How to Use an Antique Dresser to Complete Your Bedroom

How to Use an Antique Dresser to Complete Your Bedroom

Oct 16th 2020

An antique dresser can be a beautiful and highly functional piece of furniture that will help you create a sublime arrangement for your bedroom. If you want to get the most out of your vintage piece however, you need to consider how you will place it and how you will match it with the rest of your decor. This will help you select the perfect dresser for your needs from both a practical and aesthetic standpoint.

While you may simply be searching for an attractive piece of furniture to house your clothes, dressers are quite versatile and can be used to compliment your bedroom decor in a number of ways. Here we will detail a few ways in which you can utilize one of our beautiful dresser options to bring out a new dimension of your room while providing a convenient place for your clothes.

Match the Style of Your Bed

One of the easiest ways in which to enhance the look and feel of your bedroom is by matching the style of your antique dresser with that of your bed. If you have your eye on an elaborately detailed vintage style bed such as our Sophia Bed with Two-Tone Gold Finish, you might want to think about our Bronte dresser, which sports a delicate hand-carved Fleur de Lis motif.

If your bedroom is somewhat more minimalist or contemporary, our Bordeaux dressers may be what you need to create the perfect look. With attractive distressing and simple aura, they are the perfect mate for one of our lovely Cassia beds. When you are matching your dresser to the rest of your decor, it’s important to keep all relevant elements in mind such as color tone, variety of lines, and various embellishments.

Think About the Placement

This is an underrated aspect of home decorating that if utilized can help you get more out of your furniture and maximize the functionality of a particular room. By placing your furniture with the right intent, it will help to make your room appear more inviting and coherent.

Try arranging key decor elements in a triangle, symmetrical if your room is square or asymmetrical if it is rectangular. If you don’t have three standout pieces, create three distinct areas of interest instead. One way of doing this is to consider placing your bed at one point of the “triangle,” your dresser at another, and finally a quaint sitting area at the other.

You can experiment with several such arrangements to see how best to highlight your dresser. Regardless of where you ultimately place it, it’s important not to keep it too close to your bed, otherwise you may find it inconvenient to access when you need to. It’s best to reserve as much space as possible around your bed not only for practical reasons but to create visual interest.

The Perfect Spot for a Mirror

While a finely-crafted vintage-style dresser is a beautiful decor element in its own right, these pieces of furniture are also useful for showing off some of your knickknacks and other artistic items. You will find that they make perfect homes for pottery, houseplants, and especially mirrors.

The right vanity mirror or other variety of smaller-sized mirror can provide some much-needed energy into a bedroom, especially if it is feeling cramped or doesn’t have many windows. An antique mirror that matches the design elements of your dresser or bed can act as a gorgeous complementary piece that will provide a high degree of functionality.

Try layering several decor items on your dresser at once, such as a striking Trumeau mirror with a moderate-sized plant, or a few earthenware pots. Not only will your room feel larger and brighter, you will find that corner of your room brimming with life.

Finding the Antique Dresser That’s Right For Your Bedroom

Given the array of interesting ways in which you can enhance your room with an antique dresser, it’s important to be able to select from a wide variety. Here at Eloquence, we have numerous dressers from which to choose from that are sure to meet your needs when arranging the perfect bedroom setup.

Whether you need a simple rustic-style dresser option for your cozy shabby chic bedroom or something more traditional and elaborate, you will find what you are looking for in our online store. Our antique-style furniture pieces are designed with the utmost quality and will help infuse your home with luxury no matter the style you choose. If you are interested in one of our beautiful dressers or have questions about the history and attributes of a particular piece, please reach out to us. 

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