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How to Decorate a Vintage Console Table: The Basics

How to Decorate a Vintage Console Table: The Basics

Nov 8th 2022

Even though vintage console tables are versatile, most people buy them to meet very specific needs. When it comes time to buy one, there are rarely any good alternatives. Placed against a wall or the back of a sofa, they are a great way to add more storage space and a stylish place to show off pretty dishes or picture frames.

They're versatile enough to serve as a makeshift desk, side table, or vanity in the bedroom. Do you have a vintage console table but have no idea how to decorate it? These expert recommendations are adaptable to any front door, regardless of design.

How to Dress Up a Vintage Console Table

An antique console table is mostly a decoration that sets the mood for the rest of your home.

When decorating your antique console table, it’s important to establish a vignette. A vignette is the grouping of objects on a console table and the way they are arranged to create a certain mood.

The phrase "vignette" may not be part of your common vocabulary, but this tutorial will help you create a lovely vignette for your entry table all the same.

Decorations in your home are purely for your own pleasure. To be effective, it should make you happy, inspire you, and perhaps even prompt you to reflect on the things that truly matter to you.

But if you don't know the basics of how to make an attractive arrangement, it might be hard to decorate an old console table.


Setting the location of your table is the first order of business. Console tables are a terrific way to make a statement in a space without much effort or commitment, and there are no strict guidelines about where they should be in a home.

Also, remember that a vintage console table can be anything that serves as a display table, from a buffet to a sweet dresser. An antique console table is a great way to go when you have a large empty area that has to be decorated.

Decide On a Focal Point

Above every console table in a home, there should be some sort of anchoring element, such as a painting, a large antique mirror such as our dear Antique Painted Trumeau Mirror, or even an old window.

                                                           vintage console table

The anchor part is the house's framework, and all the other parts must be connected to it. Always keep in mind that the width of your focus point should be smaller than the size of your table.

Since they reflect light and give the illusion of more space, antique mirrors with weathered gilt details are a great decorating choice because they require little thought in terms of color scheme. Additionally, they add a fascinatingly regal touch to any interior design scheme.

Make Sure You Pick Suitable Accessories

The "rule of three" is a good guideline to follow when arranging items on a console table. When putting together groups of accessories, sometimes it looks better when there are an odd number of them.

Put a trio of tall, thin pieces, such as a lamp or candlestick, in the center of the table, and flank it with a collection of bulky, short, and angular pieces.

Putting a little stack of books behind an object will make it appear to be higher. There is no "wrong" way to arrange your decorative items, but sticking to groups of three can make organization simple and help you highlight particular features.

Add visual appeal to your foyer with organic items like a vintage jewelry box, a small indoor plant, or a tall vase filled with fresh flowers.

Keep Clear of Clutter

Most people don't like seeing a lot of stuff, so the best vintage console table displays have just the right amount of things to look at. In this case, less is more, especially when it comes to console tables in narrow hallways.

Avoid the urge to cram your tabletop to the gills with decorations. If you want to make an impression that lasts, it's better to err on the side of simplicity.

How to Find the Ideal French Console Table

Whether your home is modern or traditional, our vintage-inspired luxury console tables are a perfect fit. You can't go wrong with a gorgeous gold gilt console table if you're looking to complement an equally ornate piece of furniture.

On the other hand, if you want your console table to serve as a showcase for your most prized ornaments and accessories, pick one that will blend in seamlessly with the color scheme and design aesthetic of those pieces.

Look through our beautiful collection of high-end French console tables to find the perfect piece for your foyer. Each of our console tables is a one-of-a-kind work of art made by skilled artisans from the best materials to match any style.

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