The Beauty and Value of an Antique Dresser

The Beauty and Value of an Antique Dresser

Jan 22nd 2021

There are certain pieces of furniture that simply make a room come alive with their presence and ability to bring an arrangement together. An exquisite antique dresser is a perfect way to complete your bedroom, adding a generous amount of style and functionality where you need it.

Dressers are often an underused decor element, perhaps because we’re all so used to plain modern style dressers that don’t add much in the way of beauty or substance to a room. A dresser can be a whole lot more than merely a place to stash your clothes. Rather, these incredible pieces of furniture can be used to augment the look of your bedroom in a variety of interesting ways.

When arranging your bedroom, your bed is always going to wind up being the centerpiece and main focus of your attention. Without the right furniture to support your bed however, it may wind up appearing out of place or tacky. A beautiful dresser can be just the piece you need to add aesthetic coherence to your bedroom, while also giving you space for your personal effects and decorative items as well.

What To Look For in an Antique Dresser?

When you are in the process of searching for that one piece of furniture to complete your bedroom, it’s important to establish beforehand what the style of your room is and how you want your furniture to compliment this look.

One of the most common reasons why a piece of furniture may appear out of place is because it doesn’t follow the same design principles as everything else in the room. You want to address your furniture arrangement with an eye toward the collective. How will your antique improve the overall look of your bedroom? Will it inspire you with its presence or will it be more of a distraction?

If your home decor is on the rustic side and you enjoy that farmhouse feeling, a dresser with strong masculine features and basic geometric carvings featuring an evident wood patina may suit your needs best. Conversely, if your bedroom is airy and chic, an elaborately carved Provincial style antique with floral motifs may align better with what you’re looking for.

It’s important to take time to analyze the needs of your room in order to decide what to look and expect from your furniture piece. Your antique dresser can tie the look of your arrangement together with a neat bow or throw it off course with design elements that detract from the whole. What you may find in your search for the right piece of furniture that matches what you need is that you may be limited in your selection. Due to the rarity of high-quality vintage pieces, you may not always have access to an adequate selection from which to choose from, which can ultimately hamper your ability to find that one dresser that sparks your imagination and helps you complete your bedroom.

Here at EloquenceⓇ, we offer an impressive selection of antiques, but if you find that you are looking for the same level of detail and quality in an even greater selection, you may want to consider one of our gorgeously reimagined dressers instead. If you are interested in putting together a truly stunning arrangement, this may be just the solution you’ve been searching for.

The Benefit High-Quality Reproduction Dressers

You can experience the expert craftsmanship and timeless beauty of an antique dresser by including one of our elegant reproduction pieces in your home. If you are trying to generate just the right atmosphere and want a dresser that reflects your vision, we offer a wide range of beautiful options right here in our store.

You may have considered waiting until fortune falls in your favor and you encounter the right vintage piece that would fit nicely in your home, or you can take the initiative and discover how impactful our reimagined pieces can be. Our furniture is hand-crafted and forged from the finest materials, fully inspired by the designs and methods of the originals and true to the essence of the source material and era.

The key benefit of investing in a beautiful reproduction piece is that you will be afforded a greater selection of pieces from which to choose from, enabling you to arrange your bedroom more to your tastes. Rather than remaining limited by what specific antiques may be available to you at any given moment, our collection of incredible dressers will give you the same look and feel you want as well as the same level of craftsmanship and quality, without any needless hassle.

Another benefit of utilizing our reimagined pieces is that you have a much greater likelihood of finding other supplemental furniture pieces that can be used to enhance your bedroom as well. If you have searched for antique items before you know how difficult it can often be to find matching sets or even two pieces of furniture from the same exact era in the style you want.

Here at EloquenceⓇ, many of our popular and gorgeous antique reproductions are designed with coordination in mind. Many of our dressers, for instance, are designed specifically to be paired with a variety of our nightstands and benches for an outstanding and elegant look that will help you turn your bedroom into a French Provincial haven. You may even find that many of our vintage-style beds have been crafted with the “big picture” in mind, and match perfectly alongside specific dressers, benches, and other furniture pieces.

It can be difficult if not downright impossible at times to find complete antique bedroom sets of any substantial or worthwhile quality, which is why our incredible handcrafted reproductions can make such an impact on your home. If you are searching for a guaranteed way to transform your bedroom and give it a dose of Old World charm, our dressers and other items make it easy to do so.

There is another major benefit of investing in high-quality reproductions like ours, which is that you are receiving the highlights of traditional design married to the best techniques that modern furniture construction has to offer. While there are many aspects of antique furniture we adore, the art of designing furniture has since evolved from both a technological standpoint as well as in the materials used. High-quality reproductions are often sturdier, resist humidity and temperature extremes better, and in general, will last longer compared to their antique counterparts.

Matching an Antique Dresser to a Setting

The easiest way to incorporate your antique style dresser into your bedroom is to focus on the various qualities of the dresser and match them to similar elements present in the rest of your bedroom furniture. Keeping in mind that you want to stay close to a given era so the overall aesthetic isn’t thrown off, but depending on how eclectic you want your arrangement to look, there is plenty of leeway to play around here.

For example, if your bed features noticeable floral carvings and motifs, an antique dresser with similar floral inspiration my be just what your room needs. Our Bronte Dresser in Fleur de Lis Finish would pair well with an elegant French antique bed sporting flowery decorations. One of the most important aspects of interior decorating is consistency, so you want to retain similar elements throughout all of your bedroom’s anchor points, such as the bed and dresser.

Tone is just as important to keep in mind when arranging your pieces. Are your colors muted and subdued, or do they loudly pronounce themselves? If you are trying to find a dresser that will seamlessly match your bed, think about how whitewashed wood might compliment the white linen of your bed. If your bed features earth tones and leaf motifs such as our Dauphie Bed in Fog Linen and Beach House Natural Finish, you may want to consider pairing it with a dresser featuring more rustic color tones.

There are dozens of points you can draw from to bring two or more furniture pieces together, from their curves to the amount of distressing, and even their metal elements. All of these features should be taken into account and coordinated with each other in order to create a setting that flows together and looks natural and engaging.

Items to Pair With an Antique Dresser

To truly set your bedroom apart and add depth to your arrangement, you can use your vintage-style dresser to highlight other important decor items. One of the benefits of a dresser is that it is not only elegant and highly functional, but it also serves as an easy means of showing off various items to accentuate your room.

One way to enhance your bedroom arrangement is to place a beautiful antique mirror on top of your dresser. Not only does this provide an even greater level of functionality, but it is a timeless and stunning look that will add to the overall ambiance of the room. Mirrors are extremely effective ways to bring more life into your bedroom because they not only have the ability to help make your room feel brighter and larger, they add an intriguing and dynamic artistic feel depending on how they are used. Try placing your dresser and mirror across from a doorway or window for a variety of different looks.

Another way in which you can use your dresser to display items is by placing a couple houseplants on it. Not only are beautiful plants an instantaneous way to infuse a bit of earthy beauty into your room, what better way to highlight them than with an elegant antique? For a variation on this idea, try arranging a few succulents in ornate terracotta pots on top of a rustic-style dresser, for an exotic and warm look.

You can also use your antique dresser for an array of other items, including glassware, bronze sculptures, books, framed photographs, seashells, or attractive lamps. The value of a dresser doesn’t end in its storage capacity, aesthetic appeal, and sturdiness, but also in how it allows you to present some of your well-loved personal effects in order to complete the look of your bedroom.

Always keep in mind while you are deliberating on what to include on top of your dresser to maximize the beauty and coherence of your bedroom arrangement that you should stick to items that have repeating or similar elements as the dresser itself as well as other furniture items in your room.

If you find that your bed and dresser have clear floral elements, you may want to consider adding delicately carved floral statuary or keep a vase with a flower arrangement there that you can change up throughout the year. Likewise, if your bed and other furniture pieces have clean lines and appear minimalist, you may enjoy the presence of a single potted plant alongside some geometric statuary. Pay attention to the little details in your furniture and it will be that much easier to produce a beautiful and coherent room design.

Beautiful Antique-Style Furniture For Your Bedroom

Here in our online store, you can choose from an assortment of finely-crafted vintage furniture pieces that will allow you to create the bedroom you always dreamed of. From romantic French Provincial beds to stunning antique dressers, you will find just what you need in our collection.

If you have any particular questions for us regarding our antiques or beautiful reproductions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at 310-876-0661. No matter what you have in mind for your bedroom, we can help you find the high-quality furniture you need that will leave you inspired and 

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