Antique Replica Bedroom Furniture

Antique Replica Bedroom Furniture

Jul 27th 2022

When it comes to antique home decor, it’s all about cohesiveness and authenticity. Vintage and antique decor are meant to bring people back to a certain era — a certain time period or impactful moment in history — and make them feel immersed in that story. That’s why it’s important to find antique replica bedroom furniture that is inspired and detailed, bringing that time in history to life.

Antique bedroom furniture can be hard to come by. And when you finally do find a piece you like, it’s either extremely pricey or may not be the most secure after decades of use. That’s why many people turn to antique replica bedroom furniture when creating the perfect space — the key, however, is to find antique replicas that evoke that time period authentically but are crafted with care. Here are some of the pieces you’ll need to complete your bedroom.

Antique Replica Bed

                        Antique Replica

The main attraction of a bedroom is always the bed. It’s not only the coziest spot in the house but the focal point of any well-designed bedroom. The bed can set the entire tone for the rest of the room, meaning it should be a statement piece that really defines the style and stands out.

Some of the most popular vintage styles are canopy beds from the 16th to 19th century and sleigh beds, which became popular in the 19th century. Canopy beds defined by their intricate details and tall posts, instantly making them a standout piece. The addition of drapery makes them quite stunning, allowing you to match them to any style instantly. Our canopy bed is a good example of a highly detailed canopy bed that blends old-school style with modern construction.

Antique Replica Bedroom Bench

No vintage-style bedroom is complete without a bedroom bench. While this is often overlooked in today’s decor, it’s a staple of any antique bedroom and should be on the list of anyone looking for antique replica bedroom furniture. A bedroom bench is placed at the foot of the bed and used to simply be a place to sit while dressing.

Bedroom benches are selected after you have already picked out the bed itself because you want to look for one that matches in style but contrasts in material. For example, if your bed is wood, consider a metal-based bedroom bench. The bedroom bench should also be shorter in width than the bedframe. The right bedroom bench will make your room look much more elegant and functional.

A lot of newer bedroom benches include storage, which can be very useful, but this can take away from the delicate look of the older bedroom benches. Antique bedroom benches will often have a very detailed design but stick to the basics — an upholstered top and then four legs coming out the bottom. If you want extra storage in your antique-inspired bedroom, consider adding a trunk or dressers.

Antique Replica Dresser

Dressers date back to 16th century England, first used in the dining area to provide extra space for serving meals. By the 17th century, dressers were becoming a bit more complex thanks to tall backboards and shelving. When dressers arrived in the United States, they were more commonly used for clothing and accessories, with designers adding mirrors and other details to the once-simple storage unit.

The key to picking out an antique replica dresser is to keep an eye on the details. Antique dressers had an abundance of details, including carvings and extra drawers. If you look at this antique replica dresser we created with the 19th century in mind, you can see recreated signs of distress in the paint job as well as handles inspired by the materials used in dressers from decades past.

To authentically age a dresser further, consider placing a mirror on the wall above it or place a vintage mirror on the dresser itself. You can also add a delicate, antique linen liner along the top. Remember to choose accent pieces that match your bed and the overall style and time period of your room.

Antique Replica Nightstand

                  Antique Replica

Nighstands are a bedroom staple for charging phones, placing lights, and putting drinks, medication, and other bedtime essentials. Modern nightstands are usually small with a drawer or shelf. But the history of nightstands will give a whole new meaning to this seemingly simple bedroom staple.

Did you know that nightstands were originally used in the 1850s to contain chamber pots (that portable toilet people used way back when before flushing existed)? Because of this original usage, antique nightstands often have much larger doors.

When looking for an antique replica nightstand, check for ones that are a bit bigger than the modern variants, with multiple doors or shelves. Antique replica nightstands should also, as you may have guessed by now, an abundance of little details. Look for hand-applied distressing, antique-inspired materials, and intricate carvings.

Once all of these antique replica bedroom furniture pieces come together, it will look like you were teleported to the 19th century almost instantly. Add a vintage-style area rug, quilt, pillows, lighting, and other antique collectibles to complete your room.

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