Eloquence in Repose: Perfect Pairings of Beds and Nightstands

Eloquence in Repose: Perfect Pairings of Beds and Nightstands

Feb 27th 2024

The interplay between a bed and its accompanying nightstand orchestrates a room's ambiance, setting a tone of elegance and tranquility. Eloquence, renowned for its vintage and French-inspired furniture, presents a collection where each pairing is a confluence of design and harmony, embodying sophistication and refinement.

The Harmony of Harvest and Woodland

Envision a chamber where the softness of linen merges with the understated dignity of wood. The Eloquence® Olympia Bed, enrobed in Harvest Linen and set in a Woodland Grey Finish, is a paragon of subtle grace. Alongside, the Eloquence® Grande St. Lucia Nightstand in Grain Sack Finish introduces a rustic allure to a refined color scheme, creating an ambiance that is inviting yet cultivated.

Sand Dunes and Gustavian Elega

Eloquence® Olympia Bed in Sand Dune Linen

Further to this elegance, the Eloquence® Olympia Bed in Sand Dune Linen emanates the tranquility of serene shores and gentle, sandy tones. Its Coral White with Gilt Finish introduces a note of splendor reminiscent of dawn's first light. The accompanying Eloquence® Stephane Commode in Gustavian White Finish is a tribute to the timeless charm of Swedish design, offering a pristine and serene presence that impeccably complements the bed's soft allure.

Cloud-Like Serenity and Antique Grace

Eloquence® Gustavus Nightstand in Antique White Finish

The Eloquence® Sophia Bed in Fog Linen, juxtaposed with an Antique White Finish, offers a haven of peace, its soothing hues beckoning a state of calm and relaxation. This celestial bed is harmoniously paired with the Eloquence® Gustavus Nightstand in Antique White Finish, a piece that mirrors the bed's delicate charm, crafting an atmosphere that feels like a gentle embrace of tranquility.

Regal Splendor and Warm Accents

Eloquence® Amboise Commode in Warm White Finish

For those seeking a hint of majestic elegance, the Eloquence® Sophia Bed in Fog Linen, adorned with a Gold Two-Tone Finish, is a light of subtle luxury. This bed, aglow with understated grandeur, pairs exquisitely with the Eloquence® Amboise Commode in Warm White Finish, a piece that introduces a soft, creamy counterpoint to the bed's golden hues, creating an ambiance that is both lavish and soothing.

The Dauphine Series: A Nostalgic Romance

The Eloquence® Dauphine Bed, in its classic and canopy iterations, articulates a romance with bygone eras. Clothed in White Linen and Weathered White Finish, these beds radiate a sense of enduring elegance, serving as the perfect centerpiece for a room rich in nostalgic allure. They are complemented by the Eloquence® Bronte Commode and Petite Bordeaux Commode, each in Weathered White Finish, narrating a tale of heritage and the graceful passage of time.

Seaside Reveries and Oak Murmurs

The Eloquence® Dauphine Bed and Canopy Bed, arrayed in Fog Linen and Beach House Natural Finish, transport one to a seaside sanctuary, where the melody of ocean waves harmonizes with the gentle caress of the breeze. Their counterparts, the Eloquence® Louis Charles Commode in Oak Driftwood Finish and the Eloquence® Oskar Commode in Grain Sack Finish, add an element of earthy depth, anchoring the ethereal beds in a tableau of natural splendor.

A Breath of Salt Air and Elegant Simplicity

The Eloquence® Cassia Bed, in its various manifestations, presents a spectrum of choices for the discerning decorator. In White Linen and Salt Water White Finish, it offers a breath of coastal freshness, a blank canvas awaiting the brushstrokes of dreams. The Napoleon Nightstand in Beach House Natural Finish resonates with this breezy elegance, creating a space that evokes the gentle touch of a seaside morning.

Velvet Whispers and Sophisticated Shades

Nicolas Nightstand in Fleur de Sel Finish,

In Ivory Velvet and Antique White With Gold Leaf Finish, the Cassia Bed transforms into a sanctuary of plush comfort, a haven of tranquility. Its counterpart, the Nicolas Nightstand in Fleur de Sel Finish, offers a subtle contrast, its understated hue accentuating the bed's rich textures. In a similar vein, the Cassia Bed in Dove Velvet and Antique Grey Finish, paired with the Henri Nightstand in Gravity Grey Finish, orchestrates a space of serene elegance, where each element subtly contributes to a narrative of refined beauty.

The Oskar Series: A Dialogue of Strength and Softness

Finally, the Eloquence® Cassia Bed in Storm Linen and Nordic Oak Finish represents a synthesis of robustness and gentleness. This bed, strong in its simplicity, finds its ideal complement in the Eloquence® Oskar Commode in Farmhouse Oak Finish, a pairing that speaks to the enduring artistry of craftsmanship and the allure of natural materials.

Each pairing by Eloquence goes beyond the combination of furniture pieces. Ours are ensembles where textures, colors, and designs converge to transform a space into a haven of elegance and tranquility. Our unique compositions beckon you to explore the vast possibilities of interior design, inspiring you to create spaces that are visually captivating and resonate with your emotional depth.

We invite you to immerse yourself in the world of Eloquence, to uncover how these exquisite pairings can enhance your living spaces, and to embrace the elegance and sophistication that are emblematic of every Eloquence creation.

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