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How a Globe Chandelier Makes a Bold Statement

How a Globe Chandelier Makes a Bold Statement

Jun 16th 2020

Lighting has the ability to transform your home; from warm and engaging to opulent and refined, the right kind of lighting makes a world of difference to your interiors. For those ready to make a statement, a stunning globe chandelier can bring life to your space with its unique design and crystal clear, warm light.

How you control the sources of light in your home can play a large role in the overall look and feel of the space. Unflattering light can ruin the overall aesthetic of what you are trying to achieve, leaving furnishings flat or cloaked in too much shadow. Creating a comfortable living space that draws you in rather than pushes you away often requires the proper and tasteful use of light. This is where chandeliers can be beautiful additions to your home, through their ability to provide an even and radiant light source that helps the best details in your space stand out.

Selecting the right chandelier may come down to personal preference and the overall design of the room, but the eloquent simplicity and unique style of our globe chandeliers may be just what you need to create a beautiful and inspiring home.

What Distinguishes a Globe Chandelier?

Chandeliers may come in an endless variety of designs, but their often complex and regal appearance can limit their usefulness. For instance, you wouldn’t necessarily want a massive vintage candelabra if you were trying to create a warm and casual atmosphere in a particular room. Chandeliers can easily draw attention and dominate a space, so taking care in choosing one that compliments the space is important.

This is where a globe style chandelier becomes the most practical and aesthetically pleasing choice. Their innate simplicity makes them ideal for just about any lighting project. Most globe or orb chandeliers consist of a bulb, surrounded by a geodesic or crystal sheath, with very few carvings, embellishments, patterns, or extra features.

While globe chandeliers come in a variety of styles in their own right, the best and most versatile among them not only provide you with a stunning and even light source, they also easily fit in with most conventional and trendy homes, from formal and vintage to modern and casual.

Their simple and artful design also means that you can place several of them together in the same room or even right beside one another for a truly captivating look that remains fairly easy to adapt to multiple home decor styles. This is something that most ordinary and traditional varieties of chandelier simply cannot do.

Our Globe Chandeliers: Simplicity Meets Versatility

It isn’t very often that something as simple as a lighting fixture can be so captivating while at the same time being so adaptable. The timeless design of our globe chandelier is at once both enchanting and unassuming. You could easily picture one hanging over the center of a grand dining room, and at the same time fitting perfectly in a humble and warm foyer.

Imagine the magic and refinement you could bring to any room of your home with the addition of a shining crystal globe style chandelier. The answer to a dull room composition often rests with the quality of the lighting. While you often can’t control the natural light that enters your house, which is dependent on whether or not your room has large and well-placed windows, you can still create a bright and inviting atmosphere with the right chandelier.

Our globe chandeliers cast a shimmering and even glow that can add a sophisticated and beautiful element where you need it most. A meticulously designed and decorated room that only gets decent lighting half the day and has to rely on a couple of table lamps the rest of the time for even a bit of light is both inconvenient and disappointing.

The minimalist and versatile design of our chandeliers makes them suitable for any room of your house, so you no longer have to endure shadowy nooks and your favorite beloved pieces of vintage furniture appearing muted and not as you envisioned. You can easily improve the overall aesthetic of a room with the simple addition of a well-made chandelier.

What makes our chandeliers even more versatile are the 3 distinct sizes they come in, each sporting subtle variation but all created with the same beaded crystals and theme in mind. The varied sizes can create a unique and glamorous look if used together in a row or cluster, depending on how you need them.

If you’re exploring ways to brighten up your home and give it that refined touch, these crystal spheres are sure to become a delightful and charming addition to your home.

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