How to Pick the Right Dining Chairs

How to Pick the Right Dining Chairs

Dec 21st 2022

Dining room sets are convenient — you get the table and chairs together! But sometimes a dining room table catches our eye that we can’t resist. It fits perfectly and matches your dining room’s aesthetic. But now you need to find chairs! It can seem like a difficult task at first.

Whether you want french dining chairs or industrial stools, here is how to find the perfect dining room chairs for your space!

Your Space

The first thing you need to do is consider the dining room itself. Measure the room to get a better idea of how much space you’re working with. Ideally, chairs should have about 42 to 48 inches between the table and wall. You also don’t want the chairs to look too thick or heavy if your room is overall elegant and small and vice versa.

Your Table

The second step is to measure the table. Of course! Keep in mind that the average table is 30 inches tall. If your table is around that height, you want chairs that are 18 inches from floor to seat. This will make them comfortable for guests and aesthetically pleasing.

The Chairs

The chair width also matters. The average chair is about 18 to 20 inches across, although dining chairs with arms are six inches wider. You want to calculate how many chairs you can fit on each side of the table at this point, making sure there’s enough room between each chair to create a comfortable eating space.

A 72-inch long table, both rectangular or oval, can fit six people. A 96-inch long table can seat eight people. And a 120-inch long table can fit 10.

A round or square table that’s 48 inches can fit four people. If it’s 60 inches, you can fit up to six. You can get up to eight people comfortably at a table if it’s 72 inches.

What if you have a weird-shaped table… Well, just make sure that each chair has six inches between. This will make elbow room for people and be visually stunning.

The Storage

Sometimes you just need to make more space in a room. In that case, look for chairs that can be stacked, stored, or pushed under the table to make more room. Armless chairs and stools are easy to stack. It’s also easier to pick up chairs that have open backs and slim legs. So that’s something to keep in mind!

The Material

Dining room chairs come in a wide variety of materials so it can be difficult to know which one is best.

One of the most common is wood. Wood is durable and has a simple, clean appearance. Wood is perfect for a dining room with a more traditional feel, especially if there are more wooden pieces in the room. Some wooden chairs have upholstered seats or cushions to make them more comfortable.

Metal dining chairs are becoming quite popular since they can look a bit more contemporary. Sleek metal chairs will give off a modern vibe. Metal dining chairs can also look industrial, giving a bold and intense appearance. Industrial chairs look great with a wooden table, mixing the two strong materials.

Upholstered and fabric-heavy dining chairs are also a good choice. They are padded and comfortable and come in a variety of colors and styles. They give off a lavish look. The one thing to keep in mind is that they can get stained a bit easier.

The Style

Once you know the size and material, take a closer look at the dining chairs’ designs. This means the color, style, and pattern. This also means the overall aesthetic. The chair you pick should match your living room. If your walls are neutral, you may want white or beige chairs. If you have a cement or brick wall, consider metal chairs. Dining chairs can show off your personality and vibe.


French dining chairs are simple and elegant. They are often wood or white, with a wide look and strong legs. You’ll see some iconic detailing on the legs and the back, creating a luxe vibe in your dining room. Here at Eloquence, we have a stunning collection of French dining chairs that are high quality and beautiful, telling an exquisite story that can’t be replicated in newer furniture.


Modern dining chairs can come in a wide variety of styles. But one thing they have in common is sleek, straight lines. Some are thin and white while others are wood and thick. Modern dining chairs will make your room look clean and trendy.

If you like the modern look but want something with classic appeal, we have a beautiful array of antique-style dining chairs in the Scandinavian style that might appeal to you, such as this Scandinavian Dining Chair With Oak Finish.


Industrial style is meant to look more functional than cozy. The seats are often metal or leather, inspired by retro furniture found in restaurants, barbershops, and more. If your table is wood or you have a brick wall, metal chairs will look bold, artistic, and strong.

Mid Century Modern

A lot of mid century modern dining chairs have low backs and rounded, boomerang-inspired shapes. It’s inspired by a blend of science fiction and traditional mid century style from the 30s, 40s, and 50s. It’s a distinct style that can really make an impact in the right setting.


Boho chic is all the rage right now. A fabric-oriented chair creates a comfortable, chill vibe. Get some fun colors that will stand out against your dining room table but still feel cohesive to keep it from clashing. Bohemian has a focus on natural things and interesting textures.


This is a simplified version of modern decor. The color should be neutral and the design should be streamlined. Everything should be focused on functionality without any extra flourishes.


This design is inspired by Nordic countries. It should look artistic and simple. There are interesting lines and a light color pallet. Think form-pressed wood and bright plastics. Pops of color come from the artwork around it. Your room should look spacious and light, so don’t pick chairs that look heavy or dense.


Think New England. To match dark hardwood floors, traditional dining chairs should be made of dark, finished wood. The lines are often curved and there is extra detailing on the furniture. You can also choose velvet or other fancy fabrics to add some texture.


Rustic design comes from the feeling of nature and being outdoors. It features raw materials and often unfinished elements like wood and stone.

Ready to design your ideal dining space with the right dining room chairs? Take a look through our collection of exquisite pieces. We’re confident you’ll find something that resonates with you!

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