Attractive Ways to Decorate Your Antique Bedside Table

Attractive Ways to Decorate Your Antique Bedside Table

Nov 17th 2020

A beautiful bedroom requires several different pieces of high-quality furniture to make everything come together. Whether it’s a stunning French Provincial bed, stylish dressers, matching benches, or gilt mirrors, including the right pieces of furniture can make or break the look you are trying to craft.

One of the most important pieces of furniture that you will want to include in your bedroom of course is beautiful antique bedside tables. These pieces are a must for properly framing your bed while providing much-needed functionality for the room in general.

To properly bring out the aesthetic value of your tables however, it’s worth noting how to utilize the right corresponding decor. A cluttered bedside table is neither functional nor attractive, and a bare one is equally off-putting. This quick guide will cover the finer points of decorating your nightstands so that they flow seamlessly with the rest of your furniture and also stand out as statement pieces themselves.

The Basics of Decorating Your Bedside Tables

What you want to remember about antique pieces in general is that you want to let them speak for themselves whenever possible. There’s no need to go overboard with decor because they already possess a number of beautiful qualities that you will want to show off.

That being said, there are ways to bring out the better qualities of your furniture pieces and also help them match up with some of your other items, such as the bed you have selected. The key to getting the most out of your antique bedside tables is to remember that they should remain functional even if you enjoy them for their aesthetic qualities. There’s no point in adding a lovely nightstand if it’s to remain bare or too cluttered to get any use out of.

Once you have selected the ideal nightstand that matches your antique bed and dressers and has the functionality you are looking for, it’s time to think about the kind of decor items you can use to enhance their look. For instance, if lace is a prominent feature of your bedroom, you may want to consider placing a lacey cloth on the tops of your tables. Not only will this preserve the surface from wear, it may be just the right kind of element to help tie your bedroom arrangement together.

When putting your bedroom together, this is a point you want to always keep in mind. How can you bring the pieces of the room together to form a cohesive and attractive look that naturally flows? Take note of the most prominent features of your vintage furniture, such as floral carvings or curved lines, and repeat these themes where suitable.

Another point that you want to consider is not disrupting the overall tones that you have set for the room. If you are relying on pastels and muted tones, a jet black lamp placed on your table may seem rather out of place. Likewise, if your bedroom features an abundance of floral patterns, flowers, and vines, it would look somewhat jarring if your nightstand featured none of these artistic elements on top.

Important Decor Items to Include on Your Bedside Tables

You want to maintain the functionality of your nightstands while utilizing their ample tabletop space for important items such as clocks, lamps, photographs, and other items. Finding the right balance is important, because too many items will not only look distracting, it can make it somewhat difficult to get much use out of your piece.

Consider the way in which the handmade carvings of your antique-style piece could be amplified by the presence of some living greenery. A modest-sized houseplant would not only look lovely in such a space, it would also impart the benefits of cleaner air and natural vibrance for your whole bedroom.

If your bedroom is more rustic in style and feel, consider adding metal statuary or a small wicker basket to one of your tables. The latter would provide just the right spot for various odds and ends, without having to clutter up any drawers or table space. Carved wooden figures, earthenware bowls or small pots, or other natural elements would work well here too.

When creating just the right look, don’t forget to leave room for one or two useful items as well. There should be plenty of space left over on your antique bedside table to rest a book, your smartphone, or an alarm clock as needed. Keeping the usefulness of your tables will allow you to appreciate them more and enjoy their value, as opposed to owning them solely for their aesthetics.

Want more ideas to help style your French Provincial home? Take a look at our other articles featured on ourblog, and stop by our online store if you are interested in picking up a pair of beautiful bedside tables for yourself. 

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