Fun Decor Ideas to Complement Your Vintage Coffee Table

Fun Decor Ideas to Complement Your Vintage Coffee Table

May 5th 2021

An attractive coffee table typically functions as a centerpiece of most living rooms and family rooms, but these pieces of furniture are useful for displaying various kinds of decor in order to enhance the look of the entire room.

When utilized subtly, certain antique decor items and other objects can be a great complement to a high-quality vintage coffee table. Below we highlight some of the best ways to use decor that will not only pair well with your table but serve practical purposes as well.

Use a Floral Centerpiece

If you have some open space available on your coffee table and you’re looking for a way to immediately enhance the overall atmosphere in your home, you could try adding a floral centerpiece to your vintage coffee table. There are several reasons why this small addition will make a big difference.

One of the reasons why a floral decor element can be effective here is because many kinds of vintage furniture sport strong floral motifs. This is especially true when you are dealing with Provincial-style furniture, which tend to have a variety of flowery embellishments. By pairing these elements you will bring out these attributes in your furniture pieces, helping them to stand out and flow together.

Some examples of floral centerpieces include wicker or rattan baskets full of loose grasses and wildflowers, or squat vases with delicate-looking bouquets. You don’t want the flowers or other plants that you select to be too overpowering. Always keep in mind the overall look and feel of your space and seek to create a gentle harmony in your design.

Books and Photography

Coffee tables are great places to feature sentimental photographs or books that you are currently reading. Depending on your needs you can go one of two ways here.

Either you can emphasize practicality and only feature books that you are routinely reading, otherwise making them easily accessible. Or you can include a few books solely for their aesthetic appeal, using them solely as a decor element.

When selecting frames for your photographs, keep in mind the color tone of the frame as well as any embellishments. These should match the tone and details of your vintage coffee table for the best effect.

Wood Elements and Bronze Statuary

Vintage bronze statuary and wood decor elements are always a welcome sight in traditional style homes. While they don’t often serve much practical purpose, the right decor element can make your coffee table pop and come alive with greater vibrancy.

Sometimes a living space can feel somewhat empty, especially if the room is on the larger side and you don’t want to clutter it up with too much furniture. One way you can help create more depth in the room is by placing a few pieces of attractive wooden decor or bronze statuary on the table itself. This will help draw the eye and make the room feel more complete.

Fruit Bowls and Food Displays

Of course, coffee tables shine when they are utilized for practical purposes. Always consider how your vintage table can be used to improve your daily life or bring value to a certain room.

For instance, you can use your coffee table for displaying fruit trays or bowls of fruit for guests. These are also great places to offer party platters when entertaining friends and family. The decor aspect of these uses should be considered however, so take extra care that your bowls and trays match your table or other elements of your living room.

Pottery and Glassware

Standalone pottery and beautiful antique glassware pieces are an easy way to instantly create an eye-catching look in your home. You can create visual appeal by clustering several pieces of antique pottery or glassware together, or space them out evenly for a more balanced approach.

Linen Works Too

For a unique twist that could potentially improve the look of your living room, you could try draping some quality folded linen over one side or corner of the table. Coupled with a floral centerpiece this could certainly create an artistic effect.

Now that you have some ideas as to the direction you want to go with your living room aesthetic, you need the right vintage coffee table. If you are searching for high-quality pieces of antique-style furniture and decor, you will find everything you could possibly need here in our store.

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