Defining Features of French Style Furniture

Defining Features of French Style Furniture

Oct 2nd 2020

French Style furniture typically refers to pieces dating to the 18th century, widely used in the French countryside in popular places such as Provence and Bordeaux. These lovely furniture pieces are known for their elaborate and whimsical carvings, stately designs, and modest presentation that was at once elegant and down-to-earth.

While these pieces sported intricate carvings and other beautiful details, they were somewhat simpler than court furnishings and reflected a more practical sentiment while still retaining a sense of luxury. What came to be known as French Provincial furniture is now utilized to enhance spaces with a combination of rustic simplicity and Old World charm.

There’s something about the weathered woods and pure artistry of French style furniture that draws us in and helps to create an atmosphere of warmth and personality. If you have been thinking about updating your decor and infusing a bit of elegance into your arrangements, you might want to consider including a few of these pieces in your home. The value they provide cannot be understated, as you will find that their distinct qualities will help you craft an inviting French country look that’s absolutely inspiring.

Key Features of the French Style

There are several features that distinguish French style furniture from other styles, such as the use of flowery carvings, an array of rustic elements, and the use of curved lines. These characteristics combine to form an aura that is both sensible and chic, which is perhaps why the style has taken off in recent years to such a degree.

The French style stands out as one of the easiest ways to transform your home through the use of carefully cultivated vintage-style pieces that can be adapted to fit your style, whether you are aiming for luxury or something a bit more on the rustic side. Either way, you will be able to form the perfect look for your home if you know what to look for. There are certain key features of French Provincial furniture that you will want to take note of when you are in the process of furnishing your home.

●The presence of weathered woods, especially oak, walnut, pine, and cherry.

●Finished wood is typically in neutral tones that are light and warm but never overdone

●Metal as a supporting element was fairly common. Wrought iron and even gold was used from time to time.

●Look for cabriole legs, intricately carved elements, parquetry, and rosettes. Hand-carved floral carvings are part of what gives the French style its distinct air of whimsy despite how refined it appears.

●Floral patterns and motifs are quite common in the French style and are incorporated into headboards, table legs, chair arms, and just about anywhere else. This flowery element isn’t always present and isn’t unique to the French style alone by any means, but is a good indicator of the era and origin of a piece.

●Durable construction. The French Provincial style was known for being practical and reliable. These pieces were constructed with vigorous use in mind and were certainly not meant to be mere decorations.

●Painted finishes were common compared to high-gloss finishes. Many antiques show signs of weathering and wear, and have developed an attractive patina that is one of the draws to this style of furniture as well.

French style furniture pieces can easily be used to create an elegant arrangement in any space in your home, whether you are furnishing most of your house or are merely looking for an accent for your bedroom. These pieces are as practical as they are artistic, making them solid choices for a wide range of different purposes.

Where to Find Beautiful French Style Furniture

If you have been searching for beautiful high-quality French Provincial furniture for your home, you will note that we have an incredible selection right here at EloquenceⓇ. Our online store features a rich selection of fine French antiques, as well as an array of our lovingly-crafted vintage reproductions that stay true to the original style and soul of the French look.

Regardless of the specific piece of furniture your after, be it a beautiful French style bed or nightstand, a stately dining room table, a sturdy and practical cupboard, or a glistening chandelier, you are likely to find the right piece of furniture to fit your needs here at EloquenceⓇ. We have cultivated an incredible collection of vintage pieces that embody the best of the French style, giving you ample opportunity to furnish your home exactly the way you imagined.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you are interested in one of our pieces or have any questions regarding the history or specifications of a certain item. We would be more than happy to address your needs and help you enhance your home with one of our French Provincial furnishings. 

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