"Jane Austen - Curl Up With Eloquence" Chairs/Cozy Seating Options And Books We Love

"Jane Austen - Curl Up With Eloquence" Chairs/Cozy Seating Options And Books We Love

May 27th 2024

Many of us can relate to the special bond we form with a particular corner of our house or a specific chair or sofa. These unique attachments often hold the key to our daily happiness and comfort.

A wooden table with a wooden chair next to it

Seating preferences are a deeply personal matter. You might find that you can only concentrate on a task if you're in the right seat. Consider Jane Austen, for example. Her writing table and chair, now on display at the House by Jane Austen Society, were modest and unassuming - a setup that allowed her to work in peace and privacy.

What may seem comfortable to one may differ from another; choosing the right seating options requires deliberation and effort. Be it dining or living room seating solutions, here are a few tried and tested life hacks to get it right every time you shop.

Why is finding the right seating options important?

Whether you're working or simply unwinding, a comfortable seat can do wonders for your body and mind. Those few minutes of respite can truly rejuvenate you, but only if the seat is truly comfortable. The same principle applies to a sedentary professional life. You can excel at any job when you're at ease in your space. This is where the right seating options come into play.

Choosing a chair, sofa, stool, ottoman, or bench, all comes down to the purpose of the furniture. Are you using it to relax? Is it meant to be seated for hours at a stretch? Is it only to entertain guests for a few hours? As you shop, ask these questions to address comfort, functionality, and aesthetics together. It is essential to review all the seating options to ensure you choose the right one.

Antique Swedish Oak Dining Table

For example, if you sit and work long hours, you need a chair with good back support and comfortable seating. On the contrary, a straight-back wooden chair is more suitably paired with a writing desk where you may spend less time.

In short, while furniture shopping, selecting the right seating option demands maximum time and dedication as there are different types and styles, each serving a different purpose.

Different types of seating options for home

The primary challenge is determining the seating solutions needed for your home. The design and style of chairs, sofas, benches, and other furniture affect their comfort level. It is crucial to understand the different types to plan the seating layout more effectively.

Antique Swedish Gustavian Commode

For instance, if you want to create a retro or vintage home interior, the seating can make or break the aesthetics. Whether you look forward to recreating French elite grandeur or the simplistic demeanor of the Regency and Georgian Era, being familiar with the different styles is handy. You can't replicate the late 18th-century shabby-chic charm of the Bennet home unless you know what to look for:

Dining chairs

These are essential in any home. Dining chairs generally come in a set with a table or can be available separately. Dining chairs come in varied shapes and styles. They can be upholstered or not. The key is to choose a set of chairs that complements the table's height and is comfortable for people of varied heights.

Living room chairs

This is the place to relax or entertain guests. Hence, chairs for the living room are usually more aesthetically pleasing and luxurious. Armchairs, bergeres, sofas, and even rocking chairs are often used to adorn the space. Velvet, chintz, modern-day polyester, and linen are suitable upholstery for this room. Usually, such chairs are more puffed and cushiony.

Love seats

A white bench sitting on top of a tiled floor

As the name suggests, these are smaller and cozier sofas designed to accommodate two people. They are more suitable for a smaller household or if you generally only have a few guests at a time. Love seats are versatile and ideal for the living room and bedroom.


These are similar to the loveseats and are standard seating solutions for the living room. The sofa comes in a wide variety of designs and styles. Modern-day sofas even come with different functionalities like tilting backrests and even in-built recliner settings. Vintage sofas often serve as the statement furniture that sets the tone of the overall interior decor.


Benches have an understated elegance and utility, making them a great addition as accent furniture. They are versatile and can be used for dining, living, and the bedroom. Whether you want to use it as a foot table by the bed, as a seat for the dresser, or by the shoe cabinet - it works well in every setting.


Stools are another versatile seating option generally used with a dresser or as accent furniture in the bedroom, dining or living room. They do not have a backrest and are suitable for short-time seating requirements like getting dressed up or putting on a shoe, etc.

Tips for selecting the proper seating solutions for your home

While shopping for seating options for your home, here are a few tried and tested tips that you can keep in mind:

  • Consider the purpose of the seating arrangement - is it for work or entertainment and how long will you be sitting there?
  • The cushioning makes a lot of difference, and everyone has a unique preference. To strike a balance, the ideal choice would be a seat with moderately firm cushioning that does not sink in too deeply.
  • While comfort and functionality are essential, don't overlook the aesthetics of your seating options. Especially if you're choosing furniture for the living room or any other space that guests frequent, a more luxurious design that complements the overall decor can elevate the appearance of your home. Your seating choices are a reflection of your personal style and can significantly enhance your living space.
  • Cost is an important factor to get the best value for money while ensuring the furniture meets your expectations and tastes and reflects your personality.
  • Try seating and checking the chair before you purchase, or in case you are online purchasing, look for options where return and exchange of style or type is allowed.
  • Last, when choosing chairs and seating options for work or long-term use, prioritize comfort and quality over looks.

Epitome of vintage fineness from Eloquence

If the world and lifestyle of the late 18th century, as depicted by Jane Austen's classics inspire you, Regency and Georgian style furniture are the perfect choice. Both styles are noted for their muted sophistication and hardiness. Dark rosewood structures with chintz and velvet upholstery are synonymous with this period.

Pair of Lousi XVI Armchairs

At Eloquence, we are passionately recreating vintage-inspired furniture that lets you feel nostalgic while enjoying modern amenities. Whether you want to experience Victorian opulence like Darcy or the cozy, casual, slightly bohemian interior like the Bennet home, we have you covered.


  1. How do I design a home that looks straight out of Austen’s novels?

Regency and Georgian-style furniture best reflect the world of Austen's novels best. These are characterized by simple design, rosewood or mahogany structure, and pastel-toned upholstery.

  1. Which is more suitable - a cushioned or bare wooden dining chair?

It comes down to personal preference and comfort when choosing between a cushioned or a bare wooden dining chair. Also, how long you spend sitting on the chair determines whether to opt for a bare wooden structure or a cushioned design.

  1. Are loveseats and sofas the same?

Loveseats are specifically designed to accommodate two people but are essentially sofas. However, not all sofas are loveseats.

  1. Can we pair vintage chairs with a modern dining table?

Depending on the style and design of the chairs and the table, you can easily juxtapose vintage chairs with modern tables. An easy way to make this possible is to choose tables and chairs made of the same material.

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