Everything You Should Know About The Elegant French-Style Bed

Everything You Should Know About The Elegant French-Style Bed

May 10th 2022

A traditional French bed is a bedroom must-have that is infused with history, romance, and timeless style. French beds come in different shapes and sizes, from the classic white painted 'Louis' bed to the more rustic, farmhouse-inspired rattan French beds.

As much as we may tinker with other components of our spaces – like painting the walls a new color, adding a hand-carved floral-motif dresser with matching artwork, factoring in a chaise lounge with a plush new blanket, or switching up your lighting — the furniture we pick must last the test of time. Classics are essential because they are timeless and are recherché even in the modern-day.

Enter: French-style beds.

A classic French-looking bed has a long history of design, even surviving a revolution, making it a good investment. Clean and contemporary, traditional and muted, elegant and shabby chic are just a few of the many home types that this piece fits seamlessly into. A stunning French bed would be an ideal complement to any bedroom decor.

The Benefits of a French-Style Bed For Your Bedroom
This kind of bedroom furniture is held together by the subtle differences in the design styles of the French castles that traveled to the peaceful corners of the French countryside throughout the years. It doesn't matter whether it's a large Parisian flat, a prefab Victorian townhouse, or a contemporary house; a gorgeous French bed will always look right.

It's not enough to have a nice bed if you don't sleep in it. It's not something we give much thought to during the midst of a hectic day, yet we all spend a good chunk of time in our bedrooms and on our beds. Because we spend a third of our waking hours in bed, it's important to choose carefully and spend money on high-quality selections. A good night's sleep is essential to a well-functioning bedroom and your overall well-being, so make sure your bed is comfy and well-made.

Choosing the proper bed may also assist to harmonize your room's furnishings and décor. It doesn't matter how well your other antique furniture matches, a mismatched bed may throw your entire room off balance. Create a French-style bedroom with a fashionable vintage-style bed that has all the exact characteristics and design principles you want.

Choosing The Right French Bed
Finding the ideal French-style bed for your sleeping quarters might be a challenge. A wide variety of styles are available, all with a decidedly French influence. The following information will assist you in determining which kind of French bed is appropriate for you and your bedroom.

Choose an upholstered look to keep it refined.

French-style bed

Consider an upholstered design for a classic French-looking bed that exudes luxury. Soft, cushioned headboards upholstered in plush fabrics are common components of this bed frame design. The fabric on most beds will seem 'buttoned,' lending a refined aesthetic to the bed. Additionally, at Eloquence, we have bed frames with both headboard and footboard sections that are ideal if you'd want to remodel your bedroom into an intimate space.

There are many additional attractive characteristics in addition to the upholstered headboard in this design of the bed. From sloping headboards to curved legs and sides, you may find a variety of options.

A carved vintage model makes a statement.

You can't go wrong with an antique carved model for a beautiful French bedroom. Elegantly carved on the headboard, footboard, and sides, this bed frame has a classic French look.

If you want to get the perfect aesthetic for your home, seek patterns that have been whitewashed, sort of lightly aged to give the frame rather a weathered appearance. An antique-themed wardrobe or a bedside cabinet may be paired with the bed to complete the room's Provencal look.

How French Beds Are Designed
That being said, let's talk about the style of French beds. French beds are a showcase for the best in craftsmanship and design. Decorative carvings are common on the headboards of French-styled beds. Floral motifs are the most frequent, however other styles may also be seen.

Sometimes the headboard design is restricted to the borders, but it may also reach farther towards the middle. Depending on how many ornamental components are used, the cost of the French bed might go up.

A lot of effort goes into the construction of the footboards of French beds. Depending on the form of the footboard, French beds may be divided into two distinct categories. French beds may be straight or curved. Straight baseboards are only totally straight on the bottom and sides. Baseboards may nevertheless have curved top portions and downward-pointing corner edges.

In general, mattresses fit better on straight French beds. For those who haven't yet made up their minds about which mattress to buy, they are the safest alternative. Curved French beds have rounded accents throughout. Even the legs have a curved shape. For those who love the aesthetic of the curving French bed, you may envisage it adorning an ancient king or queen's bedroom.

However, the curving bed's baseboard's unusual form poses certain difficulties. As far as mattresses are concerned, you'll have a harder time finding the right fit for curved French beds. For the most part, French beds have a look that is evocative of a bygone age of grandeur. If you've always been a fan of the style, French beds are certainly worth a look.

We pay close attention to every detail to bring forth those excellent French features you adore. Our furniture shop offers all you need to create a classic bedroom with one of our exquisite French-style beds, or if you already have your ideal bed and need the appropriate vintage bedroom furniture to complete your design.

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