How To Use a Full Length Antique Gold Mirror In Your Home

How To Use a Full Length Antique Gold Mirror In Your Home

Jun 30th 2021

When it comes to useful home decor, it’s hard to compare with the utility and natural beauty of an antique gold mirror. Featuring a variety of elegant and handsome designs, these items are easy to use all over the home to enhance spaces and give them an added sense of refinement.

While smaller vintage mirrors such as vanity mirrors are easy enough to utilize, larger ones take a little more forethought to incorporate properly. This short guide will help you see the benefits of using extravagant antique mirrors and how you can utilize them just about anywhere.

The Advantages of Using Larger Mirrors

Before trying to fit one of these larger mirrors into a particular space within your home, it’s worth understanding the value that they impart. It can be a bit tricky to properly display a larger mirror, but it’s well worth the effort, as these pieces of decor can create stunning effects and simply possess a great deal of beauty.

The most obvious benefit of using full length antique mirrors is that they provide a better reflection. If you need your mirror for practical purposes, such as putting together the perfect outfit, you will find that these stately mirrors are always preferable.

However, where some would assume that this is the extent of the benefits that these large mirrors provide, this is only where they begin to shine. Larger mirrors work well for helping spaces feel larger than they really are, because they reflect more light and simply possess a larger reflection in general. This helps create the illusion of greater depth, so depending on where you place your mirrors, this can have an incredible effect.

If you have an impressive antique floor mirror, for instance, you can try placing it in your living room or parlor, opposite a doorway or large window. This is an easy way to create a dramatic effect that will not only help these spaces feel brighter and more inviting, but may actually work to make the rooms feel more open as well. The larger the mirror, the better.

While it might seem that larger antique gold mirrors pose more of a challenge to work with, this is where you have to step back and get creative. For instance, you might want to try placing a decorative wall mirror over an end table in your living room, or even in a hallway. Stately floor mirrors work well in otherwise neglected corners, just be mindful of the furniture you place around these pieces. You can help support the aesthetics of your mirror by placing other decor items in front of them, such as books or vases.

The brightness factor is another one of the key reasons to focus on using a larger gold wall mirror or floor mirror. Lighting is incredibly important when styling your home, more so than you might realize. If you want to create a bright and welcoming space but don’t have that much natural light to work with, it can be somewhat challenging to get your furniture to pop. Muted colors and an abundance of shadows are not ideal conditions to work with, and stuffing your home full of lamps is not a viable option either, as this not only adds to the clutter, but can actually increase the amount of shadows present depending on the layout of the room.

Instead, antique mirrors offer an alternative way to use natural light sources in the best way possible. You can use a beautiful antique gold wall mirror to amplify the light that a space receives, which will help improve the overall appearance of the room in general. This is also a functional quality, as it will keep you from having to invest in additional lighting options.

Benefits of Adding Antique Gold Mirrors In Your Home Design

It’s clear that if you focus on creative solutions to the layout of your home, you can benefit highly from adding a few beautiful antique mirrors. Here are just a few reasons why it’s worth it to own these incredible pieces of decor:

●Will naturally enhance the vintage look of your home.

●Can be used to create a more usable vanity area.

●Create dynamic illusions throughout your home, such as fake doors and windows.

●Can help to improve how open spaces feel.

●Offer a natural way to up the amount of light that is available in a particular space.

●Work incredibly well as wall decor.

●Floor mirrors can offer an architectural enhancement to spaces.

These mirrors, with their elaborate carvings and shining gold leaf accents, can be used to dramatically improve the look and feel of your home. If you are interested in adding one of these antique-style mirrors to your home, take a look at our selection of wall mirrors and antique floor mirrors that we have right here in our furniture boutique. 

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