Finding The Perfect Pair of Antique Nightstands For Your Bedroom

Finding The Perfect Pair of Antique Nightstands For Your Bedroom

May 24th 2021

The right furniture is an absolutely essential part of creating a beautiful bedroom. Whether it’s a luxurious French-style bed or an attractively weathered dresser, these elements have to be carefully selected and arranged in the right way if you want the room to feel just right.

Out of all of the furniture pieces that you may be interested in adding to your bedroom, perhaps none are so important as a pair of  antique nightstands. Beautiful bedside tables that are hand carved and artistically detailed will not only provide you with value from an aesthetic perspective, but will also offer quite a bit of functionality as well.

We have put together this guide for anyone who wants to put together the perfect antique-style bedroom arrangement. We will cover the importance of finding the right pair of nightstands, how to match them with your bed and the other pieces of bedroom furniture you already have, and how to appreciate the practical side of these important elements. We will also include a few highlights from our line of stunning re-editions, that may be just what you need to create the ideal bedroom look.

The Value of Antique Looking Nightstands

Nightstands are one of those pieces of furniture that don’t often get enough attention yet when you stop to think about them, you find that they are actually rather essential. Not only are they important for cultivating the right look for your room, but they also provide important functionality, which we will go into more detail about later on.

Suffice it to say that it would be difficult to create an attractive bedroom arrangement without the help of beautiful antique nightstands. One of the more important aspects of these furniture pieces that is worth noting is that they help to frame your bed. Regardless of how big and luxurious your antique-style bed is, in most cases you won’t want to leave your bed “floating” without any furniture around it.

Not only is this impractical, it won’t look right in most bedroom settings. Nightstands help to give form to your bed, augmenting its presence and working to fill out your bedroom in general. These furniture pieces are great for complementing the unique details of your bed, which then work to create a particularly cultivated look throughout your entire bedroom.

When it comes to creating a beautiful room, whether it’s the bedroom, living room, or anywhere else, it’s always worth considering how your furniture pieces complement one another. You want to strive to create harmony with all of your chosen furniture pieces, and nightstands are great for achieving this. A beautiful pair of bedside tables will automatically help to create a more coherent and balanced bedroom arrangement, and the unique intricacies of these furniture pieces will then help to enhance the look of your bed and the other pieces of antique furniture you have throughout the room.

The harmony of your furniture is important for creating that authentic “lived in” feel that is crucial to creating a genuinely vintage aesthetic. In the 19th century, it was rare to possess furniture of different styles in the same place. Everything was hand crafted and locally sourced, which means that most traditional style homes had furniture that possessed the same special qualities. This is worth noting simply because it is this uniform look that works to create a particular style.

To create that feeling of European luxury in your home, you will want to strive to foster this same sense of harmony, by using furniture pieces that possess the same kinds of design implementations and unique details. For instance, if your antique-style bed has an abundance of attractive floral carvings, think about investing in a pair of nightstands that have the same kinds of details. The same goes for the design of the legs and other embellishments. The furniture you select should have a certain uniform appearance that lets you know that they share the same school of design, or time period from which they were made or inspired from.

The value of antique nightstands rests in their ability to bring together all of the elements in your bedroom, helping you to improve the overall atmosphere of the room, but in a subtle way that doesn’t detract from your other furniture pieces.

Putting Together a Stunning Bedroom

As mentioned above, choosing the proper furniture is a must for creating a coherent and attractive bedroom. While the visual value of your furniture pieces is important, you also want to make sure that the furniture you are using is high-quality.

Well-made pieces of furniture will not only last you a long time, but they will possess the kind of sturdy, refined look you want if you are trying to create a truly remarkable bedroom. Luxury-quality furniture that is unique, hand painted, intricately carved, and true to the spirit of the era from which it was inspired, will give your bedroom that extra bit of style and elegance you are looking for.

The problem is that it can be difficult to actually track down a matching pair of antique nightstands, especially ones that are in the style you want and that are built well too. This is why in matters such as this, it is helpful to know where to find beautiful artisan-crafted re-imagined pieces, which are carefully designed to mirror the same quality as genuine antiques.

Here at EloquenceⓇ, you will find a wide range of antique reproductions that are built to offer the same degree of quality as you would expect from an authentic European antique. Our beautiful nightstands are just what you need if you have had trouble locating a matching pair that fits the look of your bedroom. By having access to bedside tables that match one another and that have the unique qualities you want, you will be able to put together a bedroom arrangement that truly shines with vintage style.

Don’t Forget Their Practical Value

The visual aspect of antique nightstands may be important, but it’s not the only reason to include them in your bedroom. In fact, although this aspect is important, you could make an argument that the practical value of nightstands far outweighs their aesthetic appeal.

It’s difficult to imagine how to put together a functional bedroom without the proper nightstands. Simply being able to have functional table space within arms reach at night is an underrated element, but there are even more aspects to consider when it comes to these furniture pieces.

For instance, the drawer space that they provide helps to mitigate clutter throughout the bedroom, while giving you easy access to important personal items. Whether you opt for a single drawer nightstand or one that has multiple drawers, these storage spaces are one of the keys to a fully functional bedroom space.

The table top space of high-quality nightstands is also worth mentioning in regards to important electronics and lighting elements. Small lamps, places to charge or set down your phone, alarm clocks, and other similar items are a common sight on nightstands for a reason. Without this space, for instance, you would have to rely on light fixtures that are out of arm’s reach at night, which can be problematic in certain situations. Having your phone close by is another reason why this space is important. Nightstands simply offer a high degree of functionality that is difficult to replace.

There are other uses for nightstands as well. They can be used to display attractive decor elements, they can be used to set drinks on, and also offer a convenient spot for books as well when they are not in hand. In terms of creating the perfect bedroom arrangement, it would appear as though having a pair of vintage nightstands is all but essential. Their practical value coupled with their incredible beauty are key to helping your bedroom feel full, inviting, and authentic.

A Selection of Our Vintage-Style Nightstands

Without knowing where to look, finding a pair of nightstands that not only match, but possess the look you want, could be a challenge. However, here in our online furniture boutique, we offer a wide selection of beautiful antique looking nightstands that are perfect for beautifying your bedroom with.

Below you will find a few examples from our collection that are sure to inspire you if you are in the process of creating your own vintage-style bedroom.

The Vintage-Style Nightstands

Bronte Nightstand in Weathered White Finish

This French-inspired piece is an ode to Provincial luxury, with a carefully weathered appearance and sturdy construction that gives it a distinct Old World look. Crafted with such meticulous elegance, you wouldn’t know that it was not actually hundreds of years old, this antique bedside table offers incredible functionality with its two roomy drawers and plenty of table top space.

Bronte Nightstand in Weathered White Finish

Elisabet Nightstand in Nordic Wash Finish

For those who prefer the elegance and minimalist aesthetic of Scandinavian antiques, this eye-catching piece will make a great addition to your bedroom. Featuring functional storage and a unique serpentine design, this is the kind of nightstand that would look perfect in a Swedish style bedroom arrangement. What’s great about a delicate-looking nightstand like this is that it would match a wide variety of different home aesthetics, despite its unique appearance.

Elisabet Nightstand in Nordic Wash Finish

Napoleon Nightstand in Weathered White Finish

For a piece that would look perfect in a shabby chic or country style bedroom, this French-style nightstand features attractive weathering and functional shelving, as well as a unique aesthetic that exemplifies the essence of European style and luxury. Not only is this piece quite versatile in terms of what you can do with it from a style perspective, it is incredibly functional as well. You can use the shelf space to highlight your decor or to serve as a storage area for books and other personal items. Ample table top space also means that you will have plenty of room to put such items as lamps, decor, and electronics as needed.

Fill Your Bedroom With The Perfect Antique-Style Nightstands

Feeling inspired after seeing some of our beautiful bedside tables? Being able to easily find a pair of matching furniture pieces, whether they are armchairs, bookshelves, tables, or anything else is so important for creating spaces that feel truly authentic. If you want to cultivate the ideal vintage look for your bedroom or anywhere else in your home, you can see the value in working with high-quality reproductions rather than only focusing on genuine antiques.

Here at EloquenceⓇ, we have an incredible collection of both authentic pieces and gorgeous re-imagined furniture items and decor that will allow you to create a bedroom that possesses a high degree of luxury. Our inspirational pieces have all of the fine qualities you are looking for in a stylish antique, including eye-catching patinas that are indistinguishable from the real thing as well as sturdy solid wood construction.

Whether you are searching for the perfect element to enhance the visual appeal of your bedroom space, or you are simply looking for furniture that is practical as well as attractive, you will find everything you need right here in our online furniture store. Featuring an assortment of carefully handcrafted antique looking nightstands and a wide variety of vintage-style furniture pieces, you will find it easy to browse through our catalog and pick out everything that suits your tastes.

We ensure that all of our re-imagined furniture pieces are designed with the utmost quality in mind at every stage of production. Our pieces shine with the kind of elegance you typically only find in genuine antiques, so if you are searching for the perfect furniture and decor that will truly make your bedroom feel luxurious, you are already in the right place. From nightstands to grand French-style beds, and everything else you need for a vintage bedroom, you can count on our collection to help you bring your imagination to life and create an arrangement that is not only beautiful, but extremely comfortable as well. 

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