French Country Bedroom Furniture & Decor Ideas

French Country Bedroom Furniture & Decor Ideas

Apr 17th 2022

Rustic, elegant, warm yet casual, and romantic with timeless appeal. These are just some of the words that come to mind when talking about French country style.

If you're looking for French country bedroom furniture inspirations and decor ideas to incorporate French country style in your bedroom, this article will help you get started.

Color Palette
When decorating a room, one of the first decisions you must make is the paint color. There are practically millions of hues to choose from, but in French country style, there are basically 3 colors you can build everything on.

The main colors in a French country home are neutral: white, beige, taupe, and gray. In your bedroom, these timeless and calm colors can create a pleasant and relaxing ambiance. The major furnishings as well as the walls are usually white, light gray, or beige.

You can choose:

1) Pure white walls and furniture.

2) White walls with other neutral hues, such as beige, for your primary furnishings.

3) Taupe or beige walls with white primary furnishings.

In a French Provincial style, the flooring is typically hardwood that is laid out in a herringbone or parquetry pattern.

For a modern but warm look, try scrubbed oak floorboards. They offer the perfect rustic French country aesthetic. If this is not possible, you can achieve the same effect with good quality oak or laminate flooring.

French Country Bed
The modest, sophisticated design of French country furniture is often reminiscent of shabby chic, modern farmhouse, and English cottage styles.

Whether you’re designing the master suite or not, the bed will be the focal point of your bedroom, so you should choose one with care

                  French country bedroom furniture

French Louis XV Style Eloquence® Sophia Bed
Transform your bedroom with gold-accented furniture and a bedroom set like the one pictured above.

When it comes to bed, the more opulent and romantic it looks, the better. Gold finish and gilded furniture never fail to create a lavish look. Make your bed the focal point of your bedroom and invest in an antique or reproduction if you can.

If you like something dreamy and luxurious, you may opt for a French canopy bed. The classic four-poster canopy bed is often draped by fabric in a tented style. A tented style offers warmth and creates the impression of being in a romantic room within a room. You can always ditch the drapes, though, and your canopy bed will still have the same effect.

You can also choose a contemporary canopy bed. Contemporary designs are lighter and airier than heavy-curtained versions, but they are just as lovely.

If you can’t find an antique or vintage bed that is exactly your style, you can check out reproductions or buy something with a weathered look. Look for beds with wooden frames that have an aged look.

Curtains & Beddings
White sheets are common in French bedrooms, which are contrasted with themes and floral patterns on pillows, bed coverings, curtains, and throws.

An easy way to achieve a French farmhouse look is to focus on fabric, especially toile. Toile is a typical French Country fabric pattern. It's usually composed of linen or cotton and has a white, cream, or yellow background with huge motifs in a single contrasting color, such as black, red, green, or blue. Farm animals, monkeys, Chinese patterns, pastoral rural settings, and 18th-century courting scenarios are among the toile subjects.

Bench & Chaise
Another French country bedroom furniture that can be an elegant focal point of your bedroom is benches and chaises. A French chaise longue exudes sophistication and flair. They can be a great statement piece for your bedroom with their opulent velvet and silk fabric cover.

Aside from getting beds, dressers, and nightstands that are reminiscent of French provincial design, using lighting is a great way to tie your French country interior design together.

The French country-style way is to get an antique crystal chandelier. A chandelier not only can evoke the classic French style bedroom but can also add a romantic ambiance to the room.

High Ceiling with Exposed Beams
High ceilings and exposed beams are hallmarks of a French country design. They make a perfect backdrop for your chandelier and will give your room that charming, royal look.

If high-ceiling and exposed beams are impractical, you can opt for faux wood beams which will also give your ceiling the appearance of being high.

Faux beams are designed to resemble the real thing. They're widely available and come in a wide range of styles and textures. They're also lighter than traditional wood beams so they're easier to install.

A fireplace is another way you can make your room exude that French provincial vibe.

If you're one of the lucky few who can have a fireplace installed in your bedroom, you're already halfway there. Frame the fireplace in a mantel to achieve the same look all French farmhouses have.

Few interior accents have the same level of opulence as French fireplace mantels. A hand-carved limestone fireplace in French country design can transform your bedroom dramatically with its delicate lines, elaborate details, and sweeping façades.

If having a fireplace is next to impossible, you can still pull off the look by installing a faux mantel.


                                   French country bedroom furniture

Italian antique floor mirror

Add vintage or antique mirrors to your bedroom can add to a French farmhouse vibe. French farmhouse mirrors come in a range of styles. They make a perfect accent to any bedroom. They can also make your room appear larger while being functional.

A few intricately made vintage or antique mirrors can definitely transform your bedroom into a cozy French bedroom everyone will envy.

The French country look is all about elegance with a rustic vibe. Choose antique-style accessories to complete the look and display them on your mantelpiece, your dresser, and your nightstands.

Look for bust sculptures, lamps with baluster bases, watercolor paintings of the countryside, and many others.

A French country-style bedroom is also not complete without some fresh flowers. So make sure you include fresh flowers on your list, but if fresh won’t work, you can always replicate the look with fake and artificial flowers.

If you’re looking to add a French country vibe to your bedroom, visit our showrooms at Los Angeles, CA, and High Point, NC. You can also drop by our online store and view our collection of French country bedroom furniture. We offer antique, vintage, and reproduction European furniture that any French Provincial style fan will love.

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