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How to Add a Vintage Sofa to Your Home

How to Add a Vintage Sofa to Your Home

Oct 18th 2020

A beautiful sofa is an essential part of any vintage-style home and can provide both comfort and style. If you are furnishing your home and want to create a luxurious space, a vintage sofa is exactly the piece you need.

When looking for the perfect sofa to add to your home, there are several important things you will want to consider. You will also want to know how best to place your sofa in your home to create a comfortable living arrangement. In this simple guide we will cover these points as well as some suggestions for how to use additional vintage furniture pieces to help make your sofa stand out.

The Value of a Vintage Sofa

A quality hand-crafted vintage sofa can add an element of luxury and distinction to your home, and is simply a necessity if you want to make the most out of your living room or family room. There’s nothing quite like the elegance of a vintage style sofa to sink into when you want to relax or curl up with your favorite book at the end of a long day.

These furniture pieces also act as critical decor elements, anchoring the central living area of your home and helping to define your overall style. Whether it’s the soft textures and muted tones of the linen, or the elegant carvings or fluted legs of a piece, the attractive features of your sofa will not only draw you in but will help you determine the other pieces of furniture you should include.

By itself, a vintage-style sofa can provide a high degree of artful luxury to your home, as it will often be one of the first things you will notice as you enter a room. Everything about your sofa, from the color and texture, to its positioning relative to other pieces of furniture, can be used to create a stunning room design.

Best Locations for Your Sofa

Don’t limit yourself when it comes to the placement of your vintage sofa. These important pieces of furniture can be added all throughout the home as a beautiful seating option. As always when it comes to arranging your home, you want to strike a perfect balance between beauty and functionality.

Keeping this in mind, you can use a high-quality sofa in a living room or family room area as a standard element when you need a reliable seating option which can accommodate multiple guests.

You can also utilize your sofa in any large hallway or walkway as a beautiful place for quick rest for yourself and guests alike. This can be a great way to create a warm and inviting space out of a long hallways or large entryway.

Another area of your home that could benefit from a sofa would be in an office or den setting. Oftentimes we don’t consider the need for more comfortable furniture pieces where we work, and like any other space in your home, you want your den or work room to reflect the same design and atmosphere. Don’t underestimate the value of a vintage-style couch in your office when you need to take a breather or for a place for guests to sit while they wait.

There are other viable options for placing your sofa as well, including sunrooms and foyers, depending on the space you have. A quality sofa doesn’t have to be confined to your living room and should be used to enhance the design of your home how you see fit.

Other Furniture to Coordinate With Your Sofa

You can bring out the best qualities of your sofa and help create a more cohesive home design by including a few complimentary furniture pieces around it. For example, a matching vintage armchair or loveseat is typically a mainstay alongside a sofa, but there is room for creativity here as well. Keep in mind the specific design elements of your sofa and find vintage pieces that sport similar features.

Side tables and coffee tables make excellent companions for sofas, and should be used where needed to enhance the functionality of the room in question. Bookcases also can be added in tandem with your tables for a more complete look. You may find a beautiful array of vintage-style sofas and these supporting furniture pieces right here in our online store. If you are searching for a specific piece in particular or have questions about which piece may fit your style specifically, we would love for you to reach out to us at 310-876-0661.

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