7 Beautiful Decorative Elements for Your White Wash Dining Table

7 Beautiful Decorative Elements for Your White Wash Dining Table

Jan 23rd 2022

Adding the most sublime pieces of furniture to your home is one of the most important aspects of being a homeowner. You can properly achieve the aesthetic look you have always dreamed of while feeling comfortable, at peace, and truly “at home.”

While pieces of furniture, both big and small, are extremely important for placing in every room in your house, you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of the more minute items either, such as decorative elements.

Strategically putting the most stunning yet non-innocuous knickknacks and other items throughout your house can amplify the specific look you are after. One of the most vital pieces of furniture in your home that requires such attractive objects is your dining room table.

This is because, in most homes, the dining room is so very often visible and used by the residents and guests and can more than likely be the home’s focal point. This is especially true if you have an enamoring white wash dining table, as this type of dining room table is truly a marvel that has been intricately designed and crafted. Simply put, it deserves attention from all.

While such a dining table is gorgeous on its own, it could reap astounding benefits from the perfect decorative elements to further its unique appeal. Without further ado, let’s investigate some stunning ornamental elements to add on top of your white wash dining table.


                              The Perfume Candels

One of the most classic yet charming decorations you could add to nearly any room in your room is candles. We suggest that you not add just one but two or three candles in a small cluster upon your dining table. These also should be of varying heights, if at all possible.

We even have some of the most divinely-scented and designed perfume candles that can effectively assist you in accomplishing your desired look.

2.Bowl or Tray with Fruit
Fruit is undeniably delicious and satisfying to eat but it also makes for gorgeous decorative pieces as well. Simply place some vibrant fruit in a bowl or a tray in the center of your table. We suggest opting for some more colorful options to balance the white wash dining table, such as apples, pineapple, and oranges.

3.Table Runner
Placing an elegant table runner on your dining table will truly assist in illuminating its beauty while also protecting it from dust and other unwanted particles. Plus, it’ll be perfect beneath other decorations to keep the table and its finish safe from their direct and potentially harmful contact.

4.Flowers in a Vase
Who doesn’t love using flowers, whether they are real or fake, as a gorgeous decoration? Placing flowers in the center of your dining table will truly allow it to pop and grab the attention of any passersby.

We recommend placing either colorful flowers in a more cleanly-designed vase or subtle-colored flowers in a radiant vase. You could even choose to add more than one vase of beautiful flowers to your table if you so chose to do so.

5.Tea Set
Tea sets have been a common attendee in formal tea parties and other gatherings for centuries and in various cultures. Why not add a quaint tea set, preferably strategically placed on a tray, on your dining table?

Not only will you now have more reason to display your adorable tea set but you will also be able to properly display it for all to see and admire. It is truly a remarkable decorative element that is simply not used often enough.

6.Centerpiece with Potpourri
There is no doubt that a centerpiece with the right objects within it can evoke unequivocal emotions from all who admire it. Why else would they be used so often in homes as a decoration and even in more formal affairs, such as weddings?

Utilize this timeless and auspicious decorative element on your dining table. Fill your preferred bowl or other such item with a potpourri of your desired scent. Potpourri has long been known to effortlessly provide an enticing aroma to any space as it freshens the air’s scent with the fragrances of a garden without the need for garden care.

7.Centerpiece with Seasonal Additions
We would be remiss to only include a centerpiece of potpourri in our list. For our final point, we recommend a centerpiece that is filled with seasonal additions. The additions can be a multitude of objects, such as fake fall leaves or pumpkins during the autumn, garland for winter, or lemon floral arrangements for summer.

Even though your white wash dining table is undeniably gorgeous all on its own, just like any other furniture piece in your home, appropriately selected decorative elements could really be a huge advantage to its aesthetic appeal.

If you have yet to purchase such a dining table, be sure to browse our offerings here at Eloquence. We take every piece we have seriously and are proud to provide all of our customers with the perfect furniture pieces for them!

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