Floor and Wall Antique French Mirrors to Best Complete Any Room

Floor and Wall Antique French Mirrors to Best Complete Any Room

Oct 27th 2021

When envisioning a living room or bedroom with antique furniture, various pieces inevitably come to mind. Ornate armchairs, plush sofas, stunning armoires filled with intricate dishes and other fine objects. But, what about antique French mirrors?

These stunning pieces of furniture are ideal in both functionality and aesthetics. They can also be the best decorations in any room they are situated in, but what’s really wonderful about these pieces is that they can either be the focal point of a room or a perfect accent to other more centralized pieces.

At Eloquence, we have an extensive catalogue of antique and vintage pieces to spruce up any room and home. Amongst our many offerings, we have  antique French mirrors of the finest quality. We have both wall and floor mirrors to best satisfy your style and preference.

We have a plethora of charming antique furniture, but what precisely are our best floor and wall mirror options?

Floor Mirrors

Adding a large antique piece to your living room or bedroom is a move that you wouldn’t soon regret. Complimenting a room can best be accomplished with the classically bigger pieces of furniture, such as a bed, table, or sofa, but this flawless look can also be achieved with a floor mirror. You also have versatility in this option in that, for most of them, you can hang it vertically or horizontally to best compliment your room and its style.

Grande Bijoux Mirror in Antique Silver Finish

If you are looking for a sleek yet classic mirror, then the Grande Bijoux mirror is the best piece for you. It is the perfect choice for those seeking a large antique piece that also holds within it a healthy hint of modernism.

The inspiration for this piece in particular was a French antique jewelry box, which is emanated by its criss-cross design along the trim and overall color scheme. The more modern, contemporary essence can be found in the corners. While a typical antique mirror has corners, this piece has had them strategically removed. This adds not only a more modern look, but an added style.

Grande Antique Rococo Mirror

The classic Grande Antique Rococo Mirror is one to be enjoyed by all antique enthusiasts. This piece is the epitome of a stunning antique mirror. The mirror’s rounded corners and straight sides are so perfectly adorned with ornate and opulent beaded trim. It has a weather gilt finish to further its classic and entrancing appearance.

The plume and floral carvings throughout the mirror are intricate and awe-inspiring. These carvings paired with the intricate design is simply stunning and could draw the attention of anyone, from you to any of your house guests.

Wall Mirrors

The charming nature of floor mirrors is undeniable for those who require a larger antique piece in their living room or bedroom. However, not everyone wants such a large mirror to take over the look of their room. Instead, they look for a smaller mirror to add a smaller hint of style to match the layout without dominating it along with the other pieces within it.

Yasmin Mirror in Rosette White with Distressed Gold Finish

This antique 18th century-style mirror is one of our most popular pieces, which is no surprise. This mirror has intricate floral carvings at the top and bottom, which all have an awe-inspiring gold finish. This piece is ideal for matching any white and gold pieces in your room or even home.

This French mirror is one that can flawlessly complement any bedroom, but could even be placed in your bathroom above the vanity. It’s 62 inches in height and 28 inches in width, a perfect size for a perfect piece.

It is worth noting that, if you aren’t enamored by the colors of this piece but thoroughly enjoy its design, it also comes in a Gustavian grey with a grain sack highlight . This color variant allows for more subtle splendor while still incorporating the same classic style and look.

Grande Ambrose Mirror in Lime-Washed Oak Finish

If you need a more delicate feature in your room, then this round antique mirror might be just what you need to pull everything together. The lack of edges on this piece allows for a more delicate presence. The lime-washed oak finish permits and attracts more brightness into the room, softening the entire room.

The entire piece and its features adds a flair of sophistication and class to any room. Its addition will not be regretted by any antique aficionado.

The addition of antique French mirrors and French-inspired mirrors can perfectly suit nearly any room in your home. Be sure to call us at (310) 876-0661 or send us an email at We would be elated to further assist you in your antique collecting journey. 

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