Make Your Home More Comfortable With Vintage Bergère Chairs

Make Your Home More Comfortable With Vintage Bergère Chairs

Mar 9th 2021

Comfort is a key factor of any well-designed home, no matter what style you prefer. An uncomfortable or utilitarian space isn’t going to draw people in or encourage them to stay for long periods of time. If you want to cultivate that “lived-in” feel, it’s important to select furniture pieces that imbue the right qualities.

Finely-crafted Bergère chairs are worth considering if you intend on creating a space in your home that will be both cozy and stylish. These chairs typically offer a higher degree of comfort than ordinary armchairs, yet can be a bit more difficult to utilize, especially in tight spaces. This quick guide will help you find the perfect chairs for your home, along with some tips on how to fit them into your furniture arrangements with ease.

The Best Ways to Use Bergère Chairs

Are you trying to make a certain place in your home feel more welcoming or useful? It’s true that without the right furniture pieces, a room will wind up being avoided, whether consciously or unconsciously. No one wants to sit in a hard-backed armchair or in a stuffy environment for very long. These kinds of overlay formal conditions work in certain situations, but for the most part, they don’t offer enough comfort to make spaces feel inviting.

There’s nothing wrong with tailoring a space in your home with nothing but elegance in mind, but remember that there is more to styling your home than the look alone. How does a room actually feel and is a space livable? These are important questions you need to ask yourself when designing or putting together a room or space.

An overly formal room, while attractive on a surface level, may not provide any benefit beyond its appearance. If this is the case, it won’t serve any practical purpose, or at the very least won’t appeal to anyone on a deeper level. We all have experience with such places, that may look beautiful but offer no way to relax or feel at ease. The comfortability factor is one of the most important aspects of a truly well-designed room.

In that case, Bergère chairs may be just the right element that you need in order to take an average or uncomfortable space and make it far more enjoyable. These oversized chairs tend to have plush cushions and a design that is better suited for relaxation and comfort rather than acting as a mere seating option.

The Bergère is a French-style piece that epitomizes that sense of Provincial luxury that often combines elegant aesthetics with practicality. A French Provincial home should emphasize livability and timeless style together as one, and this requires certain kinds of high-quality furniture.

French Style Bergère chairs

The best way to utilize one of these chairs is to identify areas of your home that don’t seem to feel welcoming or could use an additional element of comfort. For instance, pairing a beautiful Bergère chair with your sofa rather than an old loveseat covered in throw pillows, might make make the space more charming and usable. Think about how you might include one of these chairs in the corner of your living room or dining room instead of a common armchair, which will not only help to enhance the look and feel of the space but also might add some much-needed coziness.

The key to getting the most out of these chairs is to make sure that you don’t stuff them into tight spaces where they don’t belong. A Bergère needs a little breathing room to truly stand out and provide the most functionality.

For a whimsical yet practical look, try pairing two matching French Bergère chairs together with an attractive vintage table in between, which could work as a comfy eating nook. These chairs also make great additions to dens and home offices, which often lack adequate seating options for guests.

Don’t forget to take note of the design elements on your Bergère of choice to ensure that the details match the rest of your furniture. These larger-than-average chairs easily draw the eye and can seem out of place if they don’t match the rest of your furniture. Depending on the specific kinds of weathering, floral carvings, and other elements that are featured throughout your furniture items, may influence your decision when it comes to selecting the right chairs that will actually fit your intentions.

Finding the Perfect Bergère Chairs and Other Vintage Furniture Pieces For Your Home

Styling your home and creating a more livable space is much easier when you have a wide selection of high-quality antique-style furniture to choose from. Here at EloquenceⓇ, that’s exactly what you will find!

We specialize in French Provincial furniture pieces that will help you create a more luxurious-feeling space throughout your home, including a wide selection of vintage-style chairs that are handcrafted and thoughtfully designed to meet your tastes. 

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