Setting the Stage for a French Inspired Bedroom

Setting the Stage for a French Inspired Bedroom

Jun 14th 2022

As long as you do French country style well, you'll always feel like you're in the center of the Provence countryside, even if you live in the middle of the city.

Elegant and rustic may be achieved with the help of this delightful French Inspired Bedroom decor.

For this reason, it's important to distinguish between French country and other forms of French décor before you begin.

What exactly is French country style?
It is a concept that combines the beauty of ancient French décor with the dramatic comfort and natural emphasis of country settings.

That is to say, it's the perfect marriage of refined style with a more homey, country vibe.

French Inspired Bedrooms and other rooms in the house generally include vintage furnishings, worn finishes, natural materials, and soft neutrals. As a whole, the concept is made to be approachable and informal, yet casually exquisite.

Inspired by the picturesque villas of Provence in southern France, French country interiors feature distressed wood furniture with sleek lines, comfortable upholstered chairs and couches, and natural-toned textiles like toile.

Stylish French Country Bedroom Furniture
The use of antiques and repurposed components is common in the design of a French-themed bedroom. A French-country bedroom with a distressed finish gives the furnishings a feeling of antiquity and nostalgia.

An elegant crystal Chandelier in Burnished Iron Finish and long cascading curtains may add a basic elegance that blends with the more picturesque components in the room. For a romantic French-style elegance in the bedroom, a large chandelier is a must-have component.

Your pillows and back won't fall off of a standard headboard, but only a unique one can help turn your bedroom into a peaceful retreat. It's a well-known fact that beds with tufted headboards can bring elegance to a space while also creating a focal point and injecting a bedroom with a dash of creative flair.

There's no mistake about it: whether you're decorating your master bedroom in farmhouse style or modern chic, you're going to need a French-style bed with a stunning headboard to cap it all off. Your French-style bedroom will look stunning with our Sophia Bed. Strong lines and sturdy button diamond tufts provide this piece with a French-inspired look.

French Inspired Bedrooms

Chaise Longue
It is commonly referred to as a bench or a sofa, although its primary function is to allow for reclining. Instead of placing a bench or old couch at the foot of your bed, our Louis Chaise longue would look fantastic next to your French-inspired bed with a tufted headboard. As a result, their proportions won't conflict, and the space will appear more airy and Parisian.

An elegant white coverlet stands out against the antiqued decor in this French country-style bedroom. Curved cabriole legs, as well as other beautiful designs, clearly define the style.

Aureate Elegance
Mirrors, as we all know, can suddenly enlarge a room while also reflecting light in all directions. The next step is choosing the bedroom mirror, and there are a plethora of stunning alternatives to choose between!

Think about the rest of the room's decor before making a decision. The fluted legs on a French bedside table or the carved details on a French bed may be carried through to your choice of a mirror—they both have an air of elegance about them. The colors in the mirror and the rest of the room don't need to be the same; if you think in terms of style, the two will look great together.

Decorative gilt-framed mirrors, both large and little, are a beautiful addition to any room. As with our Tulipe Mirror, gilded mirrors are great for expanding space and bringing in a lot of light, and they're a great way to add French flair to any area.

Have you ever had the feeling that the design of your bedroom doesn't fully reflect your taste? To have a unified look in your room, your other furniture must match your bed. There's no better place to begin than with intricate antique-inspired decoration, complemented with a muted finish, for a room that exudes gentleness and elegance.

Our Roma Commode in Gold Two-Tone Finish is the piece of furniture that completes the French Inspired Bedroom furnishings that we've been discussing. Classic and feminine themes in a soothing gold and white color scheme are used for the room's decorations and bedding.

With careful planning, your bedroom may be transformed into an oasis of peace and tranquility. When it comes to incorporating a dash of French design into your bedroom, your furniture is the ideal way to start. The appropriate accessories, whether large or little, may help you create a cohesive look for your French Inspired Bedroom.

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