The Art of Distinguishing French Provincial Furniture

The Art of Distinguishing French Provincial Furniture

Apr 4th 2022

Do you live in a place that reflects the subtle beauty of the French countryside? There are many more regions of France that set the tone for the French Provincial or French Country décor style, which has become popular in the United States. With a little research, you can easily incorporate French-inspired furniture into your house. French Provincial furniture may be difficult to distinguish without prior knowledge or expertise. Since Eloquence® has been designing and handcrafting French Provincial furniture for the past two decades, we have a wealth of knowledge and expertise to draw from.

Many towns and villages in France's rural regions such as Bordeaux and Normandy were home to the origination of French provincial furniture in the 17th and 18th centuries. An avid following of French provincial design may be found among collectors of antiques of all kinds.

French provincial bedroom furniture has a more functional design than Parisian models, which were much more ornately sculpted to accommodate the French aristocracy. As a result, the said furniture items that resonate with Provence, France were built with the middle-class society in mind. However, there are a few pieces of contemporary furniture that have been designed uniquely, making them more appealing.

A Taste of Provence, France
While it may seem modest, the furniture of the Provence has a distinctive taste of the area. During the 17th century, the region was at its creative zenith, which persisted until the 18th century. To render the fine art superfluous, the railroad built the all-pervasive violence.

It was, however, elevated to a whole new level of artistic significance due to the influence of the Provence furniture's distinctive style and taste. A piece of furniture is a way of expressing one's sense of style and heritage. Numerous companies are currently producing furniture based on the same ancient style because of its appeal and appearance.

How to Tell French Provincial from Other Furniture
In the past, Parisian furniture was extremely decorative and frequently over-the-top, with flourishes in the shape of extravagant gilding, molding, and paneling. On the other hand, country furniture appeared to find a dynamic equilibrium between aesthetic and convenience.

To produce a refined and beautiful appearance that may suit any contemporary or antique context, French Provincial incorporates graceful flourishes and soft tones. Warm, earthy hues from the Neoclassical period inspire French Country furniture, which is designed to seem lived-in and inviting while yet being perfectly decorated.

Art, textiles, wallpaper, and accessories with botanical motifs are all popular in French Provincial décor.

There is no lack of taupe, white, sage, beige, and other earthy hues in the French Provincial palette. Additionally, you may come across bright yellow or soft gold, fiery red or burned rusk, vibrant grass-green or deep forest green, and purplish-blue or gentle ocean hues. Provincial pieces preserve a refined Parisian palette with brilliant black and dreary gray flourishes to accentuate both bright and subdued hues.

French Country style is heavily influenced by architecture, particularly the materials utilized to create these rustic items. Many pieces of furniture are made of wood that has been sanded, stained, or otherwise distressed to give them a more rustic look.

A common characteristic of many pieces of furniture is the cabriole leg, which has a curved knee and a curved ankle, typically ending with ornate feet. These features are widespread in both great French antiques and replicas.

French Provincial furniture is sometimes decorated with prints and fabrics to give it a cozier, more homey feel. Many of the furniture pieces in the French Country style are upholstered in a pattern such as a plaid or a stripe or a toile. It's worth noting that in addition to beetles and grapes, lavender and olives were also often utilized in the rural features we described before, such as roosters and sunflowers.

The particular design of Provence furniture is very fashionable these days. Bedside tables and cabinets produced in this design are the main draws of this kind of furniture. The couches are also available, although the prices are a little on the high side. The vivid hues utilized in Provence-inspired furniture are yet another distinctive characteristic.

Furniture in this particular era was painted with light green, golden, and ash-colored paints, which are still popular today. A similar color scheme has been used to paint the contemporary furnishings. However, prices soar as soon as the distinguishing term "Provence" is spoken, and that's the price to pay for the rich history this area is still bearing.

Decorating your house in the French country style isn't as frightening now that you know how to recognize the specific type of Provence furniture that has become so popular. Hand-carved, hand-sanded, and hand-finished French antique replicas are what we specialize in, and we have a large range to choose from. If you have any concerns about this guide or would want to learn more about our custom-made antique replicas, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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