How To Incorporate French Design Touches Into Your Home

How To Incorporate French Design Touches Into Your Home

Oct 17th 2022

Every home needs a refresh every now and then. It doesn’t have to be a purely aesthetic move; your home needs to adapt to your family’s changing needs, and certain aspects of it may no longer be as functional as they used to be. Redecorating can also breathe new life into a home that looks and feels like it’s been frozen in time just a few years too long.

Most homeowners are wary of making major changes to their abodes, though. Cost is a major factor–they’re afraid of the additional expenses associated with renovation, dreading the toll it’ll take on their finances. Redecorating can also cause disruptions in a family’s daily activities, ruining routines and inconveniencing everyone living in the home.

Here at the Eloquence®️, we believe that these obstacles don’t have to get in the way of having a beautiful home you’ll love living in. If you’re a fan of the French design aesthetic, here are a few valuable ideas on how to incorporate those elements into areas of your home without going through a drastic overhaul.

 French provincial mirrors

Bed & Bath

More than simply being used for sleeping and getting clean, your bedroom and bathroom should be havens for rest and relaxation. They should be the place where you feel the most serene, allowing you to escape your daily stresses. Below are a few ideas on how you can transform them into tranquil spaces:

1. Invest in French-style accents

Accent pieces such as mirrors and lighting fixtures are some of the easiest ways to immediately dictate the look of a room. French provincial mirrors, such as this Empress Trumeau Mirror in Grain Sack and Silver from our catalog, reflect light and can make even a small bedroom or bathroom feel more spacious and elegant. It looks great when paired with other French provincial furniture accents, such as this Bronte Nightstand in Fleur de Lis. Not a fan of the ornate design? The Elisabet nightstand in Fleur de Sel is an equally gorgeous yet subtler substitute.

In addition to French provincial mirrors, changing up the light fixtures in your bedroom or bathroom can be immediately transportative. This Medium Chateau Chandelier from our collection possesses a distinctively rustic charm. During the day, the beads and glass crystals will catch and reflect any natural light; at night, it casts a warm and romantic glow.

Live the French fantasy daily by polishing the look of your bedroom off with a set of these Vintage Whitewashed Shutters. When placed and folded correctly, they make for an excellent divider, creating a modicum of privacy while changing or getting ready with our French provincial mirrors.

2. Splurge on bedding.

The average person spends nearly a third of their life in bed, which really only strengthens the argument for better bedding. Investing in nice sheets, pillows, and covers doesn’t just make your bedroom look good. You’ll also sleep better, thus feeling more rested and energized when you wake.

Fortunately, the French agree with that much. Using richly-textured and luxurious fabrics such as velvet and silk can make you feel like a queen (or king). The more overstuffed a bed looks, the better.

Buying a good mattress and comfortable linens can feel like a huge upfront cost at first, but you’ll be using them for years. If you can’t afford an entire bedding set in one go, consider updating gradually, buying a mattress now and then pillows later, and so on.

Kitchen & Dining

The kitchen and dining areas make up the heart of every home. It’s where meals are prepared and had, and also serves as an important venue for bonding. Families often come together at the kitchen island for breakfast, or play games on the dining table after dinner.

Because of this, they can be one of the most high-traffic areas in your home, likely in need of just a little more love than the other rooms in the house. Here are a couple of ways to elevate the look of your kitchen without having to rip any of the existing fixtures out.

1. Update the cabinets.

Having ample storage space is vital for any kitchen, but you don’t have to live with cabinets that look as though they’re stuck in the ‘70s. A simple coat of paint can do wonders; as does whitewashing, the process of adding a muted paint coating over wooden cabinet doors, still letting the natural pattern beneath it peek through.

If your cabinet doors are still working well, you can still give them a whole new look with new hardware. Drawer and cabinet pulls can be found at your local hardware store and replacing your existing ones will be easier and cheaper than tearing the doors off entirely. Look for French-style hardware specifically–brass or materials that have been coated to approximate brass are always a good option if you want to lean into a vintage aesthetic.

2. Recreate the vibe of a Parisian cafe

No visit to Paris is complete without ordering a hot beverage and pastry from a Parisian cafe, and then sitting outside to observe life as it passes by. You can bring this exact vibe into your home (and create a quiet little nook for yourself!) with the simple addition of this très chic Vintage Round Brass Trolley from our collection. Use it to hold and store your coffee implements and tuck it into a corner of your kitchen or dining area with a comfortable chair for a space to get away from it all. 

                                French provincial mirrors

Common Living Spaces

Like the kitchen, living and common rooms see a lot of traffic. It’s where you bond as a family over television shows and games. It’s also where guests are received and entertained. Here’s how to make it look better:

1. Paint it.

If you live in an old home, chances are you’ve been looking at the same faded paint or old wallpaper for years. Those alone can give a perfectly functional living room–even one equipped with the latest entertainment system–an antiquated appearance.

Redoing the paint in lighter colors is one of the most inexpensive ways to freshen up any space and make it look more chic. A brighter living room also feels bigger and more cheerful. Repainting your walls will also cover up any scratches and imperfections that it’s accumulated through the years.

2. Show your taste off.

In most cases, the living room is where your house gives its first impression. When guests enter your home for the first time, they’ll be able to tell a lot about you and the people who live with you just from looking around it.

This makes it a good place for displaying decorative objects that align with your tastes. French provincial mirrors look just as good in an entryway as they do in a bedroom or bathroom; this Belrose Mirror in Chipped White is an excellent choice. If you’re a fan of French art, this Antique Plaster Bust of Comtesse du Barry can be quite the eye-catcher. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading through our recommendations. With them, redecorating your home should be a cinch. For more French design inspiration, check out our catalog now.

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