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5 Most Popular Types of Antique Gold Mirrors

5 Most Popular Types of Antique Gold Mirrors

Aug 24th 2021

When you want to strategically place a newly acquired antique furniture in your home, you need to know where to put it and how to position it. Placing this piece in your home in the most ideal location will evoke feelings of comfort, happiness, and ease. The room will be inviting and heart-warming as well, making it even more welcoming than before.

When you are looking to purchase the best antique, vintage, and other exquisite items to invigorate your home, look no further than us and our offerings. At Eloquence, we are proud to provide all of our customers with the finest materials for pulling their house’s style together and creating an inviting and complete home.

One piece of antique furniture that’s especially necessary in nearly any room is a mirror. Whether it be a wall or floor mirror, these pieces work to fill empty spaces and enlighten dark areas of a room, while also serving the vital function of supplying your reflection. Antique gold mirrors are particularly superb pieces that can complete nearly any room.

But, what types of antique gold mirrors are available to improve the overall look of your room and your home? Let’s look at the top five most popular antique gold mirrors so you can know which would best suit you.


The Rococo mirrors generally are known for their decorative tops and bottoms, as they feature ornate and intricate carvings of objects like flowers, ribbons, leaves, and feathers. The frames are usually rectangular in shape or with a cathedral shape.

The classic mirror itself is oval with a flat bottom as well, and, sometimes, these types even have intricate paintings on the back of them. The frame of this mirror is almost always a stunning and enticing gold. These come in varying sizes and can be either wall or floor mirrors.


The Baroque period was from 1600 to roughly 1750, which was well known for the composers during this era, like Bach and Vivaldi. This type of mirror is classic, usually not offering many intricate details, but beautiful nonetheless. The carvings on these frames can include angels, leaves, and flowers. These mirrors are typically in gold, but can occasionally be silver. Whether it's a wall or floor mirror, the Baroque-style mirror is one of the most stunning antique pieces available.


The Gothic period was longer than the Baroque, ranging roughly from the 12th to the 16th century. The architecture then was and still is extremely specific, featuring cavernous spaces, darkened features, and high steeples.

The Gothic mirrors resemble these classic architectural characteristics. They have varying shapes, but one of their most popular shapes is the oval. They are typically made of wood and are often of darker shades, but there are plenty of options available in gold as well.


The Neoclassical era was more modern than the two aforementioned time periods, occurring in the mid to late-18th century. The architecture during this time was also unique in varying ways. It had characteristics of strong vertical and horizontal lines and dull colors with occasional carvings of animals, people, and other parts of nature. Columns are a major feature in this type of architecture as well. A fine example of this is the Capitol Building in Washington DC.

Neoclassical mirrors utilize this stunning style, too. Their vertical sides look similarly to columns, further elongating the entire mirror. The tops and bottoms range from simple to ornate designs. Their shapes are typically in ovals and cathedral shapes. These antique gold mirrors are stunning pieces that can even occasionally be silver or bronze.


French style mirrors are inherently different in comparison to the previously mentioned mirrors. While the others have been more intricately designed and even seemingly complicated, the French-style mirrors are not so. These types of mirrors are more sleek, simple, and more geometric than the others.

However, similarly to the neoclassical mirrors, the French mirrors feature columns on their sides. Uniquely, though, they were made to match the features of a chimney. They were originally made to be hung on this part of the home, so it would only be right for them to match. They also mostly have either pointed or rounded tops, offering a simple but alluring feature.

Whichever antique gold mirrors you choose to purchase to decorate your home, you will be pleased that you did. All of these options are stunning and efficiently complement nearly any space. You can either hang a wall mirror on your wall as a decoration or strategically place a floor mirror anywhere for a more focal piece.

No matter what type of mirror you’re looking to use in your home, be sure to investigate all of our mirror options. We have an excellent catalogue of some of the best antique mirrors, along with other types of stunning mirrors. We look forward to making your home come to life with the usage of stunning antique mirrors.   

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