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How to Pick a Dining Room Table

How to Pick a Dining Room Table

Nov 29th 2022

A dining room table is more impactful than you may think. This is where families gather and share a meal, where friends come together to party. A dining room table is an impactful piece of furniture that will shape the style and vibe of your entire dining room and eating experience. Whether you want a French style dining room table or a mid century modern recreation, there are some things to keep in mind when choosing a dining room table.

The Right Size

One of the most important factors in picking a dining room table is the size. You need your dining table to fit in your eating area. To ensure the table is the proper size, you’ll need to do a bit of measuring.

First, measure the table-to-wall clearance. Basically measure the room. Then measure from where guests would sit to where your walls are. The goal is that guests should be able to easily move their seat back and have about 42 inches to 48 inches between themselves and the wall.

If you need extra guidance, try putting a blanket or bed sheet where you’ll place your dining room table so you can measure more accurately.

Consider Your Lifestyle

Next, how many people will be sitting at this table? This will factor how many chairs need to be at the table. A standard four seater or will there be big dinners every weekend? You need to make sure there’s at least two feet of eating space for each person at the table. This guideline will help determine how many chairs can comfortably fit at a table, which ultimately helps you pick how long and wide the table should be.

The Shape

Dining room tables come in many shapes and sizes. There are some popular shapes to consider when narrowing down your choices.

The first is a round table. These are great for a smaller space. With no corners, you can sometimes squeeze in more people without taking up too much space.

There are round tables of different sizes, of course, so you can choose a larger one if needed! Just remember that it’s harder to reach foods that are far from you when you’re at a rounder table. You may want to add a lazy susan or something if you plan to have a larger table with more guests.

A rectangular table is better for narrow rooms. They leave more room for traffic on both sides of the table and save your wall from getting damaged by chairs that get pulled out too hard. What’s cool about long, narrow tables is that you can sometimes add a bench on one side instead of chairs. When people aren’t at the table, you can tuck the bench under the table to make more room.

A square dining room table is great for when you want people to feel closer while dining together. It can be hard to reach food, however, when the table starts to get larger.

You may also come across oval dining room tables. These blend the soft edges of a circular table with the length of a rectangular table.

The Material

Dining room tables come in a variety of materials that are sure to match your style and taste. Check out the rest of your dining room to see which material would work best with the materials you’re already working with.


A solid wood table can come in multiple finishes from light to dark. These are quality tables that are durable and easy to maintain.


A table with a glass top will immediately give a look of luxury. Glass table tops also work well in small rooms since they eliminate the visual light. Glass tables can get easily smudged but not as easily damaged as other materials.


Metal tables are durable, heavy, and imposing. Even the thinnest of metal tables will be striking. The metal can vary as well, from zinc to brass.


A marble dining room table looks polished and luxe. This is a great material if you want your table to have a soft appearance but still make a statement.

The Style

Then it’s time to pick the style that best suits your decor! Dining room tables come in a variety of styles and materials, from dainty and elegant to bold and powerful. Here are some to consider based on your room’s style!


An industrial dining room table will often blend wood with metal to create an imposing appearance. Most will have a wood surface and metal legs.


Modern dining room tables are often simple and sleek. A lot of them are white or other neutral colors. Other popular modern dining room table designs include wood and even marble.

Mid Century Modern

A play on mid century style, this type of table will have boomerang legs and a flat top. They are usually made out of lighter wood. These tables give off a retro vibe blended with sophistication.

French Style

A French style dining table has a flat, wooden surface and straight legs with some detailing. These are known as cabriole legs, featuring a carved bead down each side leg of the table. This is a simple yet elegant style that will pair well with any room. Whether you want a vintage or antique French style dining table, we have a striking dining table collection that will elevate any dining experience.


Whatever dining room table you go with, make sure it’s made well. Nothing is worse than when you go to a restaurant and sit down at a shaky table. Now imagine that in your own home! Instead, pick a dining room table that’s balanced and structured properly. Look for high quality materials. If you’re unsure, you can always go with a vintage piece. A lot of older furniture is made with higher quality materials and builds than some newer decor.

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