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Create the Perfect Bedroom With These Antique-Style Furniture Pieces

Create the Perfect Bedroom With These Antique-Style Furniture Pieces

Feb 23rd 2021

To create a beautiful bedroom, you need to include the proper antique furniture pieces. An authentic atmosphere of luxury and French-style requires a certain attention to which furniture pieces are being used.

The simple addition of an antique bedside table or bench can significantly enhance the overall look of a bedroom and help it feel more organic, while providing utility as well. If you have always wanted to put together the perfect bedroom using high-quality vintage furniture, this step-by-step guide will cover all of the most important elements that you need in order to bring your vision to fruition.

When styling your home to represent a certain era or to create a specific feeling, start by considering how your furniture pieces will complement one another and go from there. You should be thorough and meticulous in the selection process and always strive to match different furniture elements together for a seamless look. Below we will outline some of the furniture elements to watch for and ways you can create a better-looking bedroom with a few easy adjustments to the way you arrange your pieces.

Using an Antique Bedside Table and Other Supporting Elements

As you are acquiring your vintage bedroom furniture, pay close attention to the supporting pieces just as much as the main elements. Sure, a gorgeous vintage-style bed is something to behold and will make any bedroom feel more luxurious, but there’s more to a stylish bedroom than just the bed, after all.

For instance, no matter how attractive the bed is, it will often look naked without the proper nightstands supporting it. Antique bedside tables will give your bedroom a fuller, more elegant look, and will help to properly frame your bed while providing quite a bit of functionality. These pieces are essential for a complete, organic-looking bedroom no matter what style you are designing in, so keep this in mind as you are seeking the perfect furniture pieces. The same could be said about an armoire versus a dresser. While the latter is all but essential, you don’t want to forget to add the proper complementary pieces that will add a dynamic look to your room and give you additional functionality.

Antique nightstands are the perfect example of a piece of furniture that may seem like a small piece of the puzzle, yet it would be hard to imagine a complete bedroom without them. When arranging your bedroom, keep in mind the position of your bed and use the space that you have to allow for the inclusion of these furniture pieces.

Must-Have Antique Furniture Pieces

Below we have put together a list of essential vintage-style bedroom furniture pieces that you should think about including in your arrangement. When it comes to creating a bedroom that meets your needs from a practical as well as an aesthetic point of view, including the right furniture is key. Even if you have a few of the most important pieces, too much empty space or a piece that doesn’t fit well in the design can throw everything off.

Here at EloquenceⓇ, we make it easy to find high-quality antiques and vintage-style furniture that you can use to craft a truly luxurious bedroom without any hassle. You shouldn’t have to look far and wide or struggle to find the right pieces of furniture or decor. If you are interested in any of the specific pieces that we highlight below, you will be sure to find them in our online furniture store.

Furniture shouldn’t be thought of as an on-a-whim purchase. A beautiful well-made nightstand or dresser should be seen as a longtime investment that will not only add character to your bedroom but will give your home the proper look and utility that it deserves, and which aligns with your tastes.

An Elegant Vintage-Style Bed

To kick things off, every Provincial bedroom needs a beautiful vintage-style bed. Of course, you will want to include the appropriate supporting furniture as mentioned before, but an elegantly-crafted bed should still be the centerpiece of your room.

High-quality antique beds should have a solid combination of romantic style and comfort that will make them a truly worthwhile investment. As with anything else that you include in your bedroom, it should serve a specific purpose. There’s no point in adding a bed just for the sake of its appearance. You will be spending a great deal of time in your bed over the years, and when it comes to a luxury-quality antique bed, this is not something that you will want to replace, which means that the one you select should perfectly match your intentions.

You can also use your bed to set a specific tone. The vintage-style beds that we offer here at EloquenceⓇ come in a variety of linen colors and finishes that you can use as a starting point for your bedroom vision. From cozy shell-velvet and lime-washed oak, to ethereal fog linen with an antique white finish, our handcrafted pieces are specifically designed to provide a strong and authentic atmosphere for your home.

Beautiful Antique Bedside Tables

Perhaps no other piece of bedroom furniture is quite as important as a nightstand, with the exception of the bed itself of course. While you could make a strong argument for dressers and other storage pieces, bedside tables simply provide a greater range of utility and much-needed context for the bed as well.

Here are just some of the reasons why an antique bedside table is an essential part of your French bedroom arrangement:

●Bedside tables help to complement your bed and boost its natural beauty.

●These pieces provide crucial space for personal belongings such as moisturizing lotions, brushes, books, remote controls, hairpins, or anything else that you need on hand but would rather not have cluttering the landscape of your bedroom.

●The tablespace that they offer is also vital to any bedroom, and can be used for such items as lamps, clocks, phone chargers, books, decor items, photographs, candles, drinks, jewelry, perfume, and more. They can be used almost as an auxiliary vanity table or a place to set down your tablet or book when not in use. They may only sport a small lighting element or be used for decorative purposes only. There are dozens of ways you can style the top of your nightstands in order to improve their usefulness.

●Highlight special decor. If you have a bouquet of flowers or a specific piece of antique pottery that you want to bring attention to and that fits perfectly with the rest of your furniture, one of your nightstands is an ideal place for it.

●Larger nightstands or commodes can be used as additional space for clothing items that you would prefer closer at hand or that you don’t want to cram into your dresser or closet.

Antique bedside tables are great for adding that extra romantic element to your bedroom. These pieces can appear as handsome or as whimsical as you like, to help you adjust the atmosphere in your room and align it better with the look you are going for. It’s easy to change the feel of a bedroom by swapping out a larger, traditional-style nightstand for a smaller, quaint-looking piece that has a more delicate design.

As you can see, the right set of nightstands can absolutely change how you arrange your bedroom and the kind of functionality that you will enjoy. Pay close attention when looking for the ideal bedside table, as these pieces will help anchor the room and help tie everything together, as well as provide you with a load of utility in terms of table space and close-by storage.

The Right Antique Dresser

An elegant dresser not only provides room for your clothing, it acts as a way to draw the eye and solidify the look you are creating throughout your bedroom. A well-designed antique dresser should not only have ample storage, but should help complete your bedroom in a way few other furniture pieces can.

You will notice throughout our furniture store here at EloquenceⓇ that we have several beautiful dresser options that are designed in much the same spirit and style as our nightstands. This isn’t by coincidence of course, as a full bedroom set that flows together and features the same design elements will go a long way toward helping you to create the ideal bedroom setting.

Adding Functionality With an Antique Bench

Once you have the nightstands and dresser in place, you may want to think about including a beautiful antique-style bench. These pieces are uncommon yet extremely versatile and provide a certain element of luxury that other pieces don’t. When you think about the beauty and functionality of a luxurious French estate, benches often come into the picture. Try placing one of these pieces at the foot of your bed or under a window for additional seating or a useful place to display decor.

Create an Attractive Sitting Area

Do you have more room to work with in your bedroom? Try crafting a functional sitting area or tea nook, depending on what you have to work with. Your bedroom doesn’t have to just be for sleeping and getting dressed, after all. Size permitting, you can include a small yet stylish coffee table and antique armchairs off to the side or beside a window, and use this space to entertain guests or for some restful personal time with a good book.

Top It Off With a French Vanity

As you’re designing your bedroom, you may also want to leave some space for a French-style vanity area. A small and elaborately-carved vanity table paired with one of our beautiful French-style mirrors might be the perfect way to complete your bedroom. Certain antique nightstands also work well for this purpose, especially if you don’t require that large of a vanity table.

A vanity table can also double as a sitting area depending on how you are arranging your room, so keep this in mind as well. You don’t want to try and cram a bench, sitting area, and vanity into the same room, especially if you aren’t working with an abundance of space. Sometimes an absence of furniture can be just as powerful, as clutter will certainly detract from your vision and create a look that is neither attractive nor functional. Finding a great balance between including all of your favorite antique furniture pieces and not overdoing it is an essential aspect of the process of designing any room in your home, not just the bedroom.

An antique bedside tables

Find The Antique Furniture You Need For Your Bedroom Here at EloquenceⓇ

What’s important when it comes to styling your bedroom and putting together a stunning Provincial look, is having the proper furniture on hand. Substituting pieces that don’t quite fit the era or are low quality will only take away from what you are trying to create. In terms of both aesthetics and longevity of the furniture in your bedroom, it’s always worth investing in quality.

In that regard, our furniture store has what you are seeking. Our selection of gorgeous antique furniture and finely-crafted re-editions will help you put together a bedroom that appears stolen from the pages of history. From elegantly-designed antique bedside tables , to marvelous beds, dressers, benches, and more, we have the quality and the selection you want.

Can a simple night stand or dresser make a difference if it is designed with an eye for authenticity? Of course! A beautiful French-style home needs to be outfitted with furniture that has a down-to-earth feel while sporting the same kinds of delicate carvings and sturdy design practices that epitomize the classic pieces from which they are based. Whether you are arranging an attractive French bedroom or any other room in your house, you will want to keep these points in mind and always strive for quality construction and flawless aesthetics for your furniture pieces. 

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