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Creative Vintage Coffee Table Ideas For Your Home

Creative Vintage Coffee Table Ideas For Your Home

Sep 1st 2020

So you spotted a gorgeous little vintage coffee table in our catalog and are thinking of ways to incorporate it into your furniture arrangement. The only problem is, you like your current coffee table and there really isn’t room in your dining room or kitchen for another table.

A coffee table doesn’t have to rest in front of your family room sofa, but rather can be used in a number of creative ways to enhance your home and add not only a bit of elegance where needed, but also additional functionality. We have a number of beautifully crafted vintage coffee tables that would look amazing in your foyer, hallways, or bedrooms as unique set pieces to accompany your decor and provide a space for photographs or other decorations, for instance.

We’ve put together a few simple but creative ideas you can use to enhance your home with the addition of an expertly placed coffee table. Don’t limit yourself when it comes to utilizing furniture pieces you love, there is always a way to make them work and find a spot in your home where they can shine.

Craft Your Own Breakfast Nook

This is probably one of the best ways to make use of a beautiful vintage coffee table outside of the norm. What’s cozier than the thought of enjoying a hearty breakfast on a lazy weekend morning while sitting at your elegantly crafted whitewashed coffee table within a cloistered little nook of your home?

With a bit of rearranging and planning, you can make room for a breakfast nook or similarly functioning area in just about any place in your home. Whether you want to craft one under a large window or in a particularly comfortable part of your living room, you can use your coffee table as the centerpiece and go from there. With a pair of attractive Louis XV side chairs or a few of our re-imagined Flins dining chairs in dove velvet, you can complete the look.

Sometimes we all need a little place in our homes that acts as an oasis, where we can get away from it all and sink into luxury. With the right vintage pieces from our collection, you can do just that and create an elegant yet functional breakfast nook that you won’t want to leave.

The Perfect Way to Display Art

Nowhere is it written that you actually have to use a coffee table for food and drinks. An authentic antique coffee table would make the perfect place to display art, as well as lay out other attractive decor items such as flowers or pottery.

Depending on the look you are going for, you can place your table in a wide hallway or off to the side in your living room or foyer. If your kitchen is sizable enough, you could even sneak a smaller coffee table there as well and adorn it with vases full of flower arrangements or a bowl of fruit, while also providing secondary table space if needed.

Add a Fancy Sitting Area to Your Bedroom

Another unconventional way to make use of your coffee table is to include it in your bedroom arrangement. For many of us with larger bedrooms, there’s a lot of unused space or an area that could be better utilized. A sitting area makes a perfect addition for your bedroom by adding some much-needed functionality as well as some artistic flare.

For those times when you would like to enjoy a snack or sit down with a friend for a drink but in a more private location, having an elegant sitting area inside your bedroom comes in handy. With a vintage coffee table as the centerpiece, you will have plenty of space to arrange trays of cookies or cakes, cups of your favorite tea or coffee, books, or anything else you need, without having to rely on your nightstands or even worse, a random dresser.

If you are wondering how to find a table that matches the decor and style of your bedroom, you’re sure to find the right piece in our extensive selection of vintage furniture right here in our store. Not only do we have an array of beautiful antique tables, but an impressive line of handcrafted EloquenceⓇ reproductions in a variety of styles and designs. From rustic French countryside styles to more modern and classic looks, you will be able to find exactly what you’re looking for depending on the style of your home.

Feeling inspired to rearrange your furniture a bit to make room for that breakfast nook, but aren’t quite sure which piece to choose or have questions about ordering? You can easily reach us at 310-876-0661 with any questions or concerns you might have. 

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