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Make a Powerful Statement With a Whitewash Coffee Table

Make a Powerful Statement With a Whitewash Coffee Table

Jul 6th 2021

There is something distinctly eye-catching about whitewash furniture. Whether it’s the pleasant coloring or the interesting patinas, furniture in this style has long been a favorite for anyone looking to create a refined and elegant energy within their home.

For instance, a beautiful whitewash coffee table can be used to create a more refined and unique living room arrangement. This home decor guide will provide you with some insight as to why this style remains as popular as it is, and how you can use such furniture pieces to truly beautify your home.

Why Whitewash Furniture Stands Out

While most antiques possess a unique look to them that is difficult to capture otherwise, vintage-style furniture pieces that have a whitewash tone are even more striking.

They possess a delicate, whimsical appearance that makes them perfect for styling your home in a particular way. You often find these kinds of furniture pieces used in shabby chic arrangements and cottage designs for this very reason. Furniture that has been painted white is not really a modern trend, so seeing such furniture evokes automatic feelings of nostalgia.

White furniture and decor is also especially regal in nature. These kinds of pieces spark our imagination and fill it with images of grand halls, Greek architecture, marble statuary, and pure luxury. It’s easy to picture an expansive hall in a Provincial villa full of exquisite whitewash furniture. This is one of the great benefits of utilizing such furniture in your home, as it has the power to convey such energy and effortlessly create a feeling of timeless luxury that other kinds of furniture can’t compete with.

Creating a Stately Living Room

Since the living room is often the center of your home, it’s important to furnish it accordingly. Not only does this mean including a comfortable sofa and other seating options, but a functional and attractive coffee table as well.

This is the perfect opportunity to incorporate a whitewash coffee table into your home, in order to create a living room that really stands out and has that luxury feel you’re going for. Knowing which furniture pieces to use in any given space is the key to creating a home that feels coherent and inviting.

As it pertains to your living room specifically, this is one area you want to take great care with so that it will give off a warm and inviting vibe. Of course, a functional coffee table is an essential part of this equation, as these furniture pieces are needed for a variety of purposes.

Part of what makes for a stately atmosphere is the aesthetic appeal and usability of a particular space. A cluttered room doesn’t give off a “stately” feel, nor does a sparsely furnished one. You need to consider how the room accommodates you and your guests, how usable the space is for hosting events or for providing comfort, and how well all of the furniture pieces and decor elements mesh together.

An out-of-place piece of furniture might throw off the look of the room, for instance. One of the reasons why whitewash furniture is appealing is because the general color tone and look of these pieces is easy to incorporate into a wide variety of home styles. When you are working with a particular wood grain for example, you have to be sure that it matches the rest of your furniture, otherwise you may have to paint it or treat it in some way in order to create the look you want.

Whitewash furniture on the other hand is quite versatile, as the color tone works well with a wide variety of other kinds of furniture. Earth tones and pastels alike go well with the off-white or marble white colorings of most whitewash coffee tables and similar furniture pieces. This makes utilizing them in your living room an easy task. For home owners struggling with inspiration or direction when it comes to putting together a truly functional living room, these furniture pieces offer an attractive avenue.

Acquiring The Perfect Furniture For Your Home

You can see why white wash furniture is so appealing, but one issue you may encounter is finding out where to buy it. Beautiful vintage-style whitewash coffee tables and side tables aren’t exactly available in most stores.

Here at Eloquence, we provide a wide selection of luxury-quality furniture for sale that will help you enhance the look of your home exactly how you want it. We carry artisan-crafted coffee tables with a beautiful whitewash finish, along with a wide assortment of other furniture items that are ideal for creating a sense of refinement in your home.

You can easily browse through our great selection of vintage living room furniture as well as decor and furniture for the rest of your home right here in our online furniture store. 

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