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Elegant Uses For Your Antique Bench

Elegant Uses For Your Antique Bench

Oct 24th 2020

A beautiful antique bench can help you tie your bedroom together to create a stately traditional look that is both functional and feminine, but you might be curious to know just how this piece of furniture could be used in other ways.

While the foot of your bed might seem like the ideal spot for your bench, this versatile piece of furniture can actually be placed elsewhere around your home to create an elegant atmosphere where needed. Not only that, but these furniture pieces also supply a great deal of functionality and can be used as the foundation for an attractive decor arrangement with a little creativity.

We’ve put together this simple resource for anyone interested in learning how to better utilize their benches to get the most value out of them. You will find that they offer quite a bit more than just simple bedroom seating.

Your Antique Bench is Not Just For The Bedroom
While you may be used to seeing antique benches used in bedroom settings, these wonderful and useful pieces of furniture are actually suited for a variety of locations throughout your home. Whether it’s your dining room that requires a bit of extra seating or if you have a particularly long hallway that could use a rest stop, a bench can be a welcome piece of furniture depending on what the situation calls for.

A bench can be utilized in a family room to augment the seating options that are present, or in a home office or foyer for a comfortable and attractive option as well. In fact, these beautiful furniture pieces can be used just about anywhere in your home so long as they complement the setting and don’t look out of place next to your other furniture items.

The key to getting your bench to look appropriate in your living room, dining area, or in similar spaces, is to be mindful of the furniture that is around it. For example, you want to avoid placing your bench right beside a large sofa, as this could appear unbalanced. To create the proper balance between furniture pieces in this case, think about how you can set your bench alone opposite or diagonal to other seating options.

You might want to consider placing your bench in its own seating area, along a wall or under a window, opposite two chairs or a coffee table. Surrounded by chairs on either side, a bench can appear diminutive, which you want to avoid. Benches look their best when they are the only seating option in their relative space, so think about areas of your home where there is a complete lack of seating and ask yourself if an attractive bench could enhance that space.

The Perfect Spot to Highlight Your Decor
The other key aspect of an antique bench is its capacity to be used as a display area for other decor items. While the functional aspect of a bench is certainly important, these pieces can also make stunning visual additions that can change the feel of a room with their timeless presence.

For instance, benches are the perfect place to lay folded linens that match your surrounding decor. This works especially well when crafting purposefully messy shabby chic arrangements that are meant to capture a whimsical tone. Lacy linens or knit blankets would work perfectly here.

Another item that you could highlight on your bench would be throw pillows. Coupled with folded blankets, this could produce an attractive and cozy effect.

You could also try laying a few books on your bench to help draw the eye. The closer their sleeves match the tone of your bench, the better. There is a practical aspect of using your favorite books in this manner as well, because they will always be in reach in case you want to sit down and enjoy a quick reading session.

There are a variety of other decor items you can use in tandem with your bench as well. For instance you could place a metal serving tray or florals on your bench for an effortlessly glamorous look, or even a convenient location for your purse or handbag, depending on where in your home your furniture is situated.

If you are thinking about including a gorgeous antique bench in your home, try out some of these ideas and see if they help you create the look you are trying to achieve. You can also browse through our catalog of furniture right here in our store to view a wide selection of finely-crafted antique-style benches that are sure to make a statement in your home. For more information on our quality reproductions, you can also call us at 310-876-0661 and we would be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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