Creating a Lounge With a Luxury Scandinavian Sofa

Creating a Lounge With a Luxury Scandinavian Sofa

Jun 15th 2021

Do you have a large finished basement or similar area of your home and have grand ideas as to how to turn it into a lounge? This furniture and decor guide may provide you with the inspiration you are looking for to help you make your plans a reality.

The clean lined look of a Scandinavian sofa can help you set the tone of your space, so this is where we will start. The intrinsic beauty and functionality of these furniture pieces are great for creating a space that is at once modern but timeless at the same time.

Without question, this is one of the reasons why the Nordic style has persisted the way it has, as it is easy to work with and offers a lot to love from a stylistic standpoint.

Essential Furniture For a Stylish Lounge

A lounge space should be elegant and comfortable, full of plenty of inviting seating options, attractive lighting, and enough table space for large amounts of food and drinks, as well as other relevant items.

Having a beautiful sofa or two is all but essential in crafting a basement space or lounge that will suit your needs. Unlike a living room where you may only have so much space to work with, which wouldn’t allow for the inclusion of so much furniture, here you can be more experimental.

Depending on your floor plan and how much space you really have, you may opt for at least two sofas. If you are trying to create a certain vintage look in your lounge, pulling this off could be somewhat difficult if you only rely on authentic antiques, as you would want your sofas to match.

This is one of the benefits of utilizing finely-crafted reproductions such as the ones you will find here at EloquenceⓇ. We carry gorgeous, reimagined Scandinavian sofas that have the luxury-quality features you would want featured in such a space.

Matching sofas are only the first step toward putting together a space like this. You may also want to consider matching armchairs or loveseats, as well as bar-stool style seating options. Ample seating is a requirement in any decent lounge setting, so be mindful of the way you are laying out your furniture and be sure to consider how you plan on adding enough comfortable seating for entertaining large groups of people.

Attractive vintage-style coffee tables are another important element you should consider adding to any functional lounge or rec room. If you are putting together a minimalist style space or one that takes after the Scandinavian style, we have several coffee tables and side tables that would fit within such a room quite well.

When arranging your tables and seating options, it’s important to leave enough room for floor traffic. Cramped spaces rarely invite feelings of comfort, so you will want to be careful in how you arrange these pieces.

What other furniture items would you want to add into such a space? You might want to consider an elegant set of globe chandeliers for an imaginative lighting solution. Large floor mirrors could also be used to enhance the look and feel of the space and create a dynamic atmosphere. You could also try incorporating various decor pieces such as glassware and planters in order to make your lounge come alive with personality.

High-Quality Furniture For a Luxury Setting

With solid wood construction and truly artful designs that possess the degree of beauty and sophistication you are looking for, our EloquenceⓇ re-designs are perfect for bringing luxury into your home with ease.

The key factor to remember when putting together any room in your home is that the quality of the furniture absolutely matters. Well-crafted furniture simply has a different degree of detail and natural elegance, as well as a greater level of functionality as well. To create a space that is welcoming, be it a lounge or any other room in your home, you want to use furniture that calls out to be used. Sofa designs with plush seating and plenty of luxurious details that help promote a certain energy in the room.

This is what you want when it comes to creating a lounge area where the whole goal is getting people to relax and have fun. From the seat cushions to the minute details of the frame, you want your Scanvinavian sofa to look the part and offer your family and friends a comfortable place to sit back and relax in.

For anyone looking for luxury-quality vintage sofas and other stylish Scandinavian furniture pieces, you will find that our online furniture selection will more than meet your needs. Browse through our catalog to explore our wide range of options. From armchairs to antique mirrors, you will discover the perfect furniture for your home right here. 

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