout. This actually describes our Bronte Dresser in Fleur de Lis Finish quite nicely. If you are searching for the perfect French-style dresser to complete your nursery, this Province-inspired piece is just what you need.

Large, well-made dressers such as this are quite valuable as furniture pieces for your nursery. With a great deal of storage space and plenty of room for important decor and other items, you can easily see why you would want to add one into this space. The perfect place to store all of your baby’s clothing and personal belongings, and with more than enough table space, you will be free to include an elegant lamp or use this space for handy baby care items.

Looking For More Than a Dresser?

While an antique dresser is an important part of an elegantly-designed nursery, it isn’t the only part. Throughout our online furniture boutique, you will find a generous selection of different quality furniture pieces, from functional antique benches to armchairs, bookshelves, beautiful chandeliers, and more. Anything you might need in order to create a welcoming and stylish space in your home, including a great selection of shabby chic decor items as well.

Need a little help finding the ideal piece of furniture for your nursery or anywhere else in your home? You can give us a call 310-876-0661 for assistance! 

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