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French Milled Soaps are a Cherished Tradition

French Milled Soaps are a Cherished Tradition

Nov 16th 2023

From the pages of history, France stands out brilliantly, marking an age filled with art, culture, and of course, the esteemed craft of soap-making. French milled soaps, evoking times of grandeur, provide more than just a routine cleanse. Each bar unfolds a tale of expert craftsmanship, meticulousness, and an undying pursuit of the highest standards.

French milled soaps

Origins of the Triple-Milled Method

Step back into the 18th century. Set against the refined settings of French salons and the unique fragrances embraced by the French upper class, the triple-milled process took root. This innovative method required the careful shredding of cold-processed soap, which was then passed through several rollers.

The result of this comprehensive process was a soap of unmatched elegance. While it's commonly believed that the milling stops after three rounds, the actual process often extends beyond, highlighting the artisan's commitment.

A Legacy Lathered in Luxury - French Milled Soaps

So, why such a complex method for soap creation? It goes beyond mere extravagance. Milling guarantees that the soap harmoniously melds with fragrances and other components. It also removes unwanted moisture, giving the soap a flawless texture, extending its use, and ensuring its suitability for sensitive skin. The aim was not just molding a piece of soap but sculpting an unmatched sensory experience.

The Distinction of French Style Milled Soap

Why does French milled soap hold such an esteemed position?

Each bar of French milled soap encases a time-honored secret. This age-old technique, perfected over generations produces unparalleled purity. The texture, superior to everyday soaps, has a silky caress. Indulge in its rich, creamy lather, enhancing your daily rituals. Its denseness ensures it stands the test of time, outlasting common bars. With each piece, there's a steadfast uniformity in hue, scent, and feel. By every standard, this soap embodies excellence.

An Ode to Renowned French Brands

France has gifted the world with many a soap maestro. Names like Pre de Provence, Marius Fabre, Roger & Gallet, and L'Occitane, have graced many an opulent boudoir. But Eloquence®, too, finds its place amongst these luminaries, celebrating the same commitment to quality.

Embark on a Sensory Voyage with Eloquence®

Eloquence® transcends the barriers of time, intertwining tradition with contemporary aesthetics. The Perfume Candle and Perfume Bar Soap collections articulate this harmonious blend. Conceived in sunlit California, they amalgamate the finest elements from both worlds. Revel in the musky fragrances reminiscent of warm French evenings or the invigorating scents encapsulating the essence of a spring morning in the French countryside.

Engulf your senses with the variety of scents offered by Eloquence®, from the musky aromas to the floral delights. Every bar of soap from our collection embodies our commitment to unparalleled craftsmanship, exquisite quality, and enduring elegance. Whether from the musky scents collection, floral scents ensemble, or any other range, our selection promises a journey through the corridors of history, passion, and unmatched artistry.

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