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The Best Antique Bench Ideas For a More Elegant Home

The Best Antique Bench Ideas For a More Elegant Home

Jul 13th 2021

When we think of vintage-style furniture, pictures of beautiful beds and elaborately decorated chairs tend to come to mind. Rather than focus on these mainstays, it might be worth turning your attention toward antique benches and the value that they can add to your home.

As far as furniture pieces go, the right bench is perfect for adding a hint of luxury to rooms as well as some much-needed seating space. If you are looking for a little inspiration for your home that incorporates one of our lovely vintage benches, read on. We’ve put together some ideas that are sure to spark your imagination.

The Practical Value of an Antique Bench

From a practical standpoint, benches are surely one of the most underrated pieces of furniture. They offer flexible seating just about anywhere in your home and can also be used for decor purposes as well. In some instances, these pieces of furniture also work well simply as a place to put things temporarily other than your sofa, tables, or bed.

In other words, they are the perfect supplemental piece of furniture that can help add to the functionality of a particular room.

Let’s use the bedroom as a perfect example of a room that typically does well with the addition of a beautifully-crafted antique bench. By placing one of these furniture items at the foot of your bed, you can immediately help enhance the architectural look of your bed while also increasing the usability of your entire bedroom.

Benches are a great place to sit while getting dressed without having to mess up your bed, and also offer a useful place to set your personal items down without necessarily having to place them on your bed. For example, towels or linen can be stacked onto a bench without a second thought.

If you intend on creating a seating area in your bedroom where you can sit back and relax without having to fuss over your sheets and blankets, benches once again offer the perfect solution. While you could place an armchair or two in your bedroom, depending on the layout and space you are working with this might not be practical. You also will want to consider the overall design of the room, as sometimes the inclusion of chairs can make a bedroom feel awkward and crowded.

Benches on the other hand seem to flow seamlessly alongside beds for a look that is organic and space-efficient. When looking for viable seating options in your bedroom or elsewhere around your home, rather than immediately think about chairs, consider how a bench could be used to enhance such spaces instead.

Using Your Vintage-Style Bench Throughout Your Home

Bedrooms aren’t the only places throughout your home that could benefit from an antique bench.

For instance, what about your foyer or sitting room? While an armchair is an easy choice, a bench might make more sense, especially if you are trying to be mindful of the space you have available to you. Benches are an attractive option in dens or studys as well, for this same reason, as they can often seat more people comfortably than the same number of chairs in a given space.

The right bench could be the perfect element to add to your dining room as well. Whether for purely aesthetic purposes or to provide some temporary seating, you could place a bench along one wall of your dining room in order to create an instant elegant effect.

Halls are another area that often benefit from vintage-style benches and seating options in general. If you have a particularly long or empty hallway in your home, think about how a well-placed bench might add to the value of the space. Even from a design standpoint, large empty areas can be improved with the proper furniture pieces. You simply have to get creative and use furniture that provides actual value.

If you feel inspired by these ideas and are interested in owning a gorgeous vintage bench of your own, take a look through our selection of beautiful French furniture pieces here in our store. We also carry an assortment of finely-crafted reproductions that are made with the same level of details and care as the original European antiques they are inspired off of.

The key to creating an enchanting and usable space within your home is the proper use of the right furniture that not only provides value but also matches your aesthetics. Here at EloquenceⓇ, we specialize in providing an amazing selection of luxury-quality furniture, including a great selection of benches that you can use to improve the look of your home and also increase its functionality as well. Browse through our catalog of furniture pieces or feel free to connect with us by calling 310-876-0661 for more information. 

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