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Creating and Detailing a French Country Sitting Room

Creating and Detailing a French Country Sitting Room

Jan 4th 2023

French Country design has captivated the heads and hearts of untold millions around the world with its light, warm, inviting charm, in which is the fusion of opulent maximalism and the simple elegance of rustic living.

The popularity of French Country decor is hardly a surprise, given its many redeeming attributes. But don’t be put off by the scope of it if you want to create your own French Country interior. Our vintage pieces and re-editions can help you make that dream a reality.

Here are some guidelines for creating a sitting or living room with an indelible French Country slant.

Walls and Curtains

French Country settings are bright, light, and off-white. Cream colors and light, warm hues reign; pinks, light lavenders, and rose colors. Beige, cream, and light neutral earth tones are the predominant colors in French Country design.

If you’ve recently bought a house or are thinking of renovating, consider paints in these colors, and accent the trim in complementary tones. Wallpaper in light colors and floral motifs and themes is also appropriate, as are curtains and drapes in like colors and with similar patterns.

French Provincial Mirrors and Antique Floor Mirrors

                 whitewashed coffee and end tables

There is something undeniably “French Country” about French Provincial mirrors and antique floor mirrors.

French Country design is airy and bright - and mirrors lend to this aesthetic. The mirrors themselves may be whitewashed or elaborately graven and gilt - but they serve another function, too.

Mirrors reflect both natural and artificial light, so including a mirror into the design of a sitting room will make it seem brighter and lighter. Moreover, mirrors give the illusion that a space is larger, which is another added benefit of including them, especially in smaller, more restricted spaces.


Lighting is a crucial element of French Country design, and there is a lot of room for expression and creativity here. Often in French Country settings, the lighting elements are among the most ornate of all fixtures.

Crystal and globe chandeliers with elegant, elaborate wrought iron styling are common, pairing both high-quality materials and exquisite design.

                   whitewashed coffee and end tables

These add complexity, charm, and of course the function of illumnation to a setting and deepen the allure of French Country-inspired design. Take a look through our collection via the previous collection to find something perfect for your home’s sitting room.


No sitting room is complete without seating - it is, after all, a sitting room. The same elements that define other aspects of French Country decor are guiding principles here.

Vintage armchairs and bergere chairs are common elements in sitting rooms and parlors, pairing aspects of both austerity and ornamentation in their designs. Many vintage chairs feature exposed, ornately carven woodwork with a whitewashed finish and light, washed out upholstery.

With respect to communal seating, vintage sofas will be more appropriate. Perhaps set a vintage sofa against a wall and oppose it with two bergere chairs with a vintage coffee table between them - just be sure to align the design elements and color scheme across the pieces you choose.

               whitewashed coffee and end tables

Whitewashed Coffee and End Tables

Whitewashed coffee and end tables also lend an unmistakable element of “French Country” inspiration.

Our whitewashed coffee and end tables are available in numerous different styles and finishes, including column-themed end tables and elegant provincial-inspired coffee tables as well as farmhouse-inspired designs sporting cast iron and wooden construction.

These French-style coffee tables can be both functional and aesthetically pleasing additions to your sitting or living room, while giving you additional surface area to populate and decorate.

Pillows, Throws, Other Decorative Accents

With all of the main elements of design, seating, and lighting in place in your sitting room, you can turn your attention to the decorative elements.

Your vintage sofa or bergere chair would be a fine mate for a lighty-colored, washed-out, throw pillow or fur throw. Floral-patterned blankets and those with lace trim accents would also make a nice match.

Those whitewashed coffee and end tables offer plenty of room for lace doilies, stoneware vases and floral arrangements - both cut and artificial flowers are right at home in French Country design.

Other decorative elements will also be welcome, depending on whether you’re going for a more refined or a more provincial aesthetic. Consider brass or iron candlesticks, stoneware including decorative jugs, vases, and bowls, and even tapestries.

Stimulating the Other Senses

                  whitewashed coffee and end tables

One more insider tip: with the visual aesthetic of your French-Country sitting room completed, it’s now time for you to tickle another sense: the olfactory.

Our perfume scented candles offer benefits to two senses. When lit, they can increase the ambiance of a setting, and they can also be appreciated for their scent throw.

They’re available here in numerous scents, including but not limited to Renaissance Rose, French Tea, Homespun Linen, and Venetian Lily.

Don’t miss a chance to complete the setting of your interior with the lambent glow of candlelight and the refreshing, clean scents of French Country design.

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