Sublime Furniture Pieces for Your French-Inspired Bedroom

Sublime Furniture Pieces for Your French-Inspired Bedroom

Dec 2nd 2021

In order to attain the desired look you crave, whether it be in your bedroom, living room, sitting room, or dining room, you need to sublimely adorn it with the right accents. These accents range in both large furniture pieces and small, delicate decorations.

When striving for a French country-style bedroom, this is certainly no exception. Every piece matters in this room from floor to ceiling, bed to mirror. All need to perfectly align in this particular style while also providing you with comfort, elegance, and practicality.

Here at Eloquence, we take all of our French-inspired bedroom furniture and other accentuating pieces seriously and are proud to supply all of our patrons with high-quality and enamoring furniture, both repurposed and authentic vintage and antique pieces.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the most sublime furniture pieces for your French-inspired bedroom.

Beds and Headboards
The most important element in any bedroom is undoubtedly the bed. It is always the focal point-- and very well should be. It is the place you go for resting and sleeping after a long day. That is why you should not only ensure that your bed is of French style for aesthetic purposes but also for your exquisite comfort.

At Eloquence, we have an abundance of romantic and elegant beds to choose from. We have beds that have weathered looks or house natural finishes. They come in several colors to match nearly any personality and style preference, but they won’t ever overbear on the look of your entire bedroom; they’ll only further its appeal.

The Olympia bed, for example, has a simple yet fine headboard but lacks a footboard for a clean look. Meanwhile, the Dauphine Canopy bed is one of astounding grace and serenity.

These are only two prime examples of our bed offerings here at Eloquence amongst the many, but no matter which of the many you add to your room, your French-inspired bedroom will be profoundly complemented.

Nightstands and Bedside Tables
Beside your bed, you should have at least one, if not two, nightstands or tables. These will further the beauty of your bed while also adding an extra element of style and functionality. These tables and nightstands can have tapered and/or curved legs, drawers of varying sizes and numbers, intricate carvings or none at all, and can be small or large in size.

No matter the preference you have for these tables, we can easily adhere to them. We have a wide range of these beautiful and charming pieces of furniture, but all can match your French-style ideal. Consider this Bronte nightstand with a fleur de lis finish, which is bound to astound any guest or resident.

Another fine example of a remarkable nightstand with a hint of simplicity is the Elisabet nightstand. This nightstand’s clean yet meticulously crafted design is one that could easily sit beside any bed, furthering its beauty and the style within the bedroom overall.

Dressers and Armoires
Amidst your French bedroom, you do require yet another larger piece or even two to further accentuate the style you’re searching for. Not only that, but you also require something that is also optimal for storage purposes. That is where a dresser or armoire can fit in just right.

These pieces are vital for storage and aesthetic reasons, as they can add a much-needed subtle hint of heaviness and even color. All of our dressers offer remarkable storage space with their numerous drawers while complementing your entire room with eloquent carvings and handles.

Consider this Bronte dresser that is a stunning replica of a French wedding commode. It has a hand-crafted floral motif with delicate handles and other such features. This Bordeaux dresser has two unique two-tone color schemes, but each walks the finest line between clean and weathered.

Chaises and Benches


In order to achieve the utmost French style in your bedroom, you would be remiss to exclude a chaise or bench. This is because both of these are classic elements to nearly any French-style bedroom, yet both provide widely opposing appeals and purposes.

Chaises are upholstered sofas that look similar to an elongated chair, which allows one to prop his or her feet up. These would bode well in a bedroom that has the perfect space for it in proximity to the bed, but also not too close as to not overcrowd the bed and its look. This Louis chaise, for example, is one with a humble marriage of romanticism and comfortable lounging.

Benches, on the other hand, provide a practical element at the foot of the bed. One may sit there to rest, take off their shoes, and put on cozy house slippers. This bench also adds a touch of elegance to the overall room. A prime example of this is the Queen Constance bench is ornately hand-carved with floral rosettes and fine upholstery.

No matter which of our pieces here at Eloquence you choose to perfectly adorn your French-inspired bedroom, you will certainly not be disappointed. We are proud to assist you in accomplishing this style, so if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to give us a call at (310)-876-0661. We cannot wait to help you perfect the look of your home.

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