Essential Antique Furniture Pieces You Need in Your Home

Essential Antique Furniture Pieces You Need in Your Home

Nov 6th 2020

With the right furniture, you can create an atmosphere of luxury and warmth that increases the value you derive from your home. Decorating your home is about expression, how well various elements reflect your personality and interests, while embodying a certain style. To create the look and feel you want, you need to find the proper antique furniture for sale that is high-quality and matches your intentions.

There are certain furniture pieces that are simply essential to any arrangement. While decorating your home does afford a great deal of eccentricity in terms of what you need and what you don’t, there are some elements that you simply shouldn’t go without, especially if you are designing your home style with a vintage flair. By taking the time to search for and include the right pieces of furniture, you will help give your home a more cohesive and inviting look that’s true to the era of origin while ensuring that your home also has the proper functionality.

We’ve put together this resource to help you determine the most important and essential pieces of antique furniture that you need to include in your home, as well as how to go about arranging them properly. It’s important that if you want to easily put together a beautiful and functional arrangement, that you take some of the following points into consideration. That way you will be more knowledgeable about which furniture pieces may be right for your home, as well as how to shop with consideration toward matching styles and complementary decor elements.

Finding the Right Antique Furniture Pieces For Sale

Locating the right pieces of antique furniture for sale can certainly be daunting, especially if you are used to venturing around to various estate sales, flea markets, and auctions for the fleeting chance that you may happen upon a beautiful vintage-style piece that wholeheartedly speaks to you and matches your home style.

Knowing where to look to find great antique furniture is worth it, allowing you to save time and frustration, and affording a greater deal of attention toward what matters: the actual decorating! This is why so many homeowners love our online store, as here at Eloquence, our selection of high-quality furniture dispenses with the need to search far and wide anywhere else for the right pieces.

We have an array of gorgeous vintage and reimagined pieces that will help you develop any room of your house into a sumptuous and aesthetically pleasing haven. From stately oak trestle tables to elaborate gilt mirrors, and everything in between, you won’t feel limited in terms of your options. In fact, we have a variety of distinct stylistic choices in our collection depending on your specific needs, from traditional French Provincial furniture to lovely feminine designs that would look amazing in a shabby chic arrangement.

Investing in the right furnishings for your home should be a seamless and intuitive process, rather than a hassle. Our online furniture boutique makes the process of finding the perfect furniture for your home as easy as possible, so you can spend more time addressing the needs of each room of your house and developing a coherent arrangement.

Consider Each Room of Your Home

Each space in your home has different needs in terms of furniture in order to ensure functionality and comfort. When selecting antiques, there are certain pieces that are essential if you want to craft a design that feels complete.

For your living room or family room, you want to start with a beautiful vintage sofa that captures the general mood you are trying to create throughout your home. You may select a stately piece that displays a formal sentiment, or something a bit more plush or whimsical. From here you can easily arrange the rest of your living room with complementary furnishings such as an appropriate coffee table, Bergere chairs, and bookcases.

While your living room should focus on comfort, you want your dining room to center on utility. You and your family or guests should be able to easily maneuver around your dining table and you should have easy access to any china or utensils that you need. A dining room that focuses on functionality will feel less crowded and be more enjoyable overall than one that is completely taken up by an oversized table or too many chairs.

You may increase the functionality of your dining room by including a cabinet or sideboard that can be used to house frequently used items such as serving dishes, silverware, cups, and even plates if need be. You may also use this space to create attractive decor arrangements that utilize candles, lamps, fruit bowls, or abstract art pieces. Keep in mind the aesthetic of your dining room table and chairs and use this space on your sideboard as a way to attract the eye or complement the features of the furniture that you have selected.

As for your bedroom, there’s many ways you can utilize antique furniture pieces here to create a cozy haven for yourself. Naturally, you are going to want to start with your bed, which will help you define the room in its entirety and set the kind of mood you want the room to exude. Would you prefer something whimsical and romantic, or simplistic and demure? A beautiful French Provincial style piece may work well in the former scenario, while a Scandanvian piece may allow for a more modern and minimalist look.

Either way, once you have decided on the look you want for your bedroom and you have an antique bed in mind, you can choose the rest of your furniture accordingly. While there are any number of different pieces of furniture you may be apt to include in your bedroom, in terms of the essentials you want to key in on nightstands and dressers that go well together and also accentuate your bed. Nightstands and dressers, while providing important utility, are also important in a decorative sense as well. You can also utilize these pieces to highlight smaller decor items, flower arrangements, lamps, books, antique vanity mirrors, and more.

As far as other furniture items for your bedroom are concerned, you may want to give extra thought toward a beautiful vintage mirror. Not only are mirrors powerful decor items in their own right, they provide an amazing amount of utility for your bedroom. Whether you need one purely as a vanity mirror, or would prefer one simply as a way to help your bedroom feel brighter and larger, you will be able to find one that fits your needs in our store.

Depending on the needs of your home, there are a few other essential pieces you may want to consider including in your home. These include various cabinets and display tables for your hallways, sconces and chandeliers to provide bright and consistent lighting, smaller tables to use in sitting areas, as well as benches and chaises. If you have a home office or similar area in your home, an elegant antique desk may also suit your needs.

Creating Beautiful and Cohesive Furniture Arrangements

Once you know which pieces of furniture you need to create stunning arrangements throughout your home, you should take the time to analyze the details of the pieces in question and think about how you can create a consistent and unique design. Your home will feel far cozier and balanced if your furniture pieces complement one another.

When selecting the right antique furniture pieces, stick to a particular era and design convention. By embracing a certain style, it will become much easier to create a cohesive look that appears natural and that flows well together. Your room or arrangement may appear off-balance if one piece sticks out because it is too modern or traditional to fit the overall look of the room. This kind of balance makes a difference if you want your entire home to radiate a certain authentic atmosphere.

You should also consider the lighting in any particular room when you are selecting your furniture pieces or arranging them in a particular way. Lighting can have a dramatic impact on how a piece is presented, and if you appreciate the fine textures or unique designs that a piece has, it’s important that your room has the best lighting possible, otherwise the piece in question may be covered in shadow.

In general, the lighting of a particular room can heavily influence everything from texture to color tone, so another essential element to a beautiful furniture arrangement is making sure to include the proper lighting fixtures that will illuminate your home in the absence of natural lighting. The appearance of your furniture matters if you intend on crafting a certain ambiance, which means that investing in the right antique chandeliers or sconces may be important if you want your home to look just right.

Lastly, don’t underestimate the power of supplementary decor items as well. While a floor mirror may not seem all that “essential” for your living room, it could be that one piece that completes the look you are going for and ties everything together. When interior decorating to create a certain look and feel in your home, it’s important to take stock of what each room needs in order to give it that certain element of richness and depth that helps make it feel authentic or complete. Sometimes this can be something as small as a piece of ornate pottery or an end table, or it could mean investing in a floor mirror to help expand the look of a certain space and add an architectural element that wasn’t previously present.

Where to Find High-Quality Antiques For Sale

One of the key factors when looking for antique furniture for sale that’s essential to design you are trying to craft is that you are able to produce a coherent and balanced arrangement that actually belongs together. This can be somewhat difficult if you purchase your furniture in a piecemeal fashion from various outlets.

While this may work in some instances, especially for small elements or decor items, you ultimately should strive to get the bulk of your furniture pieces from the same source or collection. Here at Eloquence, we have a generous selection of finely crafted vintage-style furniture pieces that have been designed with the needs of your entire home in mind.

Here you will find a wide variety of elegant French Provincial furniture as well as other traditional and modern pieces that you can use to furnish your entire home with ease. When looking for the right pieces of antique furniture that are not only high quality but fit the same style, you need a reliable furniture boutique that specializes in elegantly-crafted vintage pieces and that has all of the styles and features you are looking for.

When you walk into your home, you want it to capture your imagination and transport you into another age, while providing you with comfort, utility, and the feeling of luxury. You can only achieve this level of quality with the right kind of reimagined furniture pieces that are crafted at every step of the design process in the original spirit of the era and with an appreciation for timeless beauty.

If you are interested in any of our vintage-style pieces or would like more information regarding a particular antique that has caught your eye, we would love to speak with you. You can reach us at 310-876-0661 and we will work diligently with you so you can put together an eye-catching ensemble in your home that will feel natural and engaging. If putting together a truly luxurious home is your goal, the antique furniture for sale that we have in our online store will help you do just that. 

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