8 Common Styles that Need French Style Bedroom Furniture

8 Common Styles that Need French Style Bedroom Furniture

Feb 17th 2022

Decorating your bedroom can feel like one of the most fulfilling endeavors you can indulge in within your home. You’re able to channel your creativity and ultimately achieve your desired aesthetic all within the room you retire to in order to sleep, rest, and even recuperate.

That is why, when you are decorating your bedroom, we cannot recommend utilizing and adding the unique features of French-style bedroom furniture enough. This type of furniture can assist you in appropriately and effectively obtaining the inviting look you’re after.

It’s no secret, however, that there are several bedroom styles available today, and not every piece of furniture can perfectly emulate the design you’d prefer. Fortunately, French-style bedroom furniture can be your saving grace as it more often than not has the capability to assist in providing you with what you’re looking for, regardless of the style.

Let’s take a look at the eight popular styles of bedroom motifs and the best pieces of french-style furniture for successfully meeting your style goals.

French-style bedroom furniture

1.Modern Farmhouse
Rustic, Heavy, and Light – The Modern Farmhouse style evokes pure relaxation as it uses neutral and light colors in every element with the accompaniment of clean lines and glossy accents. As for furniture pieces, the use of elegant weathering is necessary, especially with wooden pieces, along with hints of exposed metal.

Our St. Lucia nightstand in white pepper finish is a perfect accessory to your bedroom, as its facade perfectly provides that weathered look along with its metal knobs and clean lines.

2.Scandinavian Style
Light, Minimalist, and Functional – The Scandinavian style, which first became popular in the 1950s, pumps any room with space-saving, light, and minimalistic features. It exudes professional-appearing practicality while also providing the space with an enamoring and peaceful aesthetic.

Our very own Gustavus Commode in antique white finish was designed to perfectly suit any Scandinavian bedroom. With its elegant white exterior and three amply-space drawers, your aesthetics and functionality will be superbly reached with its addition.

Cultural, Colorful, and Earthy – Bohemian style boasts earthy tones in all of its pieces, typically relying on low-lying furniture and other accents. A bedroom with Bohemian style is eclectic, as there are no real “rules” involved in it. Usually, however, the earthy tones make for the majority of the space while being perfectly accentuated with color-popping elements.

French-style bedroom furniture

One of the most important pieces in the Bohemian bedroom is undoubtedly the bed, which requires specific adherence to its colors, shapes, and even intricate elements. Our Dauphine canopy bed in either whitewash or beach house natural finish is the perfect piece to add as it is a statement piece. It offers hard floral carvings while affording you the option for the bed or a bed with an unobtrusive canopy.

Comfortable, Rich-Toned, and Symmetrical – Traditional-styled spaces don’t require specificity in every inch of its layout, as it is relatively an open-minded-centered type. It boasts rich tones alongside elegant timelessness. With a pinch of formality and a lot of symmetry (think dual pieces), this style can adhere to anyone’s preference and creativity.

Because having furniture in your Traditional-styled bedroom that matches is so imperative, we recommend our Elisabet nightstands with a Nordic wash finish. When adding these two to opposing sides of your bed, the required symmetrical aesthetic will easily be attained along with the warm-toned coloring.

Warm, Vibrant, and Soft-Textured – The Contemporary style often gets a bad reputation of being cold and uninviting, but this simply isn’t the case when the appropriate furniture and other accents are utilized. This style appropriately takes the most appealing nature of grays, beiges, and whites and combines them with simple yet functional pieces.

In order to open your space and make the most of the lighter colors in your Contemporary bedroom, hang a mirror with a similarly-toned border, such as our Felipe mirror in silver leaf finish. Your desired practicality, simplicity, and color will be met with this complimentary accent.

Warm, Textured, and Inviting – The Romantic style is one that, when accompanied by the most applicable pieces and accents, won’t look tacky or gaudy. Instead, it will look inviting with its exceptionally soft fabrics that are typically made with uniquely textured materials and have both eye-popping and neutral colors. Yet, all in all, it is unequivocally inviting.

                            French-style bedroom furniture

If you are imagining the use of eye-straining red or pink, then imagine that no longer. Red and pink can be exceptional choices in a Romantic bedroom, but they should be light, such as in our Sophia bed in shell velvet and lime-washed oak finish. This bed offers the ideal romanticism you desire in your bedroom without being overwhelming.

7.Shabby Chic
Lived-In, Cozy, and Soft-Colored – The Shabby Chic look is essentially quite similar to Bohemian, yet has some key differences. Shabby Chic boasts a symphony of vintage and new decor all while using softer colors than those that are commonly found in the Bohemian style. However, it comparatively utilizes the enamoring features of lived-in and weathered pieces.

There are many French-style bedroom furniture elements you could place in your Shabby Chic bedroom, but just one nearly perfect piece would be our King Constance bench in fog linen and beach house natural finish. It sublimely adorns your Shabby Chic space as it emulates a synergistic combination of new and old, light and alluring.

Airy, Natural, and Rustic – The Coastal style properly accomplishes as its name suggests: the peaceful, breezy tranquility of life on the coast. The elements within this style are light and airy yet rustic with rich, natural textures. It also effectively uses natural lighting to its benefit and even broadens it.

Our Dauphine bed in fog linen and beach house natural finish sublimely matches your sought after Coastal aesthetic. This bed emulates the romanticism felt at the coast through every line and intricate carving. The finish perfectly matches this desired look as well all the while the entire piece exemplifies comfort and serenity.

When looking for the most ideal French-style bedroom furniture for your home, look no further than what we offer here at Eloquence. We take pride in everyone of our pieces, whether they be authentic antiques or enamoring renditions. If you have any questions about our offerings, give us a call today at (310)-876-0661.

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