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How to Make a Creative Setting With an Antique Cabinet

How to Make a Creative Setting With an Antique Cabinet

Oct 5th 2020

An attractive antique cabinet can be used as a powerful focal point in your dining room, providing both practical and aesthetic benefits. Not only are these pieces of furniture useful for storing your china and other kitchen accessories, but they also allow for a wide array of creative possibilities if you are looking for a way to change the way your dining room looks and feels.

Your dining room can either be drab or become the center of your home with the right touch-ups and additions. A beautiful cabinet can completely transform the aura of your dining room and give you endless functionality with all of the space that it affords. A high-quality vintage china cabinet can set the entire tone of your dining space and even help strengthen the theme of your home.

This guide will help you see the practical as well as the artful uses of antique cabinets, as well as how to blend these regal pieces of furniture in with the rest of your decor. You may find you will want to completely rearrange your dining room after discovering the myriad of ways in which you can develop a more creative setting by adding them to your home.

The Practical Side of Owning an Antique Cabinet

While there’s no question that an elegantly-crafted antique cabinet can be a stunning addition to your home that provides visual appeal, they are first and foremost designed to house important kitchen and dining room items, and therefore have a ton of practical value that you will want to take advantage of.

A cabinet can act as a safe place to house your best china or it can be used to simply keep important dishes that you use often and want in arm’s reach, rather than storing them all in the kitchen. Depending on the style of your cabinet or sideboard, you can keep extra cutlery, a particular set of secondary dishes, or specific utensils and other kitchen tools that you may find more useful in the dining room rather than the kitchen specifically, such as serving spoons and dessert plates.

The most important practical aspect of owning a dining room cabinet or sideboard is simply in the way it enables you to maximize the space in your home and stay better organized. If you love cooking or have a sizable family, you will accrue kitchen utensils and dishes over time that will begin compromising your efficiency when you are trying to put together a meal or even if you’re simply trying to find something when you need it.

A beautiful antique cabinet is more than just an attractive furniture accent. It can help prevent hassle simply by optimizing the way you arrange your kitchen, so you no longer have to cram all of your pots, pans, dishes, silverware, and other cooking tools into one room. For those of us with cluttered kitchen drawers or cupboards crammed with plates and bowls, you may understand how useful this can be. We all have experience with trying to reach into a drawer for a spatula or whisk only to dig around in a sea of utensils and come up empty-handed.

A cabinet is a great way to elegantly enhance the functionality of your kitchen and dining room as well with ease. The extra shelf space and drawers can help you change the way you approach routine kitchen activities, and may even make you a better host. We’ve all faced situations where our kitchens begin to look a bit mussed after a long cooking session, only because we’ve run out of space or can’t find what we’re looking for in a pinch because we’ve had to cram so much into one space.

The beauty of an antique cabinet is that it can act as a means of displaying fine dishes and plates while also serving more practical purposes at the same time. Sometimes it’s also immensely beneficial to have certain tools available right in the dining room, right where you need them. These pieces of furniture are certainly underrated in terms of the utility they may provide you, while also enhancing the look and feel of the space they are in.

Matching Your Cabinet to Your Dining Room Furniture

While the right cabinet may provide ample functionality and help you manage various kitchen activities better, its aesthetic qualities shouldn’t be overlooked. Dining room cabinets and hutches come in an impressive variety of styles and sizes, and sport a wide range of functionality.

A traditional cabinet may lack the display capabilities of a taller hutch or display cabinet, but is better suited for arranging items on top as well as storing cutlery and tools. Conversely, a beautiful antique display hutch is the perfect way to show off your best pieces of china while also providing enough drawer space to also account for more practical uses.

Depending on your specific needs, you will find that the right antique cabinet has the ability to transform your dining room not only in terms of utility but in pure presentation as well. You can maximize the effect of your dining room arrangement by selecting a vintage-style cabinet that blends well with your dining room and chairs for a cohesive and inviting look.

For a distinctly shabby chic look, you may want to select a cabinet with simple lines that also show signs of weathering in the wood. Paired with a beautiful French trestle table, this could create an effortlessly charming aura in your dining room that’s also incredibly practical.

You can also create a blanched look that flows well together by coordinating the floral colors or patterns present in your dining room chairs with that of the china you have on display. This is a unique way to add a touch of elan to your dining room without any particular element standing out. For an additional bit of visual indulgence, you may want to include a floral arrangement on your table or cabinet that compliments your chairs and dishes as well.

Another way to create an intriguing visual arrangement in your dining room is to accentuate your cabinet with vintage armchairs placed on either side as decorative elements. These chairs could also be used at the head and foot of the table when hosting company or during family gatherings.

As you can see, there are a variety of ways in which you can utilize an antique cabinet to strengthen your dining room arrangement, but these furniture pieces also serve an excellent way to host decorative items and craft elegant displays.

Complete Your Antique Cabinet Setting With Decorative Items

An antique cabinet provides a diverse array of opportunities for displaying and arranging various decor items. From clay pottery and vases, to gorgeous decorative tea sets, to any number of trinkets and accents, you can easily style your dining room the way you want to with one of these useful pieces of furniture.

Fruit bowls are both practical and easy ways to add a bit of earthy elegance to your dining room and fit perfectly on top of a cabinet. They are also well complemented by floral arrangements or various small ceramic and clay pots, cups, or other vessels. Depending on the time of the year, you may also want to place a few squashes or small pumpkins here as natural decorations. It’s easy to experiment and develop unique arrangements as needed for the season, to keep the room feeling fresh without making sweeping changes to the room itself.

One often-overlooked element of dining room decor would be lighting fixtures. A cabinet is a suitable location for small lamps, which would not only add another layer of functionality but also provide a new aesthetic quality in the room as well. While you may already have appropriate lighting in the room, small lamps can provide auxiliary lighting that can alter the way the room appears and can be used to draw attention to what happens to be placed on the center of your display.

Alternatively, candles can be placed on your cabinet instead of lamps for a more fantastical atmosphere. Candles are a simple and effective way to make any space feel warmer and more inviting, which is certainly what you want for your dining room. Not only that, but high-quality candles are also beautiful decorative items in their own right that can provide a wonderful sensory experience.

You may also want to consider incorporating some glassware into your dining room decor arrangements. Your cabinet is the ideal place to display and highlight various ornate drinking glasses, vases, tumblers, and art pieces of all kinds. While decorative glass pieces will supplement your dining room from a visual standpoint, having easy access to a complete glass set is yet another benefit that will come into play while entertaining guests or simply for better access during meals.

If you take the time to consider what you may put on display with your cabinet, you will see that it offers a stunning range of possibilities. If you have found it difficult to put together a beautiful dining room setting, using a finely-crafted antique-style cabinet may take the hassle away and allow you to effortlessly put together a stunning and welcoming design that is not only eye-catching but also highly functional.

Perhaps what makes them so versatile is that they offer plenty of room to experiment with, in a space where you typically don’t have much room to work with. Unless you have the room to install shelving or a bookcase in your dining room, a cabinet may be the only practical option to comfortably add a significant amount of decor to the room without cluttering it up. This way, you can easily put certain decor items on display without having to take up space on your dining room table, for instance.

Obtaining an Antique Cabinet That’s Right For You

When it comes to various kinds of antique cabinets, there is a wide range of styles from which to fall in love with. Before you start looking for the cabinet that’s right for you, think about your current dining room setting and what would work best to bring it to life. Would you prefer the cabinet match the wood grain of your table, or are you going for a more eclectic look and will pull everything together with gentle floral accents?

Regardless of which style you ultimately select, make sure you have the room to accommodate a cabinet in your dining area, enough so that you may easily access its various drawers. A cabinet that’s inaccessible never gets used. If your table and chairs are in the way and you find that you won’t regularly want to access the compartments of the cabinet or reach over to rearrange the decor, you may want to reconsider the design of your dining room.

A well-designed dining room should be open and free-flowing. You shouldn’t have to squeeze into any space or force anything, nor should you have to push pieces of furniture around just to access the compartments of your cabinet. Furniture shines when it can be utilized to its fullest potential, so keep that in mind when selecting your cabinet and creating the look you want.

As for finding the cabinet that best suits your taste, you will find an impressive selection right here in our online store. We have a wide variety of charming and attractive cabinets that are sure to make your dining room come to life and allow you to create a gorgeous setting. From beautifully weathered French antiques to detailed reproductions that are directly inspired by the originals, our collection will meet your particular home decor needs.

If you have any questions about which of our unique cabinets would help you put together a stunning arrangement, or if you want to know more about our line of finely-crafted reimagined pieces, you can contact us by calling 310-876-0661 and we will be happy to offer our expert assistance.  

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