Protect and Refine with a White Linen Couch Slip Cover

Protect and Refine with a White Linen Couch Slip Cover

Dec 26th 2021

We pride ourselves on making no compromises on distinction. That is why we sell so many original and unique designs here in our online shop. When it comes down to maintenance, we know that antiques and reproductions can require a little bit extra attention and consideration, which is precisely why we’ve designed and delivered furnishings like our white linen couch slipcovers - precisely our replacement Whispy White Linen Couch Slip Covers for our Scandinavian Sofas.

One of these slipcovers might just be the best investment you’ll ever make not only in decorating but also in protecting your Scandinavian Sofa.

What Is a White Linen Couch Slip Cover?
First, let’s just talk about slipcovers in general. A slipcover is a removable, fitted cover, like a sheet, that can be placed over the top of a couch or sofa. When properly arranged, a fitted slipcover will look almost like it’s a part of the couch. That is, it won’t be evident that the couch has been covered at all.

Slipcovers are not only used for couches and sofas. In addition to sofa slipcovers, there are recliner slipcovers, chair covers, seat cushion covers, and more. There are slipcovers designed for effectively all manner of seating.

Couch slipcovers are made from many materials, including cotton, microfiber, and a variety of synthetics, in addition to linen. Our white linen couch slipcover is understandably made from linen, which is wicking, antibacterial, and most importantly, one of the most durable, resilient natural fibers known.

But why would you want to use a linen slipcover to cover up your beautiful sofa?

The Advantages of Using a White Linen Couch Slip Cover: Not Just Functional!
There are many good reasons why you might be interested in outfitting your sofa or couch with a slipcover, the first of which is obviously to protect the couch underneath.

As fastidious as you might be, drops and spills are going to occur occasionally. When accidents do happen, slipcovers are there to protect the couch underneath. It’s much better for a slipcover to take the brunt of a stain than the couch. It’s much harder to clean couches and cushions than it is to clean slipcovers, which is another valuable attribute of slipcovers.

They can be easily removed, and in some instances, they are easier to clean, too. If you drop something on a slipcover, you can simply spot clean it or remove the entire slipcover and wash it accordingly (of course, in a manner that is consistent with care guidelines and appropriate).

Speaking of protecting the couch, slipcovers don’t only protect against dust, dirt, and spills. They also protect the couch from the light. It’s well known that sunlight can discolor and fade fabrics, and a slipcover, especially a white slipcover, is a great way to protect the couch. This is even more so the case considering the fact that sunlight can’t fade or wash out white.

                                  White Linen Couch Slip Cover

Because they can be easily removed and cared for, they can also be replaced. Utilizing a slipcover to protect your seating gives you the opportunity to mix and match styles as you see fit. If you, like so many other homeowners, alter the interior decor or color scheme of a room throughout the seasons of the year, it’s much easier to make apparent adjustments to furniture by swapping out a slipcover than it would be to change the cushions themselves.

Finally, a slipcover like our White Linen Couch Slip Cover is an affordable way to customize your furniture or to give it some extra personality. Don’t make the mistake of seeing a slipcover as a low-cost way to protect a sofa. Many slipcovers exhibit exceptionally high quality and can be used to add extra class and character to seating arrangements.

Ensuring that a Couch Slip Cover Will Fit
The easiest way to ensure that a slipcover will fit your sofa is to buy one that’s purposely designed to fit it. For example, our White Linen Couch Slip Cover that you can view at the previous link is intentionally sized to fit our Scandinavian Sofas.

The other way to make sure a slipcover will fit your seating is to take the dimensions of the sofa or chair and compare them against the slipcover’s measurements. However, don’t take the measurements yourself with a ruler, as a small discrepancy in measurement may result in the purchase of a slipcover that does not fit. Instead, consult or contact the manufacturer for official length, height, and width measurements and either look for a slipcover that meets them or ask the manufacturer for a recommendation.

Our White Linen Couch Slip Cover: Immeasurable Elegance, Inestimable Character
Extra protection for your seating arrangements, and no small dose of character, are closer than they’ve ever been. Simply take a look through our catalog to find a slipcover that works for you or contact us directly at and we would be more than happy to help.

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